Scorn Eater

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Scorn Eater
Scorn Eater.png
EnvironmentThe HallowThe Underworld
DamageThis attack will cause defense damage on hit. 90 / 180 Expert Mode / 206 Revengeance Mode / 223 Death Mode / 270 Master Mode / 310 Revengeance Mode Master Mode / 334 Death Mode Master Mode
Max Life9000 / 18000 Expert Mode / 27000 Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffHoly FlamesHoly Flames
100% chance

Debuff duration2 seconds
Debuff tooltipDissolving from holy light
Immune toConfusedHoly FlamesNightwitherOn Fire!Hellfire
BannerScorn Eater BannerScorn Eater Banner

The Scorn Eater is a post-Moon Lord enemy that spawns in the Hallow and Underworld biomes. It jumps towards the player at a high speed, then stands still and pants for a moment before jumping again. Its high contact damage and velocity, along with its large size, make it a dangerous enemy.


  • The Scorn Eater is incapable of moving significant vertical distances; to make up for this, it can pass through blocks while dashing.
  • In the Get fixed boi seed, Scorn Eaters no longer have a jump sound.


  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Scorn Eater: "For one to be weak of will does not inherently mean they are weak of body. Within these powerful individuals does a powerful fire burn, and She is all too willing to fan the flames. All one need give in return for Her gracious blessing is their free will, and they shall be gifted Her enlightenment."


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Decreased Holy Flames duration from 3 seconds to 2.
  • Can no longer spawn in the Brimstone Crags.
    • Nerfed health from 12,000 / 24,000 Expert Mode to 9000 / 18,000 Expert Mode.
    • Now vulnerable to cold and water debuffs, but resistant to sickness and heat debuffs.
    • Nerfed health from 16,000 / 32,000 Expert Mode to 12,000 / 24,000 Expert Mode.
    • Now inflicts Holy Flames for 3 seconds.
  • No longer immune to Abyssal Flames, Armor Crunch, Astral Infection, Betsy's Curse, Celled, Demon Flames, God Slayer Inferno, Nightwither, Shred, Silva Stun, War Cleave, or Whispering Death.
    • Nerfed damage from 90 / 180 Expert Mode / 225 Revengeance Mode / 258 Death Mode to 90 / 180 Expert Mode / 206 Revengeance Mode / 223 Death Mode.
    • Now takes 75% less time between jumps in Death Mode.
    • Now has unique hit, death, and jumping sounds, and can now pass through tiles while super jumping.
    • Now forcibly classified as organic for the purposes of finite use weaponry.
  • No longer immune to Cursed Inferno.
  • Decreased minimum coin drop amount from 10 Gold Coin to 50 Silver Coin.
  • Nerfed damage reduction from 20% to 5%.
    • Buffed health from 8000 / 16,000 Expert Mode to 16,000 / 32,000 Expert Mode, and nerfed damage from 110 / 220 Expert Mode to 90 / 180 Expert Mode.
    • Resprited.
  • Changed health from 12,000 / 14,400 Expert Mode to 8000 / 16,000 Expert Mode, and damage from 140 / 168 Expert Mode to 110 / 220 Expert Mode.
  • Nerfed health from 23,000 / 27,600 Expert Mode to 12,000 / 14,400 Expert Mode.
  • Nerfed damage reduction from 40% to 20%.
    • Now has 40% damage reduction.
    • No longer immune to Ichor.
  • Now uses vanilla enemy spawn chance instead of custom one.
  • Can no longer spawn if any post-Moon Lord bosses besides Ceaseless Void or Supreme Calamitas are alive.
  • No longer spawns if the Profaned Guardians or Providence\ are currently alive.
  • No longer spawns if the player is near a Celestial Pillar.