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It would not be a stretch to call the jungle the hub of this planet. All is centered around it, and none know not of it.

Plague Nanomachine Log

The Jungle biome features seven new enemies, including a mini boss. Most of the enemies spawn after the Golem is defeated and a "plague" is released into the Jungle, and they are therefore related to The Plaguebringer Goliath boss, which is summoned and fought in this biome. After Moon Lord is defeated, Draconic Swarmers begin spawning in the biome, and the Dragonfolly boss must be fought here as well.

A Living Mahogany Tree generates on this biome's surface, leading to a Giant Bee Hive containing two Honey Chests.

In the underground, the Vernal Pass, a spacious area filled with cabins and Giant Plantera Bulbs, and the Jungle Bio-center Lab, containing the schematic used to craft the third tier of Draedon's arsenal and decrypt the fourth schematic will also generate.

In Death Mode, Thorny bushes inflict the Poisoned debuff.


CharactersUnique Drops
After Golem has been defeated:
Plague ChargerPlague Charger
Pestilent SlimePestilent Slime

After Moon Lord has been defeated:

Draconic SwarmerDraconic Swarmer


The Plaguebringer GoliathThe Plaguebringer Goliath
From Spiked Jungle Slimes and Arapaimas:
Murky PasteMurky Paste

From Angry Trappers:

Trapper BulbTrapper Bulb

From Moss Hornets:


From Derplings and Lac Beetles:

Beetle JuiceBeetle Juice

From Plague Chargers, Plagueshells, Virulings,
Melters, Pestilent Slimes and Plaguebringers:

Plague Cell CanisterPlague Cell Canister

From Plaguebringers:

Plagued Fuel PackPlagued Fuel Pack
Plague CallerPlague Caller

From Draconic Swarmers:

Effulgent FeatherEffulgent Feather
From terrain after Providence
has been defeated:
Uelibloom OreUelibloom Ore


  • This biome has great significance in the mod's lore, being the location where Yharim, the Tyrant King, originated and ruled from.

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