Giant Clam

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Giant Clam
Giant Clam.png
Giant Clam
Map icon
EnvironmentSunken Sea
DamageThis attack will cause defense damage on hit. 50 / 100 Expert Mode / 120 Revengeance Mode / 132 Death Mode / 150 Master Mode / 180 Revengeance Mode Master Mode / 198 Death Mode Master Mode (pre-Hardmode)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 100 / 200 Expert Mode / 240 Revengeance Mode / 264 Death Mode / 300 Master Mode / 360 Revengeance Mode Master Mode / 396 Death Mode Master Mode (Hardmode)
70 / 112 Expert Mode / 140 Revengeance Mode / 161 Death Mode (Psychic pearls)
Max Life1250 / 2500 Expert Mode / 3750 Master Mode (pre-Hardmode)
7500 / 15000 Expert Mode / 22500 Master Mode (Hardmode)
Defense9999 (closed)
10 (open in pre-Hardmode)
35 (open in Hardmode)
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffClamityClamity
100% chance

Debuff durationInfinite (While aggressive)
Debuff tooltipThe clams have been angered!
Immune toConfusedPearl AuraEutrophication

A specimen which has developed a grand size, and inexplicably, impressive psychic abilities.

Marine Biology Log

The Giant Clam is a mini boss that rarely spawns in the Sunken Sea after defeating the Desert Scourge, and is generally the first mini boss that the player will encounter. It receives a huge buff during Hardmode.

It will drop the Sea King if he is not already present in the world and the Desert Scourge has been defeated already. Additionally, Sunken Crates will include Giant Clam's weapons in Hardmode after it has been defeated.

It can be detected with the Lifeform Analyzer.


It is initially passive and closed up, but once the player hits it 5 times, the player receives the Clamity debuff, which boosts the spawn rate of Clams and making them aggressive while reducing the other enemies' spawn rate to 0, and the Giant Clam becomes aggressive.

While mostly immobile, it can perform one of 2 moves every 4 seconds. Its most common move is to teleport over the player's head and fall down on them. The other, less common move is to close itself up for a short while, then spawn 3 more Clams.

In Hardmode, it gains 2 new attacks which have a timer of 3 seconds, unrelated to its primary attacks, on top of making its tele-stomp attack faster. Its first attack is to shoot a ring of 6 Pearl BurstPsychic Pearls along with another faster pearl that is always aimed towards the player. Its second attack is to summon a rain of 11 psychic pearls upon the player, which have a gap between them.


Image Name
Clam Clam


  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Giant Clam: "Clams slowly crystalise ambient magic around themselves into pearls, and as they grow larger, so too do their pearls. Upon growing to their full size, they are classified as Giant Clams, and gain the ability to use the magic stored in their pearls to some degree."
  • The Clamity debuff name is a portmanteau of the word "clam" and the mod's title, "Calamity."
  • The Giant Clam has a Draedon's Log entry dedicated to it that can be found in the Sunken Sea Bio-center Lab.
  • If the Boss Checklist Mod is installed, its unique despawn message will be "The Giant Clam returns hiding in its grotto."


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Now properly displays vanilla debuff colors and Hunter Potion effects.
    • Can now drop Pink Pearls, Black Pearls and White Pearls.
    • Now drops its Relic at 100% chance instead of 25%.
  • Now drops Amidias' Pendant and Giant Pearl regardless of condition.
  • Now drops 30-40 Navystone instead of 25-35, and now drops 25-30 Mollusk Husks instead of 6-11.
  • Now vulnerable to electricity and sickness debuffs, but resistant to water and heat debuffs.
  • Now has a chance to drop more than one of its weapons at once.
  • Decreased minimum coin drop amount in Hardmode from 10 Gold Coin to 8 Gold Coin.
    • No longer immune to every debuff except Ichor and Cursed Inferno.
    • Now only immune to Eutrophication, Galvanic Corrosion, Glacial State, Pearl Aura, Slow, Temporal Sadness, Tesla Freeze, Time Distortion, and Webbed.
    • Now has a unique minimap icon.
    • Nerfed contact damage from 50 / 100 Expert Mode / 125 Revengeance Mode / 143 Death Mode to 50 / 100 Expert Mode / 120 Revengeance Mode / 132 Death Mode.
    • Nerfed pearl damage from 70 / 112 Expert Mode / 140 Revengeance Mode / 161 Death Mode to 70 / 112 Expert Mode / 128 Revengeance Mode / 138 Death Mode.
    • Now only drops Amidias' Pendant and Giant Pearl after defeating Desert Scourge.
    • Now drops Amidias' Pendant in all difficulties, and reduced drop chance from 50% to 33.33%.
  • Can no longer spawn until after defeating Desert Scourge.
  • Nerfed pearl burst damage from 150 / 200 Expert Mode to 70 / 112 Expert Mode, and pearl rain damage from 100 / 120 Expert Mode to 70 / 112 Expert Mode.
    • Now immune to Lava.
    • Fixed its hitbox.
    • Now has 30% damage reduction.
    • Can no longer despawn if the player is at least somewhat close to it.
    • Now immune to all debuffs except for Ichor and Cursed Inferno.
    • Shell rims now glow when closed.
    • Now drops 25-35 Navystone.
    • Doubled the spawn rate.
    • Resprited the Clamity debuff.
    • Fixed it not appearing on the Boss Health Bar.
    • Fixed it not being able to drop Shellfish Staff.