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EnvironmentAcid Rain
DamageThis attack will cause defense damage on hit. 135 / 270 Expert Mode / 297 Revengeance Mode / 313 Death Mode / 405 Master Mode / 445 Revengeance Mode Master Mode / 469 Death Mode Master Mode (Contact)
140 / 220 Expert Mode / 330 Master Mode (Bubble, Droplet)
Max Life88500 / 177000 Expert Mode / 265500 Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffIrradiatedIrradiated
100% chance
Debuff duration7 seconds (Contact)
2 seconds (Bubble)
1 second (Droplet)
Debuff tooltipYour skin is burning off
Immune toConfusedPoisonedAcid VenomIrradiatedSulphuric Poisoning

The Mauler is a post-Moon Lord, post-Polterghast mini boss that spawns during Acid Rain during Tier 3. It swims towards the player and alternates between three attacks at random, each telegraphed by a different roar.

  • Quickly lunges at the player.
  • Fires three spreads of sulphuric bubbles that home in on the player after a delay.
  • Charging horizontally and firing a large barrage of sulphuric droplets upwards, which home in on the player after a delay.

If it is out of the water for too long, it will start repeatedly using its charge attack until it lands back in water again.

It can be detected with the Lifeform Analyzer.


  • Shark Fins dropped by the Mauler will be brown in color, much like the Shark Fins dropped by Sand Sharks.


  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Mauler: "Sharks are perhaps one of the most resilient and well-adapted species in our planet’s history. It is no surprise that one of these apex predators has come to thrive in these seas."