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The Cooldown Rack is a mechanic added by the Calamity Mod which mirrors 'cooldown' type debuffs such as Potion Sickness and Chaos State, or flat out replaces them with versions that no longer take up space in the player's Buff/Debuff Rack, such as the Dodge Cooldown. This is most commonly used for the abundance of custom cooldowns that some of Calamity's most powerful items have, such as Auric Tesla armor.

The Cooldown Rack is positioned directly underneath the player's Buff/Debuff Rack, which is located in the upper left hand corner of the screen below the player's hotbar.

An example of the Cooldown Rack dynamically adjusting its position below the player's buffs, as well as examples of different types of cooldowns.

Universal Cooldowns

Universal Cooldowns have a variety of sources, typically Vanilla items or mechanics. They are commonly tied to a Vanilla debuff, such as Potion Sickness or Chaos State, though Lifesteal Cooldown is not.

Dodge Cooldown is unique in that it is used to prevent the activation of any other Dodges, despite Vanilla typically separating these chances between items. For example, Cerebral Mindtrick works as a cooldown for Brain of Confusion, and Black Belt and its upgrades have no buff attribute whatsoever. Dodge Cooldown being universal helps get around this in order to prevent dodge stacking, due to the number of additional dodges that are obtainable.

Icon Name Source
Dodge Cooldown.png Dodge Cooldown Abyssal Mirror, Black Belt, Brain of Confusion and their upgrades, The Evolution, and Scarf Cooldown
Healing Cooldown.png Healing Cooldown Potion Sickness
Life Steal Cooldown.png Life Steal Cooldown Lifesteal
Teleportation Cooldown (Rod of Discord).png
Teleportation Cooldown (Normality Relocator).png
Teleportation Cooldown (Spectral Veil).png
Teleportation Cooldown Chaos State

Unique Cooldowns

Unique Cooldowns are those typically only shared between two items, or not at all, often a single line of items that upgrade into each other. These shared cooldowns prevent the stacking of these powerful effects.

Icon Name From Source Duration
Abyssal Diving Suit Broken Plates.png Abyssal Diving Suit Broken Plates Abyssal Diving Suit After the plates break 3 minutes
Abyssal Diving Suit Plates Durability.gif Abyssal Diving Suit Plates Durability Abyssal Diving Suit Depletes on hit 3 hits
Abyssal Madness Cooldown.gif Abyssal Madness Cooldown Omega Blue armor After usage 30 seconds
Blood Frenzy Cooldown.png Blood Frenzy Cooldown Bloodflare Ram Mask
Auric Tesla armor
After Blood Frenzy's usage 30 seconds
Bloodflare Soul Cooldown.png Bloodflare Soul Cooldown Bloodflare Horned Helm
Auric Tesla armor
After Bloodflare Soul's usage 30 seconds
Brimflame Frenzy Cooldown.png Brimflame Frenzy Cooldown Brimflame armor After usage 30 seconds
Contact Damage Halving Cooldown.png
Contact Damage Halving Cooldown (Core of the Blood God).png
Contact Damage Halving Cooldown Flesh Totem
Core of the Blood God
After halving contact damage 20 seconds
Divine Bless Cooldown.png Divine Bless Cooldown Angelic Alliance After Divine Bless ends 1 minute
Dodge Cooldown (Abyssal Mirror).png
Dodge Cooldown (Eclipse Mirror).png
Dodge Cooldown Abyssal Mirror
Eclipse Mirror
When hit 90 seconds
Elysian Guard Cooldown.png Elysian Guard Cooldown Blazing Core After usage 30 seconds
Energy Shell Cooldown.png Energy Shell Cooldown Lion Heart After usage 45 seconds
God Slayer Dash Cooldown.png God Slayer Dash Cooldown God Slayer armor
Auric Tesla armor
After usage 45 seconds
Ice Shield Cooldown.png Ice Shield Cooldown Aquatic Heart On hit 30 seconds
Ink Bomb Cooldown.png Ink Bomb Cooldown Ink Bomb When hit 20 seconds
MJOLNIR Shield Level.png MJOLNIR Shield Level Lunic Corps armor Absorbs 50 damage, depletes when hit n/a
MJOLNIR Shield Recharge.png MJOLNIR Shield Recharge Lunic Corps armor Taking damage 5 seconds
Nebulous Core Cooldown.png Nebulous Core Cooldown Nebulous Core After reviving 90 seconds
Permafrost's Concoction Cooldown.png Permafrost's Concoction Cooldown Permafrost's Concoction After reviving 3 minutes
Plague Blackout Cooldown.png Plague Blackout Cooldown Plague Reaper armor After usage 25 seconds
Prismatic Laser Barrage Cooldown.png Prismatic Laser Barrage Cooldown Prismatic armor After usage 30 seconds
Profaned Soul Shield Durability.png Profaned Soul Shield Durability Profaned Soul Artifact
Profaned Soul Crystal
Absorbs 25 damage, depletes when hit
Absorbs 125 damage, depletes when hit
Profaned Soul Shield Recharge.png Profaned Soul Shield Recharge Profaned Soul Artifact
Profaned Soul Crystal
Taking damage 5 seconds
Protective Matrix Durability.png Protective Matrix Durability Rover Drive Absorbs 20 damage, depletes when hit n/a
Protective Matrix Recharge.png Protective Matrix Recharge Rover Drive Shield broken 10 seconds
Relic of Resilience Cooldown.png Relic of Resilience Cooldown Relic of Resilience After placing the bulwark 5 seconds
Rogue Booster Cooldown.png
Rogue Booster Cooldown (Blunder).png
Rogue Booster Cooldown Plagued Fuel Pack
Blunder Booster
After usage 1 second
Sand Cloak Cooldown.png Sand Cloak Cooldown Sand Cloak After usage 30 seconds
Sandsmoke Bomb Cooldown.png Sandsmoke Bomb Cooldown Desert Prowler armor Ability used 25 seconds
Scarf Cooldown.png
Scarf Cooldown (Evasion).png
Scarf Cooldown Counter Scarf
Evasion Scarf
After successful dodge 30 seconds
Silva Revive Cooldown.png Silva Revive Cooldown Silva armor
Auric Tesla armor
After the immunity runs out 5 minutes
Sponge Barrier Durability.png Sponge Barrier Durability The Sponge Absorbs 180 damage, depletes when hit n/a
Sponge Barrier Recharge.png Sponge Barrier Recharge The Sponge Taking damage 9 seconds
Stamina.gif Stamina Old Duke's Scales Starts at 100%, consumes 20% for each dash used n/a
Tarragon Cloak Cooldown.png Tarragon Cloak Cooldown Tarragon Helm
Auric Tesla armor
After cloak's usage 30 seconds
Tarragon Immunity Cooldown.png Tarragon Immunity Cooldown Tarragon Helmet
Auric Tesla armor
After immunity's usage 25 seconds
Universe Splitter Cooldown.png Universe Splitter Cooldown Universe Splitter After usage 45 seconds
Wulfrum Bastion Cooldown.png Wulfrum Bastion Cooldown Wulfrum armor Ability used 20 seconds


  • The Cooldown Rack's display can be made compact or disabled in the Configuration options, however this does not change its affect on gameplay.
  • Although Chaos State and Potion Sickness have cooldown icons on the Cooldown Rack, they remain as debuffs which take up buff slots. Their appearing on the Cooldown Rack can be toggled in the configuration options.
  • Several of the effects on the Cooldown Rack also have sound effects paired with them.