Brimstone Locus

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Brimstone Locus
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Tooltip'Not only can I enhance your equipment with potent magic,
I can also transcend some of your weaponry to entirely new forms.
Such items are revealed while this item is in your inventory.'
RarityRarity Level: 15
SellNo value
Research1 required

The Brimstone Locus is an item placed in a player's inventory when they open the enchanting interface after talking to the Brimstone Witch for the first time. While it is in the inventory, this item causes items that can be exhumed to be marked with a special effect, appearing as a white aura gathering purple energy. This effect is accompanied by a pulse of the item's sprite once per second.

The following items will be marked by the Locus.



Crafting Station
By Hand
Ashes of AnnihilationAshes of Annihilation1
Bloodstone CoreBloodstone Core3
Brimstone LocusBrimstone Locus1


  • The Locus does not need to be in the inventory in order to enchant a weapon with Exhumed; it is simply the tool to discover the weapons that can be Exhumed.