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This page documents modding content that is affiliated with the Calamity Mod that has been created by members of the community, as well as mods that Calamity augments or officially supports.

Add-on Mods

Add-on mods are separate mods that either change Calamity's content or add new content that is typically Calamity-themed. Add-on mods usually are not able to be played by themselves, with some exceptions, and require Calamity to be played with.

Calamity Vanities Mod Icon.png Calamity's Vanities

Calamity's Vanities is a vanity mod created by Hypera and currently owned by YuH, with sprites, code, and designs from various other contributors. The mod adds over 80 new pets based on the mod's content, several mounts, critters, and an assortment of other vanity items. The mod's Discord link can be found here and its own wiki can be found here.

Catalyst Mod Icon.png Catalyst

Catalyst is an expansion mod made by Heart Plus Up! and several other developers. It reimplements an overhauled version of the Astrageldon Slime as a superboss, with more superbosses and some additional biomes planned for the future. The mod's Discord link can be found here, and its wiki can be found here.

Infernum Mod Icon.png Infernum

Infernum is a combat-oriented mod by Dominic Karma that adds a brand new difficulty mode. Infernum Mode adjusts the behaviors of vanilla and Calamity bosses, with the intention of making bosses more difficult. The mod's Discord link can be found here.

Calamity Loot Swap Mod Icon.png Calamity Loot Swap

Calamity Loot Swap is a quality-of-life mod created by Potato Person and currently owned by YuH. It adds "manipulator" items as drops from bosses, which allows the player to switch between any of the boss's loot at will to obtain the desired drop.

Calamity Flamethrowers Mod Icon.png Calamity Flamethrowers

Calamity Flamethrowers is an item mod created by Potato Person and currently owned by YuH. It adds a wide variety of different Flamethrowers which all drop from bosses that currently do not drop a flamethrower, aiming to make flamethrowers more relevant throughout the game.

Unofficial Calamity Whips Mod Icon.png Unofficial Calamity Whips

Unofficial Calamity Whips is an item mod created by Poroboros. It adds a wide variety of different Whips throughout all stages of the game, to make summoner actually have Calamity themed whips.

Unofficial Calamity Mod Music Mod Icon.png Unofficial Calamity Mod Music

Unofficial Calamity Mod Music is a music mod by apotofkoolaid and Heart Plus Up! that aims to replace the entire vanilla soundtrack with new songs that better fit with Calamity's OST. Currently, the mod adds 48 new music tracks for various areas, each with their own music box. The mod's Discord link can be found here and its soundtrack can be found here.

Historical Add-on Mods

Historical add-on mods are add-on mods which have been rendered unplayable due to an update either for Calamity or tModLoader. Some of these mods have had support cut off entirely, while others are still in the process of porting. Any of these mods can be played by switching the branch of tModLoader to 1.3-legacy, and downgrading Calamity to a version listed in each entry's description.

Calamity Souls Mod Icon.png Calamity's Souls

Calamity's Souls is an item mod by Plantare. It adds dozens of new accessories which combine Calamity's own armors and accessories, along with adding unique new effects themed around them on top. It also adds a new difficulty mode, some new grab bag fishing drops, and a few weapons. The mod has currently not been ported to Terraria 1.4, but a port is planned for the future. The mod requires Calamity's Plantation in order to be enabled.

Cataclysm Mod Icon.png Cataclysm

Cataclysm is a quality-of-life mod by Tomat (a.k.a. Convicted Tomatophile) that adds various changes to the mod's content to increase quality of life. Such changes include, but are not limited to: additional text below enemies to indicate whether they are organic or inorganic, granting new drops to certain bosses and enemies, and several recipe changes. The mod also adds a few new items, such as a rare item variant of the Cursed Dagger and an item that allows players to instantly teleport to the Sulphurous Sea similarly to the Magic Conch. The mod has currently not been ported to Terraria 1.4, but a port is planned for the future. Tomat's Discord server can be found here.

Legendaries Plus Mod Icon.png Legendaries+

Legendaries+ is an item mod by RandomZachOfKindness, with some sprites from other contributors. It adds several Legendary items, extremely rare weapons and ammunition dropped from bosses in Revengeance Mode. The mod has currently not been ported to Terraria 1.4, but a port is planned for the future. The mod's Discord link can be found here.

Apotheosis and Friends Mod Icon.png Apotheosis & Friends

Apotheosis & Friends was a joke mod created by Terry N. Muse. The mod contained several overpowered weapons with excessive crafting trees based on the weapon Apotheosis and The Devourer of Gods, a few pets, combinations of the mod's accessories, items which reset boss flags, and a re-implementation of THE LORDE alongside its own theme. The mod is no longer being maintained, and is no longer able to load on Calamity Mod versions and higher, with being the latest playable Calamity version. Its Terraria forum page can be found here.

Empathic Untamed Calamity Mod Icon.png Emphatic Untamed Calamity

Emphatic Untamed Calamity was an expansion mod by Seraph. It added new facets to the lore as well as more post-Moon Lord content. The add-on contained several new items, a town NPC, lore alterations, a Plague themed minibiome, and a new boss known as Goozma. The mod has been discontinued, and is no longer able to load on Calamity Mod versions and higher, with being the latest playable Calamity version. A legacy download can be found here.

Supported Mods

Supported mods are separate mods that are usually meant to be standalone, but hold support for Calamity's content. These mods can be played without Calamity.

Nycro's Nohit Effiency Mod Icon.png Nycro's Nohit Efficiency

Nycro's Nohit Efficiency is a mod created by Nycro that enables the configuration of various things in game that make nohitting go a little more smoothly. It also re-adds the functions of two items that were previously in the Calamity Mod: the Defiled Feather and Armageddon.

Boss Checklist Icon.png Boss Checklist

Boss Checklist is a mod that adds an in-game checklist that you can toggle with a hotkey. When you defeat a boss, the checklist will update accordingly.

Summoners Association Icon.png Summoners Association

Summoners Association is a mod that aims to fix a few grievances with summons and flesh out Summoner to be a fully developed class.

Census Icon.png Census

Census is a mod that adds Town NPC Checklist modifies the housing panel to show missing townspeople.

Wikithis Icon.png Wikithis

Wikithis is a mod that allows to go on wiki pages of various Items and even NPCs.

Fargo's Mutant Mod Icon.png Fargo's Mutant Mod

Fargo's Mutant Mod is a QoL mod that reduces grinding, allows more control over the game, and overall saves you time in nearly every aspect of Terraria.

Resource Packs

Resource packs are a collection of files that exist solely to change the game's existing assets, usually being textures. Resource packs can be used in the vanilla game without requiring tModLoader, via the Workshop Hub on the game's main menu.

Calamity Texture Pack Icon.png Calamity Texture Pack

The Calamity Texture Pack is a texture pack created by Niorin which seeks to improve vanilla Terraria's sprites to match the quality and stylings of Calamity's. The texture pack currently contains more than 1,000 sprites, including several bosses, tiles and weapons, contributed from an assortment of different spriters. The texture pack's Discord link can be found here.


Several mods exist which translate the content in the Calamity Mod into different languages, and most are currently available on the mod browser. Translation mods currently exist for: