Wulfrum Scaffold Kit

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Wulfrum Scaffold Kit
  • Wulfrum Scaffold Kit.png
Stack digit 1.png
Use time25 Slow
TooltipPlaces down temporary metal scaffolding. Uses up one wulfrum metal scrap for 40 tiles built
Scaffold needs to be adjacent to a solid tile to be placed down
'For when you need something built fast and don't need it to last.'
Map color#805A4D ●
RarityRarity Level: 1
Sell 10 Silver Coin.png
Research1 required
Wulfrum Pipes.png
Wulfrum Pipes

The Wulfrum Scaffold Kit is a craftable Pre-Hardmode tool. When used, the player can place Wulfrum Pipes on air tiles that are orthogonally or diagonally adjacent to an existing solid tile. Clicking and dragging with the tool will draw a highlighted silhouette of where multiple pipes will be placed instantly upon letting go of the use button, similar to The Grand Design but with more free-form player-drawn shapes. It consumes Wulfrum Metal Scraps on use for every 40 pipes built; each potential pipe drawn by the highlight will count as being consumed, even before placement. Each pipe lasts for six seconds after it is placed.




  • This tool can be considered an early-game equivalent to the Ice Rod, allowing the player to place down temporary blocks for the sake of building (such as placing temporary blocks in the air where no other blocks are currently located in order to begin building in the air) or for protecting themself from enemies and hostile tile-colliding projectiles.
    • Wulfrum Scaffold Kit is inferior to Ice Rod in that its temporary tiles require adjacent blocks in order to be placed (meaning that starting a build in the air requires "branching" or "towering" from nearby tiles), and that it consumes Wulfrum Metal Scraps. It is superior to Ice Rod in that the temporary tiles have no "travel time" from the player and the destination before being placed, and that more blocks can be placed in a shorter span of time and with a greater amount of control than with Ice Rod.


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