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"Fishing Update"
Release date November 5, 2019
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The update expanded on the fishing mechanic, adding several new Fishing poles and some balancing tweaks to existing fishing gear. The update also added a few new rogue weapons, added a variety of new Town NPC dialogue lines, resprited the Cryonic and Uelibloom sets, and generally polished the mod.






Bosses and Enemies

  • Angry Dog now has a 33% chance to drop an Essence of Eleum after defeating Cryogen.
  • Aquatic Scourge now always drops all of its items instead of only dropping them in Hardmode, or after defeating Skeletron in Golden Bug Net's case.
  • Atlas now spawns more commonly after defeating Lunatic Cultist but before defeating Astrum Deus.
  • The transition between The Devourer of Gods' phases now applies Boss Zen.
  • Hive Blob Vile Clots now have actual sprites instead of dust, pierce through players, make light, and have sounds.
  • Siren and Leviathan now always drop all of their items instead of only dropping them in Hardmode, and no longer drop Enchanted Pearl.
  • Revengeance Mode Skeletron changes:
    • Can no longer fire homing skulls while either of his hands are alive.
    • Reduced charging speed, including in Boss Rush.
    • Slightly reduced the exponential speed increases Skeletron gets while spinning.
    • Can no longer fire homing skulls immediately after spinning.
    • Decreased amount of homing skulls fired overall.
    • Massively increased despawn range.