Spawn blockers

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Spawn blockers
  • Anti-Cyst Ointment.png Anti-Tumor Ointment.png Bleach Ball.png Broken Water Filter.png Sirenproof Earmuffs.png Voodoo Demon Voodoo Doll.png
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TooltipPress Right Click to toggle
RarityRarity Level: 1
Sell 20 Silver Coin.png

Spawn blockers are tools that allow the player to prevent certain bosses, boss-spawning enemies, or events from spawning naturally. These items can be toggled in the inventory by right-clicking on them to disable or enable their effects.


Item Source Disabled Enemy / Event
Anti-Cyst Ointment Anti-Cyst Ointment 5 Crimtane Bar + Bottled Water  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil Perforator CystPerforator Cyst
Anti-Tumor Ointment Anti-Tumor Ointment 5 Demonite Bar + Bottled Water  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil Hive TumorHive Tumor
Bleach Ball Bleach Ball 5 Blighted Gel + Calming Potion  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil Aquatic ScourgeAquatic Scourge
Broken Water Filter Broken Water Filter Found in Rusty ChestRusty Chests or
20 Sulphuric Scale + 10 Any Iron Bar  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil
Acid RainAcid Rain
Sirenproof Earmuffs Sirenproof Earmuffs 2 Flinx Fur + 5 Silk  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil ??????
Voodoo Demon Voodoo Doll Voodoo Demon Voodoo Doll 5 Hellstone Bar + 5 Silk  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil Voodoo DemonVoodoo Demon