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  • Androomba.png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Use time24 Slow
TooltipPress Right Click on the roomba with a solution to insert it
While a solution is inserted, the roomba will start spreading its contents
RarityRarity level: Draedon's Arsenal
Sell 6 Silver Coin.png
Research5 required
Androomba Pal
Androomba Pal.png
Max Life80
KB Resist0%

The Androomba is a rare critter that spawns in Arsenal Labs. It passively rolls back and forth, turning around upon getting close to a block. If a player enters its line of sight, it will panic then start rolling quickly in one direction until hitting a block. Upon hitting a block, the Androomba explodes, leaving behind a flaming destructible scrap pile that deals 10 / 20 Expert Mode / 30 Master Mode damage to the player on contact. The Androomba can also be caught with any type of Bug Net, as long as it hasn't exploded.

Upon placing down the Androomba item, a deactivated Androomba Pal is spawned, facing away from the player. The Androomba Pal can be right clicked by the player with any solution usable by the Clentaminator to change its appearance and activate it. Once activated, it will start moving back and forth while converting blocks around it in a 5-tile wide, 5 tile tall square based on which solution was put into it.

Androomba Pal Types

Type Solution Notes
Androomba Pal (deactivated) Deactivated n/a Does not move. Always faces away from the nearest player.
Androomba Pal Purity Green SolutionGreen Solution Spreads The Purity.
Androomba Pal (corrupted) Corrupted Purple SolutionPurple Solution Spreads The Corruption.
Androomba Pal (crimson) Crimson Red SolutionRed Solution Spreads The Crimson.
Androomba Pal (hallowed) Hallowed Blue SolutionBlue Solution Spreads The Hallow.
Androomba Pal (astral) Astral Astral SolutionAstral Solution Spreads the Astral Infection.
Androomba Pal (mushroom) Mushroom Dark Blue SolutionDark Blue Solution Spreads the Glowing Mushroom biome.
Androomba Pal (forest) Forest Brown SolutionBrown Solution Spreads the Forest.
Androomba Pal (desert) Desert Yellow SolutionYellow Solution Spreads the Desert.
Androomba Pal (snow) Snow White SolutionWhite Solution Spreads the Snow biome.


  • The Androomba Pal isn't damageable by any means and can only be despawned by recatching it.
  • The Androomba Pal will not despawn upon leaving a world, however, it will lose its solution type and deactivate.
  • Only vanilla and Calamity solutions are supported by the Androomba Pal's tile conversion.


  • The Androomba is based on a scrapped boss for Calamity known as Andromeda, who has had several images made of her compressed down into a simple cleaning roomba.
    • The critter's name is a portmanteau of the name "Andromeda", and the word, "roomba".
    • The including of Andromeda is a reference to the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • The Androomba Pal can be listed as an NPC throwing a party, despite not being a town NPC.

BestiaryBestiary entries

  • Androomba: "One of the most mundane of Draedon’s creations, the directive of Androombas is simply to tidy up his labs and domiciles. He and his scientists could not afford to waste time on menial labor when there was endless research to be done."
  • Androomba Pal: "Reverse-engineered Androombas that have been retrofitted to spread the Steampunker’s solutions rather than clean dust and debris off of floors. They can be used to purify the world– or ruin it further, if one so desires."


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Fixed it blocking certain NPCs from being right-clicked.
  • Fixed Androomba and Androomba Pal's bestiary entries using the wrong apostrophe.
    • Now supports Yellow, White, and Brown Solutions.
    • Fixed Androomba and Androomba Pal having an incorrect bestiary offset.
  • Androomba and Androomba Pal now properly display vanilla debuff colors and Hunter Potion effects.
  • Introduced Androomba, Androomba Pal, and Androomba (item).