Rune of Kos

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Rune of Kos
  • Rune of Kos.png
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TypeBoss summon
Use time10 Fast
TooltipAn ornate sigil of the Profaned Flame
Hatred yet burns upon its brow
Not consumable
RarityRarity Level: 12
SellNo value
Research1 required
Dropped by
Providence, the Profaned Goddess1100%

...holds a significant portion of Providence's brand of magic, easily distinguishable from all others.

— The Sea King

The Rune of Kos is a craftable post-Moon Lord boss-summoning item that is also dropped by Providence, the Profaned Goddess. It is used to summon the Rune of Kos bosses at various locations in the world. Depending on the location it is used in, a different boss will be summoned:




  • The tooltip line "Such power attracts otherworldly beings" is replaced depending on the biome the player is currently in:
    • In Space, the tooltip changes to "Summons the Storm Weaver".
    • In the Dungeon, the tooltip changes to "Summons the Ceaseless Void
      Enrages on the surface".
    • In The Underworld, the tooltip changes to "Summons Signus, Envoy of the Devourer".


  • The name of the item is a reference to the character Kos, from the video game Bloodborne.
    • The symbol inside the center of the sprite is a reference to the Caryll Rune "Moon" from the same game.
  • Prior to the update, this item could only be obtained as a drop from Providence, the Profaned Goddess. This meant that the player could not summon its respective bosses and by proxy, The Devourer of Gods, until Providence was defeated.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Moved Luminite Bar to the top of the recipe.
  • Fixed it mentioning incorrect boss enrage condition on its tooltip.
    • Now clearly mentions boss biome enrages in the tooltip.
    • Capitalized all biomes listed.
    • Tooltip now dynamically updates depending on which biome the player is in.
  • Added a comma to the third line of its tooltip.
  • Can no longer be used during Boss Rush.
  • Now uses 3 Luminite Bars in its recipe instead of 10.
  • Can no longer be used during the countdown to The Devourer of Gods' second phase.
    • Changed the first lines of tooltip from "Used to seal the sentinels of the cosmic devourer" to "A relic of the profaned flame. Contains the power hunted relentlessly by the sentinels of the cosmic devourer".
    • Can now be crafted with 10 Luminite Bars, 5 Solar Fragments, and 40 Unholy Essences at an Ancient Manipulator.
    • Now uses the boss roar sound effect instead of Item44 when used.
    • Now directly spawns the boss instead of using an invisible projectile.
  • Now internally uses the Rarity Level: 9 rarity, meaning it can no longer be destroyed in Lava.