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Type Debuff
Effects No health regeneration
-20 health per second (if player)
-100 health per second (if enemy)
Tooltip Incinerated by lunar rays

Nightwither is a debuff that causes players and enemies to lose 20 and 100 health per second respectively.

If the player has the Moon Stone, Celestial Stone or Celestial Shell accessories equipped, they lose 10 health per second instead of 20.

The player gains immunity to Nightwither by equipping the Profaned Soul Crystal during the night.


From player

From Duration Chance
Clamor Noctus Clamor Noctus 2 seconds (Star/Explosion) 100%
Cosmic Discharge Cosmic Discharge 7 seconds 100%
Crescent Moon Crescent Moon 4 seconds (Flail)
3 seconds (Moons)
Galileo Gladius Galileo Gladius 5 seconds (Blade)
4 seconds (Planets)
3 seconds (Moons)
Halley's Inferno Halley's Inferno 7.5 seconds 100%
Icebreaker Icebreaker 3 seconds (Explosion) 100%
Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove 4 seconds (Alt-fire) 100%
Night's Gaze Night's Gaze 5 seconds (Spear)
2 seconds (Sparks and Stars)
Penumbra Penumbra 3 seconds (Shadow Bomb) 100%
Prismatic Breaker Prismatic Breaker 5 seconds (Contact)
2.5 seconds (Beam, Wave)
Profaned Soul Crystal Profaned Soul Crystal 10 seconds (On minion hits during night or when empowered) 100%
Sirius Sirius 3 seconds 100%
Solstice Claymore Solstice Claymore 5 seconds (Night Contact)
3 seconds (Night Beam)
Umbraphile armor Umbraphile armor 0.5 seconds (Explosion) 100% (33.33% at day)

From NPCs

From Duration Chance
Empress of Light Empress of Light 5 seconds (Night Sun Dance)
4 seconds (Night Everlasting Rainbow)
3 seconds (Night Ethereal Lance, Night Prismatic Bolt)
Empress of Light Empress of Light 3.33 seconds (Night Sun Dance)
2.67 seconds (Night Everlasting Rainbow)
2 seconds (Night Ethereal Lance, Night Prismatic Bolt)
Moon Lord Moon Lord 2 seconds (Phantasmal Bolt & Phantasmal Eye)
4 seconds (Phantasmal Sphere)
6.67 seconds (Phantasmal Deathray)
Phantom Phantom 2 seconds (Phantom Mine) 100%
Polterghast Polterghast 2 seconds (Blue Phantom Blast)
1.33 seconds (Blue Phantom Shot)
Polterghast Hook Polterghast Hook 1.33 seconds (Phantom Shot) 100%
Providence, the Profaned Goddess Providence, the Profaned Goddess 6.67 seconds (Night Holy Ray)
5.33 seconds (Night Holy Blast)
2.67 seconds (Night Holy Bomb, Night Molten Blast)
2 seconds (Night Holy Flare, Night Holy Spear)
1.33 seconds (Night Holy Flame, Night Molten Glob)

Immune NPCs

  • Trivia

    • This debuff can be considered the opposite of Daybroken.


    These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
      • Increased damage against the player from 8 per second to 20.
      • Added new visual effects when inflicted.
    • No longer applied to the player for double the initial duration in Expert Mode or higher.
    • Can now be inflicted on the player.