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Potion Tooltip Duration Icon
Anechoic Coating Anechoic Coating Reduces creatures' ability to detect you in the abyss 4 minutes
Anechoic Coating (buff).png
Astral Injection Astral Injection Gives mana sickness and hurts you when used, but you regenerate mana extremely quickly even while moving or casting spells 5 seconds
Astral Injection (buff).png
Aureus Cell Aureus Cell Grants increased mana regeneration and magic power 6 minutes
Mana Regeneration.png

Magic Power.png
Baguette Baguette Minor improvements to all stats
Boosts the effects of Red Wine
'je suis Monte'
5 minutes
Baguette (buff).png

Well Fed.png
Blasphemous Donut Blasphemous Donut Medium improvements to all stats
'Donut worry, it's perfectly edible'
1 hour
Plenty Satisfied.png
Bloodfin Bloodfin Grants a buff that boosts life regen for 10 seconds
The life regen boost is stronger if below 75% health
10 second duration
'The wonders of angiogenesis'
10 seconds
Bloodfin Boost.png
Bounding Potion Bounding Potion 5% increased jump speed, 25 extra blocks of fall damage resistance, and increased jump height 5 minutes
Calcium Potion Calcium Potion Grants immunity to fall damage 20 minutes
Ceaseless Hunger Potion Ceaseless Hunger Potion Causes you to suck up all items in the world 10 seconds
Ceaseless Hunger.png
Delicious Meat Delicious Meat Medium improvements to all stats
'So very delicious'
30 minutes
Plenty Satisfied.png
Flask of Brimstone Flask of Brimstone Melee, Whip, and Rogue attacks inflict Brimstone Flames 20 minutes
Weapon Imbue Brimstone.png
Flask of Crumbling Flask of Crumbling Melee, Whip, and Rogue attacks inflict Crumbling on enemies 20 minutes
Weapon Imbue Crumbling.png
Flask of Holy Flames Flask of Holy Flames Melee, Whip, and Rogue attacks inflict Holy Flames 20 minutes
Weapon Imbue Holy Flames.png
Gravity Normalizer Potion Gravity Normalizer Potion Disables the low gravity of space and grants immunity to the distorted debuff 8 minutes
Gravity Normalizer.png
Hadal Stew Hadal Stew Only gives 50 seconds of Potion Sickness
Medium improvements to all stats
60 minutes
Plenty Satisfied.png
Odd Mushroom Odd Mushroom Causes you to see many fake, vibrant copies of all nearby entities
These visual effects may be nauseating or otherwise bad for some
60 minutes
Photosynthesis Potion Photosynthesis Potion You regen life quickly while not moving, this effect is five times as strong during daytime
Dropped hearts heal more HP
8 minutes
Pot of Pain Pot of Pain Major improvements to all stats
'hrngh, soup'
33 minutes
Exquisitely Stuffed.png
Potion of Omniscience Potion of Omniscience Highlights nearby creatures, enemy projectiles,
danger sources, and treasure
15 minutes
Shadow Potion Shadow Potion Turns the player into a shadow with glowing eyes
Rogue weapons spawn projectiles on hit
8% increased stealth generation
Visual effects can be disabled with the Stealth Invisibility config
8 minutes
Soaring Potion Soaring Potion 10% increased flight time and horizontal flight speed
Restores a fraction of your wing flight time after a true melee strike
The amount of flight time restored scales with your melee stats and weapon swing speed
6 minutes
Sulphurskin Potion Sulphurskin Potion Reduces the effects of the sulphuric waters 2.5 minutes
Tesla Potion Tesla Potion Summons an aura of electricity that electrifies and slows enemies
Aura damage is reduced on bosses
Reduces the duration of the Electrified debuff
8 minutes
Tesla's Electricity.png
Zen Potion Zen Potion Vastly decreases enemy spawn rate 15 minutes
Zerg Potion Zerg Potion Vastly increases enemy spawn rate 15 minutes