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This NPC is dedicated to: MountainDrew/Fabsol
This is a Town NPC. A House may be required in order for it to appear.
Not to be confused with Princess, a vanilla NPC.

The Drunk Princess is an NPC vendor that sells Alcohol depending on the player's progression. She also has the unique ability to count the number of times the player has died in the world.

The Drunk Princess will spawn once the following conditions have been met:

  • There is an empty house.
  • A player in the world has Fabsol's Vodka in their inventory.
  • The world is in Hardmode.

When threatened by enemies, she will defend herself with a ray of light that functions similarly to the Fabstaff.

Items sold


Item Cost Availability
Heartreach PotionHeartreach Potion 2 Gold Coin Always available.
Lifeforce PotionLifeforce Potion 4 Gold Coin (Hardmode)
8 Gold Coin (post-Moon Lord)
Always available.
Love PotionLove Potion 1 Gold Coin Always available.
Grape BeerGrape Beer 30 Silver Coin Always available.
Red WineRed Wine 1 Gold Coin Always available.
WhiskeyWhiskey 2 Gold Coin Always available.
RumRum 2 Gold Coin Always available.
TequilaTequila 2 Gold Coin Always available.
FireballFireball 3 Gold Coin Always available.
Fabsol's VodkaFabsol's Vodka 4 Gold Coin Always available.
VodkaVodka 2 Gold Coin After defeating all Mechanical Bosses.
ScrewdriverScrewdriver 6 Gold Coin After defeating all Mechanical Bosses.
White WineWhite Wine 6 Gold Coin After defeating all Mechanical Bosses.
Evergreen GinEvergreen Gin 8 Gold Coin After defeating Plantera.
Caribbean RumCaribbean Rum 8 Gold Coin After defeating Plantera.
MargaritaMargarita 8 Gold Coin After defeating Plantera.
Prismatic LacewingPrismatic Lacewing 10 Gold Coin After defeating Plantera.
EverclearEverclear 3 Gold Coin After defeating Astrum Aureus
Bloody MaryBloody Mary 4 Gold Coin During a Blood Moon if Astrum Aureus has been defeated
Star Beam RyeStar Beam Rye 6 Gold Coin During the night if Astrum Aureus has been defeated.
MoonshineMoonshine 2 Gold Coin After defeating Golem.
Moscow MuleMoscow Mule 8 Gold Coin After defeating Golem.
Cinnamon RollCinnamon Roll 8 Gold Coin After defeating Golem.
Tequila SunriseTequila Sunrise 10 Gold Coin After defeating Golem.
Weightless CandleWeightless Candle 50 Gold Coin Always available.
Vigorous CandleVigorous Candle 50 Gold Coin Always available.
Resilient CandleResilient Candle 50 Gold Coin Always available.
Spiteful CandleSpiteful Candle 50 Gold Coin Always available.
Odd MushroomOdd Mushroom 1 Platinum Coin Always available.
Any PylonAny Pylon 10 Gold Coin When in a specific biome and is happy enough.

Living preferences

Happiness Level Biome Neighbor
Love The HallowThe Hallow StylistStylist ZoologistZoologist
Like OceanOcean Party GirlParty Girl TruffleTruffle
Dislike DesertDesert TavernkeepTavernkeep Tax CollectorTax Collector
Hate UndergroundUnderground AnglerAngler Goblin TinkererGoblin Tinkerer


  • The Drunk Princess will always be named Cirrus.


Interaction Quotes

  • While homeless:

    • "I could smell my vodka from MILES away!"
    • "Have any spare rooms available? Preferably candle-lit with a hefty supply of booze?"


    • "I HATE WALMART! ...Anyway, what do you want this time?"
    • "Deals so good I'll [$$!$] myself! ...Sorry, just had a minor stroke!"
    • "Did anyone ever tell you that large assets cause back pain? Well, they were right."
    • "Hey [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor], [name of Patreon donor] and [name of Patreon donor]! You're all pretty good!"
    • "Drink something that turns you into a magical flying unicorn so you can be just like me."

    During the Day:

    • "I'm literally balls drunk off my sass right now, what do you want?"
    • "I'm either laughing because I'm drunk or because I've lost my mind, probably both."
    • "When I'm drunk I'm way happier... at least until the talking worms start to appear."
    • "I should reprogram the whole mod, while drunk, then send it back to the testers."

    During the Night:

    • "A perfect night to light some candles, drink some wine and relax."
    • "Here's a challenge... take a shot for every time you've had to look at the wiki. Oh wait, you'd die."
    • "Yes, everyone knows the mechworm is buggy. Well, not anymore, but still."
    • "You lost or something? I don't mind company, but I'd rather be left alone at night."
    • "Are you sure you're 21? ...Alright, fine, but don't tell anyone I sold you these."

    During a Blood Moon:

    • "I'm gonna make some Bloody Marys to relax, celery included. Want one?"
    • "If you're too lazy to craft potions normally, try Blood Orbs. Blood is fuel, dumbass."
    • "I'm trying to not be bitchy tonight, but it's hard when everyone else won't shut up."
    • "Sorry, I have no moral compass at the moment." (Damages the player for half their health)

    During a Party:

    • "You'll always find me at parties where booze is involved... well, you'll always find BOOZE where I'M involved!"

    During the Acid Rain:

    • "I'm melting! Put a stop to this inclement weather this instant before it ruins my hair!"

    During Martian Madness:

    • "You should probably deal with those ayy lmaos before anything else, but whatever."

    If any boss is active:

    • "Why are you talking to me right now? Shouldn't you be bumbling around and dying for my amusement?"

    If Cryogen has been defeated:

    • "God I can't wait to smash some ice again! ...For drinks, of course."

    If Leviathan has been defeated:

    • "How could you murder such a beautiful creature!? ...The blue sexy one, not the obese cucumber."

    If Polterghast has been defeated:

    • "I saw a ghost down by the old train tracks back at my homeland once, flailing wildly at the lily pads... frightening times those were."

    If The Devourer of Gods has been defeated:

    • "I hear it's amazing when the famous Devourer of Gods out in flap-jaw space, with the tuning fork, does a raw blink on Hara-kiri rock. I need scissors! 61!"

    If Tavernkeep is present:

    • "Tell [Name of Tavernkeep] to stop calling me. He’s not wanted."
    • "I've had to tell baldie where my eyes are so many times that I've lost count."
    • "My booze will always be better than [Name of Tavernkeep]'s, and nobody can convince me otherwise."

    Anytime if Stylist is present:

    • "You can't stop me from trying to move in with [Name of Stylist]."
    • "I love it when [Name of Stylist]'s hands get sticky from all that... wax."
    • "Ever since [Name of Stylist] moved in I haven't been drinking as much... a strange but not unwelcome feeling."

    At night if Stylist is present:

    • "I should watch some movies with [name of Stylist] tonight. You could come too, but only if you bring snacks for us."

    If Brimstone Witch is present:

    • "The abuse [Name of Brimstone Witch] went through is something I can hardly comprehend. I'd offer her a drink, but I don't think she'd enjoy it."

    If Archmage is present:

    • "I never realized how well-endowed [Name of Archmage] was. It had to be the largest icicle I'd ever seen."

    During the Day if Moon Lord has been defeated and the Stylist is present:

    • "[name of Stylist] helped me learn to accept my past. It's been rough, but I think I'm on the right track now."
    • "Might go out for a jog later with [name of Stylist]. Nice day for it."

    During the Day before Moon Lord has been defeated and the Stylist is not present:

    • "I drink to forget certain... things. What things, you might ask? Well, the point is to forget them, isn't it?"
    • "What a great day! Might just drink so much that I get poisoned again."

    If Moon Lord has been defeated:

    • "Ever wondered why the Moon Lord needed so many tentacles? Uh... on second thought, I won't answer that."

    If the player has the Fab debuff:

    • "Oh yeah, now you're drinking the good stuff! Do you like it? I created the recipe by mixing fairy dust, crystals and other magical crap."

    If the player has the Chibii Devourer equipped:

    • "The hell is that? Looks like something I'd carry around if I was 5 years old."

    If the player has the Aquatic Heart equipped:

    • "Nice scales... is it hot in here or is it just me?"

    If the player has Princess Spirit in a Bottle:

    • "So... you found my special bottle. Hope you enjoy it, I know I will."
    • "Be sure to dismount me once in a while, I get tired. And besides, I can't rip you off-I mean offer you excellent deals you won't find anywhere else if you're riding me 24/7."
    • "Before you ask, no, I do NOT have a heart on my butt while in human form. Don't question my transformation preferences!"

    When selecting Death Count:

    • "You have failed [Number of Deaths] time(s)."
    If the player has died over 100 times:
    • "You have failed [Number of Deaths] times. Consider lowering the difficulty. If you found that statement irritating, good."
    If the player has died over 250 times:
    • "You have failed [Number of Deaths] times. I admire your tenacity. Keep it up, your enemies are racking up quite the kill count!"
    If the player has died over 500 times:
    • "You have failed [Number of Deaths] times. Your inability to avoid dying to even the most basic of attacks is astonishing to me."
    If the player has died over 1000 times:
    • "You have failed [Number of Deaths] times. It is said the average Terrarian has a lifespan of 2 minutes or less. ...Well, not really, but I feel like you'd be part of that statistic."
    If the player has died over 2500 times:
    • "You have failed [Number of Deaths] times. Bless your heart. I could dodge better than you even if I were drunk high."
    If the player has died over 5000 times:
    • "You have failed [Number of Deaths] times. I'm not sure what to say this time. That you're bad and should feel bad? That much was known already."
    If the player has died over 10000 times:
    • "You have failed [Number of Deaths] times. Congratulations! You are now, officially, the biggest loser in Terraria's history! Who was number two? Hell if I know."
  • Happiness Quotes

  • When homeless:

    • "I need a place to crash! My drinks need to be properly cooled before they can be served!"

    When far from home:

    • "I'm used to running away from home, but this is a little ridiculous."

    When in a sparse area:

    • "Finally, some peace and quiet. Large amounts of people tend to piss me off."

    When overcrowded:

    • "If one more person tells me 'It's happy hour somewhere' to try and get a discount, I'm going to snap!"
    • "No amount of alcohol can drown out the noise these people make!"

    When in the Hallow:

    • "Other unicorns? Never thought I'd see the day! This place is incredible!"

    When in the Ocean:

    • "A good breeze to cool some heads, that's the way to deal with customers who've had a few too many drinks!"

    When in the Desert:

    • "This dry air and heat isn't good for my hair, or my drinks."

    When in the Underground:

    • "This place is awful! The musty air spoils the taste and aroma of everything I'm selling!"

    When in an Evil Biome or the Dungeon:

    • "This place is awful! The musty air spoils the taste and aroma of everything I'm selling!"

    When near the Stylist:

    • "[Name of Stylist] works wonders for my hair... among other things, hehe."

    When near the Zoologist:

    • "[Name of Zoologist] is so fluffy and squishy! She also says my alicorn form is 'mega rad'."

    When near the Party Girl:

    • "[Name of Party Girl] would make for a great bartender some day. She really knows how to liven the mood!"

    When near the Truffle:

    • "[Name of Truffle] makes me so hungry... I wonder how great of a trip he'd give..."

    When near the Princess:

    • "You think I’d dislike [Name of Princess] because we’re too different? Quite the contrary, there's a lot we like to talk about, over non-alcoholic drinks of course."

    When near the Tavernkeep:

    • "[Name of Tavernkeep] is so bald. Maybe if he'd stop trying to date me he'd finally grow some hair."

    When near the Tax Collector:

    • "[Name of Tax Collector] had best keep his distance... he wouldn't want to wake up one morning with a pipe bomb in his mailbox."

    When near the Angler:

    • "[Name of Angler] never stops blabbering about his inane fishing quests. Get me away from him before I stomp him into the ground!"

    When near the Goblin Tinkerer:

    • "[Name of Goblin Tinkerer] was so terrible that I had to FORCE him to have a better reforge system. Why would you house me next to him? Do you enjoy watching me relive the stress he gave me!?"

    When Happiness is neutral:

    • "It's 5 o'clock somewhere."
  • Notes

    • The amount of damage dealt by Drunk Princess's slap is at least 20.
    • The Discount Card and other items that grant a similar effect will not reduce the prices of any items sold by the Drunk Princess.
    • The price of all items sold by The Drunk Princess are increased.
      • The cost of all drinks are increased by 50%
      • The cost of all candles are increased by 300%
      • The cost of odd mushroom is increased by 200%
    • The displayed sell value of all items sold by the Drunk Princess are false due to her increased sell prices.
      • The sell price of all drinks are decreased from 20% of the buy price to 13.34%
      • The sell price of all candles are decreased from 20% of the buy price to 5%
      • The sell price of odd mushroom are decreased from 20% of the buy price to 6.67%
    • Using the Princess Spirit in a Bottle while she is present will cause her to despawn, and she will respawn on the last player to dismount the mount.


    • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Drunk Princess: "No one knows where she came from, but no one minds her either. She’s a good person to share a drink with, given you don’t make her mad."
    • The Drunk Princess is a self-insertion of the owner of the mod, also known as Cirrus, Fabsol or MountainDrew, who has been known to get drunk a lot on several occasions.
    • The Drunk Princess has only one possible name, sharing this trait with Santa Claus, the Sea King, the Brimstone Witch, and the Archmage.
    • The quote about reprogramming the whole game while drunk is a fourth-wall-breaking quote, implying the creator of the mod getting drunk and sending a broken mod to the beta testers of the mod.
    • The quote about the buggy mechworm is a reference to the bugs caused by Staff of the Mechworm being frequently reported by the community.
    • Dying from the no moral compass quote will result in the death message being "<PlayerName> was slapped too hard".
    • The "deals" quote is a reference to Spamton G. Spamton from the second chapter of Deltarune.
    • The "blood is fuel" quote is a reference to the game, Ultrakill.
    • The quote about the Hara-kiri rock and scissors as well as space invaders reference to the lines spoken by the Colonel in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
    • The Drunk Princess is most likely a lesbian, as evidenced by her attraction to the Stylist, the player if wearing an Aquatic Heart, and her post-Leviathan quote; or bisexual, considering her implied sexual encounter with the Archmage.
    • The "Talking Worms" quote is a reference to The Devourer of Gods, as during the boss fight, it repeatedly talks to the player.
    • In the mod's source files, the Drunk Princess is referred to as 'FAP'.
    • The Drunk Princess despawning when mounting the Alicorn is in reference to how both are canonically the same entity.
    • In one of her quotes, the Drunk Princess says the names of several people who have donated a certain amount to the Calamity Mod on Patreon, randomly selected. The list of all possible names are as follows:
  • Vorbis, SoloMael, Chaotic Reks, The Buildmonger, YuH, Littlepiggy, LompL, Lilith Saintclaire, Ben Shapiro, Frederik Henschel, Faye, Gibb50, Braden Hajer, Hannes Holmlund, profoundmango69, Jack M Sargent, Hans Volter, Krankwagon, MishiroUsui, pixlgray, Arkhine, Lodude, DevAesthetic, Mister Winchester, Zacky, Veine, Javyz, Shifter, Crysthamyr, Elfinlocks, Ein, 2Larry2, Jenonen, Dodu, Arti, Tervastator, Luis Arguello, Alexander Davis, BakaQing, Laura Coonrod, Xaphlactus, MajinBagel, Bendy, Rando Calrissian, Tails the Fox 92, Bread, Minty Candy, Preston Card, MovingTarget_086, Shiro, Chip, Taylor Riverpaw, ShotgunAngel, Sandblast, ThomasThePencil, Aero (Aero#4599), Shirosity, Daawnz, CrabBar, Yatagarasu, Jarod Isaac Gordon, Zombieh, MingWhy, Random Weeb, Ahmed Fahad Zamel Al Sharif, Eragon3942, TheBlackHand, william, Samuel Foreman, Christopher Pham, DemoN K!ng, Malik Ciaramella, Ryan Baker-Ortiz, Aleksanders Denisovs, TheSilverGhost, Lucazii, Shay, Prism, BobIsNotMyRealName, Guwahavel, Azura, Joshua Miranda, Doveda, William Chang, Arche, DevilSunrise, Yanmei, Chaos, Ryan Tucker, Fish Repairs, Melvin Brouwers, Vroomy Has -3000 IQ, The Goliath, DaPyRo, Termi, Circuit-Jay, Commmander Frostbite, cytokat, Cameron Fowlks, Orudeon, BumbleDoge, John Ballard, Naglfar, Helixas, Vetus Dea, High Charity, Devonte Plati, Cerberus, Brendan Kendall, Victor Pittman, KAT-G307, Tombarry Expresserino, Drip Veezy, Glaid, Apotheosis, Bladesaber, Devon Leigh, Ruthoranium, cocodezi_, Mendzey, GameRDheAsianSandwich, Tobias, Streakist ., Eisaya A Cook, Xenocrona, RKMoon, Eternal Silence, Jeff, Beta165, DanYami, Xenocrona, Ari, cosmickalamity, xd Ow0, Darren, Florian, dawn thunder, asdf935, GentSkeleton, Fizzlpoprock, Pigeon, Aleksh, Just a random guy, Dee, Æthereal, Broken Faucet, Sarcosuchus, Marissa443, Warlok, JackShizz, NebulaMagePlays, Primpy, Thys, Min, Wodernet, Pedro, Depressed Dad Gaming, Snowy, Stormone, Mobian, Rinja, Check pins, Dakota, Neoplasmatic, False, Whitegiraffe, Drakkece, Levi, Izuna, djsnj20, pyobbo, Alec, The Illustrious Sqouinchuousor, Moist Lad, TwanTheGOAT, 3x1t_5tyl3, Will, SpookyNinja, Boomdiada, Culex, Rossadon, Ben, hubert thieblot, NepNep, Nanaki, CrimsonCrips, Lagohz, Timon, F00d Demon, Olkothan, Vmar98, Dasdruid, Cinder, Brutzli, Yhashtur, Zekai, Doug, Uberransy, KurlozClown, Nemesis 041, Asheel, Hayden, Lightedflare, Lady Shira, Devin, Qelrin, Thomas, Ne'er Dowell, Potion Man, martyrdomination, Destructoid, Coolguystorm YT, Wolfmaw, yiumik, Destiny Stallcup, GreenBerry, SolsticeUnlimitd, darkhawke, oracle, YumeiSenshi, Cameron, Toxin, Fweepachino, DESPACITO, Altzeus, Ryan, Spider region, WinterTire, Nycro, Bewearium, William, HellGoat2, 116taj, CaineSenpai, Suicide Dreams, Roxas, Obsoleek, Jetpat3, GreenTea, Woah, Ryaegos, Popsickle Yoshi, Arcadia, JensB__, Nuclei, Picasso's Bean, Corn M. Cobb, kgh8090, Luke, Barbara, Alexis, Soko, Albino gonkvader, Monic, Slim, ChaosChaos, Deallly, Jeff, vcf55, Kazurgundu, Jheybyrd, Kipluck, SCONICBOOM, Mr.Matter, Billy, jjth0m3, GTW High Cube, Sabrina, Potato - Stego, Perditio Astrum, MaxingOut, SharZz, Allegro, hoosfire, Lauren, Ultra Succ, Ethan, Pacnysam, dummyAzure, Jaykob, Goblin, NoOneElse, Nicholas, Toasty, oli saer, Blobby6799, Domrinth, zombieseatflesh7, Shiny, Whale, The Infinity, Toasty, MrCreamen, TemperedAether, LucasTwocas, JustLonelyPi, Brian, Ashton, Rolandark, Ally2Cute, Dionysos, Plant Waifu, fire, Charles, Kaden, Dr. Pawsworth, Jackson, Freakish, Ashamper, Kinzoku, Elementari, The Wolf Commando, Jordan, Jessire, Ashton, callisto, velneu, Mathuantie, Robert, Matias, T E R M I N A T O R, apotofkoolaid, Matthew, Terrarian Dragon, Pomelo, Thomas, Iconic Parker Gaming, Jaydon, Aidan, Avery, yayoi, Splotchycrib, GIGA MAN, Eric, Merubel, Smug, Lime-Wars l 1, WillyDilly, xAqult, Himakaze, Face, Carboniferous, James, Taitou1