The Devourer of Cods

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The Devourer of Cods
  • The Devourer of Cods.png
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Fishing power75%
Use time7 Very Fast
TooltipFires ten lines at once. Line never snaps and can fish from lava
'The devourer was once just an Eater of Shoals'
RarityRarity Level: 14
Sell 28 Gold Coin.png
Research1 required
Projectile created
The Devourer of Cods (bobber)
This article is about the fishing pole. For the post-Moon Lord boss with a similar name, see The Devourer of Gods.
For other uses of the term 'devourer' see Devourer (disambiguation).

The Devourer of Cods is a craftable post-Moon Lord fishing pole. When swung, ten fishing lines are deployed at once instead of one. In addition to this, fishing lines will not break in a similar manner to equipping the High Test Fishing Line and it can be used to fish in lava. The color of the fishing line is randomized between blue and pink.



Crafting Station
Cosmic AnvilCosmic Anvil
Cosmilite BarCosmilite Bar6
The Devourer of CodsThe Devourer of Cods1


  • This item's name is a play on The Devourer of Gods, the boss this pole is based on, and cod, a type of fish.
  • Its tooltip is a play on Eater of Souls, the vanilla enemy, and shoal, a general name for a group of fish.
  • Due to firing 10 lines at once, The Devourer of Cods can be used to summon multiple Duke Fishrons or Old Dukes at once. It will use one Truffle Worm per Duke Fishron spawned, and one Bloodworm per Old Duke spawned.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Increased sell price from 28 Gold Coin to 40 Gold Coin.
    • Fixed it breaking when using Truffle Worms as bait with less Truffle Worms than the total number of lines.
    • Now uses 6 Cosmilite Bars in its recipe instead of 10.
    • Decreased sell price from 36 Gold Coin to 28 Gold Coin.
  • No longer uses Nightmare Fuel or Endothermic Energy in its recipe, and now requires a Cosmic Anvil to craft instead of a Draedon's Forge.
  • Fixed bobber glowmask being off-center at certain rotations.