Profaned Soul Crystal

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This item is dedicated to: MishiroUsui / Amber
Profaned Soul Crystal
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  • Profaned Soul Crystal equipped
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TooltipTransforms you into an emissary of the profaned goddess
Requires 10 minion slots to use in order to grant the following effects
All non-summon weapons are converted into powerful summon variations
Having no other minions will empower these attacks
Transforms Melee attacks into a barrage of spears
Transforms Magic attacks into a powerful splitting fireball
Transforms Ranged attacks into a flurry of fireballs and meteors
Transforms Rogue attacks into a deadly crystalline spiral
Transforms Whip attacks into an empowering profaned crystal whip
Summons and empowers the profaned soul guardians to fight alongside you
You are no longer affected by burn out when hit
Provides buffs depending on the time of day
Thinking back, it was a boring life
And so we burn it all in the name of purity
Grants BuffDevotionDevotion
Buff durationInfinite
Buff tooltipYou are an emissary of the profaned goddess now!
The light of the sun empowers your offensive capabilities
Grants BuffThe Profaned SoulThe Profaned Soul
Buff durationInfinite
Buff tooltipThe Profaned Soul Guardians will fight for and defend you!
Grants BuffProfaned Crystal Whip EmpowermentProfaned Crystal Whip Empowerment
Buff duration30 seconds
Buff tooltipThe guardians have been empowered by the profaned crystal whip!
RarityRarity Level: 16
SellNo value
40 Gold Coin.png (once Exo Mechs and Supreme Witch, Calamitas are defeated)
Research1 required
Projectile created
Profaned Rocks
Profaned Rocks
Cooldowns used
Profaned Soul Shield Durability
Profaned Soul Shield Durability
 (Absorbs 125 damage, depletes when hit)
Profaned Soul Shield Recharge
Profaned Soul Shield Recharge
5 seconds (Taking damage)
Dropped by
Providence (if defeated with only the Profaned Soul Artifact in singleplayer)1100% Expert Mode
Summons Minions
Healer Guardian
Healer Guardian.png
Defensive Guardian
Defensive Guardian.png
Offensive Guardian
Offensive Guardian.png

The Profaned Goddess has recognised your devotion to purity!

The Profaned Soul Crystal is a craftable post-Moon Lord accessory that is also dropped by Providence, the Profaned Goddess if the player defeats her in Expert Mode using only the Profaned Soul Artifact and optionally Golden Gun.

The Profaned Soul Crystal has two distinct states dependent on whether or not the Exo Mechs and Supreme Witch, Calamitas have been defeated in the world. Before defeating them, the accessory is entirely vanity. After defeating them, the accessory gains extensive combat functionality.

Pre-Exo Mechs and Supreme Witch, Calamitas

While equipped before the Exo Mechs and Calamitas have been defeated, the player is granted several purely aesthetic effects with no functional benefits. The miniature Profaned Guardians from the Profaned Soul Artifact will be summoned, but they will not have any combat behavior and essentially serve as pets. Additionally, the accessory transforms the player into an "emissary of the profaned goddess" over 2 seconds by pulling in energy and profaned rocks. While equipped, it visually grants them holy flame wings, converts their legs into holy flames, and turns their head and body into stone.

Post-Exo Mechs and Supreme Witch, Calamitas

When equipped after the Exo Mechs and Calamitas have been defeated, and the player has at least 10 free minion slots, they will be granted extensive new benefits. Using any non-summon weapon with auto-reuse will instead perform a unique attack depending on the weapon's damage type. All of these attacks deal and scale off of Summon damage.

The miniature Profaned Guardians also become functional, behaving similarly to the Profaned Soul Artifact with some differences:

  • The Offense Guardian, Healer Guardian and Profaned Rocks' base damage are increased to 346.
  • The Offense Guardian has a 50% higher hit rate, but no longer summons spears by itself.
  • The Offense Guardian swaps between three phases:
    • Spears - The Offense Guardian predictively fires a stream of non-piercing spears which deal 50% damage, with a shotgun spread of spears every 5 projectiles.
    • Charges - The Offense Guardian predictively dashes towards the nearest target.
    • Fireballs - The Offense Guardian predictively launches a fireball towards the nearest enemy that splits into several homing flames every 1.67 seconds.
  • While empowered, the Healer Guardian gains offensive functionality, launching 3 waves of holy stars every 3 seconds.
  • 10 Profaned Rocks are summoned from the shield instead of 5.
  • Maximum shield durability is increased to 125, and regeneration rate increased to 31.25 durability per second.

Additionally, while the player has the Profaned Crystal Whip Buff, all of the miniature Profaned Guardians receive buffs to their AIs:

  • The Defense Guardian's rock shield uses predictive aiming towards the nearest target when being launched from the player.
  • The Offense Guardian stays in each attacking phase for longer, and they are empowered further.
    • The spears are fired 25% more frequently with a tighter spread for the shotgun, their damage is also increased to 100% of the Guardian's damage.
    • The holy fireballs are fired in a shotgun spread of 3 instead of 1 and every 1.25 seconds.
    • The charging phase occasionally releases homing spear bursts and very rapidly follows a motion similar to an infinity symbol.
  • When empowered, the Healer Guardian gains a pair of devastating sweeping lasers dealing 500% damage which is fired from the player's location directed towards the nearest target.
    • Every 18 seconds the Healer Guardian will try to reach the player, if two seconds pass or the guardian reaches the player, the lasers will be fired.

Attacks have a chance for the Offense Guardian to perform a Spear Burst, where 12 homing spears to appear outwards from the guardian. Each spear deals 50% of the guardian's damage and will not damage nor home into enemies until 0.83 seconds have passed. The chance for a spear burst to occur, along with other stats is listed below:

Attack Types

Class Behavior Damage Use Time Spear Burst Chance Notes
  • Fires an accelerating Holy SpearHoly Spear that pierces twice and pass through tiles.
  • Every 5th shot fires a spread of five non-piercing spears.
  • Each spears have a 14.29% chance to spawn 10 more spears to encircle a target when they are struck.
250 (Main)
350 (Shotgun barrage)
25% of projectile (Encirclement)
6 1/(10 * remaining pierce) (Main)
1/10 (Shotgun)
1/20 (Encirclement)
  • While enraged, the use time reduces to 4.
  • Has a 50% chance to fire Holy FireballHoly Fireballs every frame in a large cone, averaging 30 fireballs per second.
  • Fireballs have a 20% chance to be replaced with Holy Meteorsmall meteors and 5% chance to be replaced with large meteors.
  • Large meteors cause 6-9 more meteors to rain on the target they are struck.
  • The Holy Meteor Nightmeteors change their color to blue at night.
200 (Main attacks)
300 (Raining Meteors)
1 1 (Large Meteor)
1/10 (Small Meteor)
1/50 (Holy Fireballs)
  • While enraged, fireballs have a 100% chance to spawn, and meteors have a 30% chance to replace fireballs.
  • Fires a Holy BlastHoly Blast which briefly passes through tiles, explodes on contact with water or honey, and lasts 1.25 seconds.
  • When exploded, two concentric rings of 18 (10 outer and 8 inner) Holy FireHoly Fire which home into enemies.
  • Costs a total of 100 mana to perform the attack, affected by reduced mana cost, Silence, and Mana Sickness.
900 (Holy Blast)
2% of projectile (Holy Fire)
25 1 (Holy Blast Direct Hit)
1/35 (Holy Fire)
  • While enraged, the use time reduces to 20 and while empowered the Holy Fire rings increase in count to 28 (16 outer and 12 inner), each dealing 4% damage.
  • When a target is struck by the Holy Blast itself, Holy Fire damage increases to 12% (6% while empowered).
  • Fires a crystal shard starting towards the top of the screen, each time rotating by 10° to complete a circle of 36 shards.
  • Every 36th shot, a ring of 36 crystal shards are released, behaving identically to the ones previously fired.
  • Crystal Shards will not damage nor home into enemies until 0.5 seconds have passed.
220 (Main Shards)
176 (Shard Ring)
10 1/10 (Not Empowered Main Shards)
1/30 (Empowered Main Shards)
  • While empowered, there are three chains of profaned crystals that rotate by 5° to complete a circle of 24 shards, and releases a circle before every 24th shot.
  • Swings a Profaned Crystal Whiplong range whip outwards, tagging all enemies struck and reducing the damage of further hits with that whip.
  • Minion hits against tagged targets will deal 20% additional damage (40% while empowered).
250 10 0
  • While the player has the Profaned Crystal Whip buff, the range of the whip is increased by 25%.

The player becomes immune to the following debuffs: On Fire!, Burning, Daybroken, Holy Flames (during the day), Nightwither (during the night). The player gains immunities from both night and day while they are empowered.

The player is also granted the functionality of the Lava Charm and Obsidian Rose.

During the day, the player receives several offensive bonuses. The player will also receive these bonuses while empowered or submerged in lava regardless of the time.

  • 15% boosted minion damage and knockback
  • 10% increased movement speed
  • 10% increased flight time
  • 100% increased whip attack speed
  • Ignore water physics
  • -15 defense

During the night, the player receives several defensive bonuses. The player will also receive these bonuses while empowered or submerged in water or honey regardless of the time.

  • +15 defense
  • +5% damage reduction
  • +5 life regeneration

While at night, the player will become enraged, empowering some of the weapon attacks with increased fire rates and functional buffs. Additionally the player and all of the Profaned Soul Crystal's projectiles not including the guardians are alternately coloured akin to Providence's projectiles at night. The colouring of the shield also smoothly changes color based on the time of day.

While the player has no other minions, the player becomes empowered and all day/night benefits are granted regardless of the time of day. Additionally the remaining weapon types are empowered with increased fire rates and functional buffs, the shield also increases in visual size and intensity of color.




  • Though the drop method requires the world to be in Expert Mode, the item can still be crafted in Normal Mode.
  • This accessory and the Profaned Soul Artifact cannot be equipped at the same time, due to the inherited function.
  • This accessory emits a large amount of light while equipped with 10 or more minion slots.
  • If the player dies while this accessory is equipped, their death message will read "<PlayerName> was summoned too soon."
  • Gael's Greatsword retains its Rage Meter buildup and unique Rage Mode attack.
  • Unlike all other whips, the Profaned Soul Crystal does not mandate frequent usage for buff or debuff uptime due to the 30 second durations for both.
  • For the Profaned Soul Crystal to drop from Providence, the player is allowed to damage her with other items, as long as the damage dealt is less than 75.
  • The buff's tooltip before the Exo Mechs and Supreme Witch, Calamitas have been defeated reads "The Profaned Soul Guardians will accompany you."
  • The item's tooltip changes if the Exo Mechs and/or Supreme Witch, Calamitas have not been defeated:
    • If Exo Mechs have not been defeated:
      • "Transforms you into an emissary of the profaned goddess
        The soul within this crystal has been defiled by overwhelming energy waves from dangerous mechanations
        Merchants will reject a defiled soul such as this."
    • If Exo Mechs have been defeated, but Supreme Witch, Calamitas has not:
      • "Transforms you into an emissary of the profaned goddess
        The soul within this crystal has been defiled by the powerful magic of a supreme witch
        Merchants will reject a defiled soul such as this."
  • After the Exo Mechs and Supreme Witch, Calamitas have been defeated:
    • While this accessory is equipped, the player will be exempt from Calamity's nerf to minion damage while holding a non-summon weapon.
    • While the Angelic Alliance is equipped, the mini Profaned Guardians inflict Banishing Fire for 5 seconds on hits.
    • The player takes slightly increased damage over time from God Slayer Inferno, -60 health per second instead of -50.
    • If the player's name is "Amber", "Mishiro", "Nincity", "IbanPlay", "Chen", "LordMetarex", or "Memes", the shield color will alternate between the same colors as the item. These are the names of people who helped contribute to the Profaned Soul Crystal's development and subsequent overhaul.
  • The Devotion buff tooltip changes depending on various circumstances. Those higher in the following list take priority.
    • "The soul within this crystal has been defiled by overwhelming energy waves from dangerous mechanations" (If Exo Mechs have not been defeated)
    • "The profaned soul within has been defiled by the powerful magic of a supreme witch" (If Supreme Witch, Calamitas has not been defeated)
    • "Your profaned soul is constrained by your insufficient summoning powers" (If the player has fewer than ten available minion slots)
    • If none of the above apply, the buff takes up several lines always starting with: "You are an emissary of the profaned goddess now!"
      • The second line is any of the following:
        • "The light of the day empowers your offensive capabilities" (During the day if not submerged in water or honey)
        • "The heat of the lava empowers your offensive capabilities" (If submerged in lava)
        • "The darkness of night cools your flames, empowering your defensive capabilities" (During the night if not submerged in lava)
        • "The water douses your flames, empowering your defensive capabilities" (If submerged in water)
        • "The honey cools your flames, empowering your defensive capabilities" (If submerged in honey)
      • The third line appears during nighttime.
        • "In the absence of the day's warmth, your flames burn brighter"
      • Additional lines appear while the player has no other minion active.
        • "By forgoing any additional minion support, your full potential has been unleashed"
        • "You are the last ace, in the lost hand of this campaign."


  • The death message and flame leg design are references to Ragnaros from World of Warcraft.
  • The use of the word "defiled" in the Devotion buff's tooltip is a reference to the dedicatee, MishiroUsui (aka Amber), being the first player to no-hit all bosses while the Defiled Rune was active.
  • The tooltip's quote "Thinking back, it was a boring life" is a reference to the main character of the game Blank Dream, who is named "Mishiro Usui," the dedicatee's namesake.
  • The buff tooltip's quote "You are the last ace, in the lost hand of this campaign." is a reference to 'Rivers In The Desert', a boss theme from the video game Persona 5.
  • This accessory actually has a unique rarity, but is referred to here as Hot Pink for consistency between accessories.
    • This unique rarity alternates between amber (#FFA600 ●) and emerald (#19FA19 ●) colors.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Fixed offensive guardian attacking when the accessory is in vanity.
    • Fixed it not granting its flight time boost and immunity to both Holy Flames and Nightwither while empowered.
  • Fixed idle holdout projectiles still appearing while using it.
    • Reworked:
      • Now has an empowered state that is triggered by having no other minions summoned, and is no longer nerfed when using Endogenesis or Temporal Umbrella. Enraged state is now triggered at nighttime instead of when below 50% health.
      • The Offensive Guardian now cycles between three attacks: charging back and forth while spawning homing spears, firing holy blasts from below that explode into homing holy fires, and firing a barrage of holy spears from below.
      • The Healer Guardian now always heals every 5 seconds, and while empowered, fires rings of cocoon stars from above enemies.
      • Rogue weapons now spawn 3 rings of crystal shards while empowered.
      • Using whip attacks now causes a large profaned crystal whip to be fired. This whip increases summon damage by 20% on tagged enemies, 40% while empowered, and grants a buff to the player for 30 seconds.
      • While the player has the buff, the Offensive Guardian stays in each of its attack phases for longer, charges faster, fires three holy blasts at once, and fires spears faster with a higher velocity, while the Healer Guardian gains the ability to fire two sweeping holy rays every 20 seconds.
    • Rocks now ignore water.
    • Now has a transformation animation that plays when equipping it.
    • Fixed it not properly drawing its rock in multiplayer.
    • Fixed it not properly despawning its rocks.
    • Fixed it having a sell price before defeating Exo Mechs.
    • Reworked:
      • Offensive Guardian now occasionally fires spear bursts while attacking.
      • Defensive Guardian no longer attacks targets, and instead stays close to the player and generates a shield. This shield has a durability of 125, and will recharge if no damage is taken for 5 seconds, taking 2 seconds to recharge.
      • When the shield breaks, profaned rocks are shot out which deal damage to enemies.
    • Can now be decrafted using shimmer, but requires both Exo Mechs and Supreme Witch, Calamitas to be defeated in order to do so.
    • Fixed an animation frame bug.
    • Now provides full lava immunity instead of 7 seconds and Obsidian Rose's lava damage reduction.
    • Decreased lighting of small magic fireballs by 90% and melee spears by 80%.
    • Minions no longer have afterimages if they are powered down by Temporal Umbrella.
    • Fixed Devotion buff not instantly removing itself when unequipped.
    • Devotion buff tooltip now properly updates if the guardians are unable to attack in any form.
    • Fixed Guardian spear bursts scaling twice with summon damage.
    • Minions no longer try to attack while their summoning power is insufficient.
  • No longer uses 5 Cores of Sunlight, 25 Uelibloom Bars or 1 Obsidian Rose in its recipe and no longer consumes half amount of materials when in the Hallow or Underworld.
    • Fixed it scaling with summon damage twice.
    • Fixed its tooltip box being expanded.
  • Guardians no longer scale in damage with progression.
    • Nerfed guardian minion's base damage from 800 to 495, 900 to 570 after defeating The Devourer of Gods, 1000 to 645 after defeating Yharon.
    • Nerfed melee barrage spear's base damage from 1750 to 350.
    • Nerfed melee main spear's base damage from 1250 to 250.
    • Nerfed ranged fireball's base damage from 1000 to 200.
    • Nerfed ranged meteor's base damage from 1500 to 300.
    • Nerfed magic holy blast's base damage from 4500 to 900.
    • Nerfed rogue ring shard's base damage from 880 to 176.
    • Nerfed rogue main shard's base damage from 1100 to 220.
    • The effects now also require the Exo Mechs to be defeated.
    • Now uses 5 Shadowspec Bars in its recipe instead of 10.
    • Decreased how much light it emits when equipped by 5000%.
  • Resprited small ranger projectiles.
    • Now only gives Holy Flames immunity during the day and Nightwither immunity during the night.
    • Minions now only inflict Holy Flames at day and Nightwither at night.
    • Safety damage net is now 75 damage instead of 0.1% of the target's max health.
  • Can now be crafted anywhere but instead uses 5 Shadowpec Bars, 25 Divine Geodes, and 50 Unholy Essences instead of 10, 50, and 100 if crafted in The Hallow or The Underworld.