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"Devourer of Gods Projectile Rework"
Release date January 1, 2017
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The update reworked The Devourer of Gods and added several new weapons. It also resprited Jungle Dragon, Yharon.



Bosses and Enemies

  • All vanilla bosses, all bosses from the Thorium mod, Calamitas and her brothers, Cryogen, The Devourer of Gods' body segments, Jungle Dragon, Yharon, and The Plaguebringer Goliath are now immune to Armor Crunch.
  • ??? can no longer be targeted by minions or be damaged if Duke Fishron is alive.
  • The Devourer of Gods changes:
    • Buffed body segment defense from 9999 to 99,999.
    • Decreased Prepare to Die\Cry modes speed.
    • Now spawns Beam Portal projectiles throughout the fight.
    • Increased the spread at which each segment shoots projectiles.
    • Decreased the health thresholds needed for it to start firing different types of projectiles.
    • Now fires new custom projectiles, including special lasers and orbs.
    • No longer fires Lightning Arcs, Nebula Piercers, Alien Goop, and Frost Beams projectiles.
  • The Slime God changes:
    • Nerfed the split Crimulan Slime God's health from 2500 / 3000 Expert Mode to 1250 / 1500 Expert Mode.
    • Nerfed the split Ebonian Slime God's health from 5000 / 6000 Expert Mode to 2500 / 3000 Expert Mode.
    • Split Slime Gods are now smaller.




  • Fixed Cryogen and The Hive Mind despawning incorrectly.
  • Fixed the large Slime Gods' AIs breaking when they split in multiplayer.