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"Rogue Rebalancing Update Hotfixes"
Release date January 5, 2019
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The update made some bosses more fair, along with buffing the Revengeance Mode Golem. It also fixed several issues from Update, changed the recipes for the Ancient and Ashen Furniture sets, and resprites for the Cosmilite furniture set.



Bosses and Enemies

  • Nerfed Armored Digger's health from 40,000 / 80,000 Expert Mode to 30,000 / 60,000 Expert Mode.
  • Small Astrum Deus worms no longer have increased firerate based on how much health the player has left.
  • Nerfed free Astrum Deus Probe's health from 2000 / 4000 Expert Mode to 600 / 1200 Expert Mode.
  • Decreased the frequency at which Brimstone Elemental fires her Hellfireballs.
  • Calamitas changes:
    • Decreased Calamitas and her brothers' speeds.
    • Decreased the frequency at which phase 2 fires her lasers.
    • Brothers can no longer instantly shoot their respective projectiles as soon as they spawn.
    • Catastrophe longer shoots fireballs more frequently based on how much health the player has left.
  • Decreased Revengeance Mode Duke Fishron's charge speed.
  • Revengeance Mode Golem now inflicts Armor Crunch and enrages outside the Jungle Temple.
  • Jungle Dragon, Yharon now summons his Bumblebirbs closer to himself.
  • Decreased Revengeance Mode Plantera's speed and projectile firerate.
  • Siren and Leviathan changes:
    • Decreased The Leviathan's speed.
    • Increased the distance from the player at which The Leviathan starts her charge.
    • Increased the distance from the player at which The Siren starts her charge.
    • Decreased the speed of The Siren's Frost Mists.
  • Decreased Revengeance Mode Skeletron Prime's speed.
  • Decreased Revengeance Mode Spazmatism's speed.



  • Armor Crunch can now be inflicted on players.
  • The Boss Health Bar no longer appears for any NPCs with under 400 health.
  • Death Mode natural boss spawns are now indicated by a status message in chat shortly before they spawn.
  • Reduced Death Mode natural boss spawnrates.
  • The Drunk Princess can now mention "DevAesthetic" in her donor quote.



  • Fixed a bug that prevented Armored Digger from despawning.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented damage from Sentries and Vanilla Minions from increasing the player's summoner proficiency.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Boss Rush from progressing in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue with the hitbox of Bear's Eye's Bear pet.
  • Fixed Juvenile Eidolon Wyrm having inconsistent health values across its segments.