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The Calamity Mod adds several new biomes to the game, each with unique blocks, enemies, and collectibles. The mod also adds a variety of new structures, which provide the player with valuable items that are often difficult to obtain by normal means.


Sunken Sea


The Sunken Sea is a relatively peaceful biome located directly underneath the Underground Desert. It is comprised of Navystone and Eutrophic Sand, with several breeds of coral and many glowing Sea Prism crystals spread throughout. The biome is flooded almost entirely with water, however most of the wildlife present is harmless unless provoked, including the significant Giant Clam mini boss.

Sulphurous Sea


The Sulphurous Sea is a biome located at the edge of the world on the Dungeon side, which replaces the Ocean on world generation. It is primarily comprised of Sulphurous Sand that make up multiple small islands at sea level. A series of caves composed of Sulphurous Sandstone and Hardened Sulphurous Sandstone will generate beneath the surface, where Rusty Chests can be found. Water in the biome is poisonous and cause damaging acid bubbles to rise from the ground. The biome houses vicious wildlife that is challenging to deal with, especially during Pre-Hardmode. There is a hole at the bottom of the cave system which leads into the Abyss.



The Abyss is an incredibly hazardous biome found underneath the Sulphurous Sea, composed mostly of Abyss Gravel and the deeper portions being made of Voidstone. The player will be killed in seconds, be it by the aggressive enemies or the intense water pressure, if they do not come prepared with proper equipment and stealth ability. Floating islands and wall protrusions can also be found in lower areas, housing Scoria Ore as well as Ancient Treasure Chests containing equipment to better explore the depths with.

Brimstone Crag


The Brimstone Crag is a dangerous biome located in The Underworld, on the same side of the world as the Dungeon and the Abyss. It consists of several islands made of Brimstone Slag and Infernal Suevite, floating in the lava and in the air. These islands may also contain ruined houses with chests inside. This biome drastically increases in difficulty once Providence, the Profaned Goddess is defeated.

Astral Infection


Upon defeating the Wall of Flesh and activating Hardmode (or upon defeating Astrum Aureus), an Astral Ore meteor crash-lands somewhere in the Dungeon side of the world and converts much of the terrain around it into Astral-infected blocks. The infected area is covered in a thick lavender haze, and dark monoliths sprout from the landscape. Many alien creatures spawn in this biome, all of which drop Starblight Soot, a valuable Hardmode material.


Mechanic's Abandoned Shed

Mechanic's Abandoned Shed.png

The Mechanic's Abandoned Shed is a ruined house that spawns on world generation in the Snow biome. It has a basement with an Frozen Chest which contains several helpful early game accessories.


Surface-Underground Shrine.png

Shrines are small buildings dispersed throughout the world that are themed around a specific biome. Each will only generate in the biome from which they are themed. They contain powerful items to assist the player.

Evil Island


On world generation, a floating island made from blocks that are the opposite of the world's Evil Biome will spawn somewhere in the world. On this island is a building containing a locked Biome Chest, like the ones found in the Dungeon, which is also of the opposite world evil. This structure acts as a means to obtain Crimson content in Corruption-infected worlds and vice versa, such as the Vampire Knives or Scourge of the Corruptor contained within the Biome Chest.


Main Planetoid.png

Planetoids are spheres of blocks added throughout Space containing various loot. They have multiple variants which provide their different and respective resources.

Arsenal Labs

Sunken Sea Bio-center Lab.png

Draedon's old, abandoned research facilities generate in the Cavern layer and contain various loot including the Charging Station and Power Cell Factory around the facilities, which are required to provide charge to certain weapons.

Vernal Pass

Vernal Pass.png

The Vernal Pass is a large cave that spawns in a random location in the Underground Jungle on world generation. It contains a floating island with a hollow Mahogany tree on top, as well as having several small houses scattered about outside of the main cave, with some containing Ivy Chests. The bottom of the cave is lined with Vernal Soil which grow Giant Plantera Bulbs at a frequent rate. The structure's intended purpose is to act as a natural arena for fighting Plantera and potentially other Jungle bosses.

Forsaken Archive

Forsaken Archive.png

The Forsaken Archive is a large chamber that spawns near the bottom of the Dungeon on world generation. It is mostly empty aside from some Paintings, Books, and two chests containing a Shadow Key, Spell Tomes, and a Tally Counter. The area is intended to act as a natural arena for Ceaseless Void and Polterghast.


  • A Crimson evil island (which only generates in Corruption worlds) is always located to the right of the player's spawn point. A Corruption evil island (which only generates in Crimson worlds) is always located to the left of the player's spawn point.

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