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EnvironmentSulphurous Sea
DamageThis attack will cause defense damage on hit. 25 / 50 Expert Mode / 75 Master Mode
Max Life35 / 70 Expert Mode / 105 Master Mode
KB Resist75% / 77.5% Expert Mode / 80% Master Mode
Inflicts debuffIrradiatedIrradiated
100% chance

Debuff duration2 seconds
Debuff tooltipYour skin is burning off
Immune toPoisonedAcid VenomIrradiatedSulphuric PoisoningConfused
BannerGnasher BannerGnasher Banner
Cold Bestiary Cold.png-
Water Bestiary Water.pngResistant
Sickness Bestiary Sickness.pngResistant
Electricity Bestiary Electricity.pngVulnerable
Heat Bestiary Heat.pngResistant

The Gnasher is a Pre-Hardmode enemy that spawns in the Sulphurous Sea. It walks towards the player in an attempt to deal contact damage and inflict them with the Irradiated debuff.


  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Gnasher: "Though gnashers are relatively slow, these mutated snapping turtles boast an unnaturally strong shell. Attempting to kill and eat one would injure most creatures greatly due to its terrifying biting power and spiked shell easily capable of impaling flesh."
  • The Gnasher is likely based off of a snapping turtle, which both live in murky waters. Though real life snapping turtles aren't known for killing humans, they are capable of causing grievous injury with their powerful bites.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Now has 25% less health and 10% less damage in Master Mode.
  • Now vulnerable to electricity debuffs, but resistant to water, sickness, and heat debuffs.
  • Now inflicts Irradiated for 2 seconds but no longer inflicts Bleeding or Venom.
  • Decreased minimum coin drop amount from 10 Silver Coin to 60 Copper Coin.
    • Now has gores.
    • Decreased Venom and Bleeding durations from 3 seconds to 2.
  • Nerfed damage reduction from 30% to 15%.
  • Nerfed damage reduction from 50% to 30%.
  • Nerfed health from 65 / 130 Expert Mode to 35 / 70 Expert Mode.
  • Nerfed health from 220 / 440 Expert Mode to 65 / 130 Expert Mode, and damage from 70 / 140 Expert Mode to 25 / 50 Expert Mode.
    • Now has knockback resistance.
    • Fixed a sheeting error.