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"Yharon Changes and Boss Masks"
Release date September 22, 2016
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The update made several fixes and buffs to Jungle Dragon, Yharon and added Boss Masks.



  • Jungle Dragon, Yharon changes:
    • Renamed to Jungle Phoenix, Yharon.
    • Darkened screen shader.
    • Giga flares now explode into more projectiles upon death.
    • Regular flarenadoes are now much larger.
    • Randomized the amount of time it takes for a flarenado to form.
    • Increased velocities on giga flares and fireballs.
  • Calamitas can now drop a Calamitas Mask.
  • Cryogen's projectiles now last shorter.
  • Cryogen can now drop a Cryogen Mask.
  • Desert Scourge can now drop a Desert Scourge Mask.
  • The Devourer of Gods can now drop a Devourer of Gods Mask.
  • The Hive Mind can now drop a Hive Mind Mask.
  • The Perforators can now drop a Perforator Mask.
  • The Plaguebringer Goliath can now drop a Plaguebringer Goliath Mask.
  • True Slime God can now drop a Slime God Mask.


  • Fixed certain projectiles not coming out of Yharon's mouth.
  • Fixed a sprite rotation issue with Yharon when he spits fireballs.