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Providence, the Profaned Goddess
Providence, the Profaned Goddess.png Providence, the Profaned Goddess (night).png
Providence map.png
Map icon
EnvironmentThe UnderworldThe Hallow
Damage0 (Contact)
120 / 192 Expert Mode / 220 Revengeance Mode / 236 Death Mode / 330 Master Mode (Holy Fire)
140 / 228 Expert Mode / 252 Revengeance Mode / 264 Death Mode / 378 Master Mode (Holy Bomb)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 140 / 228 Expert Mode / 252 Revengeance Mode / 264 Death Mode / 378 Master Mode (Molten Blast, Crystal Shard)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 105 / 171 Expert Mode / 189 Revengeance Mode / 198 Death Mode / 284 Master Mode (Molten Glob)
140 / 220 Expert Mode / 244 Revengeance Mode / 256 Death Mode / 366 Master Mode (Holy Spear)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 140 / 220 Expert Mode / 244 Revengeance Mode / 256 Death Mode / 366 Master Mode (Cocoon Star)
-35 / -50 Expert Mode / 0 Master Mode (Cocoon Healing Star)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 150 / 264 Expert Mode / 288 Revengeance Mode / 300 Death Mode / 432 Master Mode (Holy Blast)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 200 / 400 Expert Mode / 440 Revengeance Mode / 464 Death Mode / 660 Master Mode (Holy Ray)
All damage ×2 (At Night)
Max Life312,500 / 500,000 Expert Mode / 600,000 Revengeance Mode / 750,000 Master Mode / 900,000 Revengeance Mode Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffHoly FlamesHoly Flames
100% chance

Debuff duration6.67 seconds (Day Holy Ray)
5.33 seconds (Day Holy Blast)
2.67 seconds (Day Holy Bomb, Day Molten Blast)
2 seconds (Day Holy Flare, Day Holy Spear)
1.33 seconds (Day Holy Flame, Day Molten Glob)
Debuff tooltipDissolving from holy light
Inflicts debuffNightwitherNightwither
100% chance

Debuff duration6.67 seconds (Night Holy Ray)
5.33 seconds (Night Holy Blast)
2.67 seconds (Night Holy Bomb, Night Molten Blast)
2 seconds (Night Holy Flare, Night Holy Spear)
1.33 seconds (Night Holy Flame, Night Molten Glob)
Debuff tooltipIncinerated by lunar rays
Inflicts debuffIcarus' FollyIcarus' Folly
100% chance

Debuff duration50 seconds
Debuff tooltipYour wing time is reduced by 33%, infinite flight is disabled.
Inflicts debuffHoly InfernoHoly Inferno
100% chance

Debuff durationInfinite (Too far away)
Debuff tooltipYou've gone too far from the Profaned Goddess!
Immune toConfusedPearl AuraHoly FlamesNightwitherOn Fire!Hellfire
Cold Bestiary Cold.pngVulnerable
Water Bestiary Water.pngVulnerable
Sickness Bestiary Sickness.pngResistant
Electricity Bestiary Electricity.png-
Heat Bestiary Heat.pngResistant
Coins3 Platinum Coin

Providence, the Profaned Goddess is a post-Moon Lord boss that is fought after defeating the Profaned Guardians and is intended to be fought after Dragonfolly. To fight her the player must use a Profaned Core in either The Hallow or The Underworld. The boss is normally fought during the daytime, enraging and becoming much more powerful at nighttime.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert and Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation

Providence requires a lot of room. A good arena for the fight will require flattening out a large area and making at least several very long platforms (try to set each platform 30 blocks apart from each other). Platforms are useful as molten globs launch up and will stay on the higher ones, allowing the player to more safely navigate the lower parts of the arena without worrying about the hazard. Make sure not to neglect verticality too, as you also will want ample vertical space to dodge Providence's attacks.

In the Hallow, you can use actuated Pearlstone Blocks to stay in the biome and prevent Providence from enraging.

In the Underworld, the Onyx Excavator Key and/or the Drill Containment Unit can assist with clearing space for the arena. You can also equip Angel Treads or any of its upgrades to use the lava as a floor. Beware that the Molten Globs she spawns can be difficult to see on top of the lava. If refighting her in the Underworld to obtain the Elysian Aegis, Mortar Rounds or Rubber Mortar Rounds can be used in conjunction with a fast-firing gun such as the Chain Gun.

Gearing Up


Lunar armors are the preferred choice for all classes.



  • Lunar Wings or Celestial Tracers are the best wings available for the player and should be prioritized.
    • The Vortex Booster and Nebula Mantle's hover can be useful for outrunning Providence's slower projectiles, while the Solar and Stardust Wings have better flight stats overall.
  • If deciding to use Lunar Wings, using Angel Treads can greatly help with mobility.
  • The Asgard's Valor or Statis' Ninja Belt allows the player to dash, which can be very useful for dodging attacks.
    • The Asgard's Valor additionally provides some boosts to defensive stats and immunity to knockback.
    • Statis' Ninja Belt additionally provides a guaranteed ninja dodge every 90 seconds and increased jump acceleration.
  • The Witch's Broom, while significantly slower and less agile than Wings and dash accessories, can help quite a bit in this fight, as many of Providence's projectiles are slow and require precise movement to dodge. This also lets the player use more offensive accessories.


  • The Community is a powerful accessory that provides boosts to offensive, defensive, and mobility stats. It also reduces the duration of the Holy Flames debuff that Providence inflicts.
  • The Absorber is another good all-class accessory due to the great movement and healing stat boost it provides.
  • The Deific Amulet boosts survivability by increasing immunity frames and shortening potion cooldown.


  • The Celestial Shell is a good accessory for Melee players as it provides great melee boosts during the day.
  • The Deadshot Brooch is a good Ranged accessory as it provides several buffs to damage and reduces ammo consumption.
  • The Dynamo Stem Cells can provide a good boost to Ranged damage.
  • The Sigil of Calamitas is a great accessory for Magic players as it gives powerful buffs to damage and mana.
  • Statis' Curse and the Star-Tainted Generator are great accessories for Summoners as they both provide a buff to both the number of minions as well as minion damage.
  • The Dark Matter Sheath is a great accessory for stealth-based Rogues and also provides many boosts to general Rogue damage.
  • The Vampiric Talisman can give some lifesteal to Rogue players and synergizes well with the Dark Matter Sheath.
  • The Destroyer Emblem provides a good balance between damage and critical chance boosts.



  • The Ark of the Elements is solid against Providence due to its parry and homing projectiles, however it provides less DPS than other options.
    • It is easy to get the parry damage bonus because Providence doesn't do contact damage.
  • The Elemental Shiv is a very powerful option that can deal excellent damage to the boss with its additional shivs.
  • The Swordsplosion is a great option with its very high damage and area of effect.
  • The Devastation is a decent melee weapon that performs well when in the Hallow biome, though is it difficult to aim correctly.
  • The Stellar Striker is a close ranged option that can deal colossal amounts of damage; however, the lunar flares might have trouble hitting Providence due to her speed.
  • The Elemental Lance is a good weapon to use against Providence due to its projectile split and her large hitbox.
  • The Terrarian is the best yoyo available, and if used properly can provide solid DPS.
  • The Solstice Claymore can be a decent choice against Providence if aimed well due to its high DPS.


  • The Disseminator is the best choice for this boss.
  • The Clockwork Bow has homing and can perform exceptional DPS if every shot is loaded with the maximum amount of arrows.
  • The Elemental Eruption is another extremely powerful weapon for this fight, boasting very high DPS.
  • The Prideful Hunter's Planar Ripper performs very well due to its extremely high rate of fire. As a bonus, it grants a stacking movement speed boost when using Musket Balls as ammo.
  • The Onyx Chain Blaster is a great weapon due to its high damage, especially at close range.
  • The Planetary Annihilation performs good DPS and has homing capabilities when used with Wooden Arrows.
  • The Golden Eagle is another good weapon due to its incredibly high firing speed.
  • The Elemental Blaster is a decent choice with its homing projectiles, however it lacks in DPS compared to other options.


  • The Elemental Ray is a very good option, dealing exceptional DPS with a low mana cost.
  • Genesis is a great weapon for the fight as it deals high DPS to Providence herself. However, it does require the player to get close to Providence to perform at its best.
  • The Ultra Liquidator is a solid option that also inflicts Ichor and Cursed Inferno, neither of which Providence is immune to, reducing her defense.
    • Note that the duration of the debuffs is too short to use in conjunction with other weapons.
  • The Effervescence is also a great choice, having a very large bubble spray with high DPS. Note that this pairs best with defense penetration.
    • The projectiles fired by the Effervescence have very limited lifespan and mediocre speed, which may hinder its DPS greatly when Providence is far away. Be sure to lead her movement somewhat to ensure the bubbles connect.
  • While being from a lower tier, the Swarmer does surprisingly high damage against Providence.
  • The Nuclear Fury's Typhoons work very well for the Guardians, as the homing typhoons in all directions mean the player doesn't have to aim and can instead focus on dodging.
    • However, it is not the best choice for the rest of the fight, as it deals mediocre damage to Providence herself.
  • The Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove is an extremely effective weapon against Providence that can deal very high damage. The alternate fire also deals high damage while inflicting several debuffs.
  • The Lunar Flare deals high damage, but requires Providence to be on-screen, which can make dodging her attacks more difficult.


  • The Flowers of Mortality can be used alongside other summons to massively increase DPS.
  • The Elemental Axe is a powerful Summoner weapon due to its high minion speed and damage.
  • The Tactical Plague Engine shreds Providence faster than any other weapon. Have a lot of ammo ready due to its high fire rate.
  • The Sanctified Spark is a good sentry item to use as a support to other minions due to its high damage.


  • The Elemental Disk performs very well with its splitting projectiles.
  • The Utensil Poker is a good choice due to the buff it provides when hitting an enemy.
    • Its stealth strike can do a lot of damage up close.
  • Lunar Kunai can be utilized because of its homing aspect doing consistent damage on Providence.


  • The Rod of Discord or Normality Relocator instant teleportation abilities can get you out of tight spots easily.
    • The Normality Relocator is more of a sidegrade than a direct upgrade to the Rod of Discord. While it has the advantage of being bound to a hotkey and can be used even when using a weapon with slow use time, it has a cooldown that is 50% longer than the Rod of Discord's (15 seconds instead of 10). The increased fall speed also might be unfavorable in certain situations.
  • Binoculars can be useful during Cocoon Phases to increase reaction time.
  • The Slimy Saddle mount greatly accelerates falling speed which can be helpful.
    • Be wary that it is easy to stray too far from Providence while using this mount, inflicting the Holy Inferno debuff.
  • The Folly Feed mount has a high running speed that can help you keep up with the boss.
    • Be wary when using this mount though, as its vertical ascent is slow and thus can make it challenging to dodge projectiles.
  • The Golden Gun, Eye of Magnus, and Yanmei's Knife can provide crippling debuffs that can increase a primary weapon's DPS.

Notable Buffs

  • Soaring Potions can be used to increase flight time, which is useful during Cocoon Phases.

The Fight


Providence utilizes a variety of attacks that she goes through in a cycle.

Blast Phase

Providence will fly back and forth above you and will fire massive Holy BlastHoly Blasts which burst into Holy FireHoly Flames on impact. The Holy Flames will spread out in all directions before homing in on you for a brief moment. Moving quickly and rapidly changing direction can prevent the projectiles from hitting you as the Holy Blasts are slow and the Holy Flames are quick but will only home for a very short time.

Flame Phase

Providence will hover above you and fire Holy FireHoly Flames that stop in mid-air and split into more Holy Flames that travel either horizontally or vertically. To make this phase easier, move away from the initial Holy Flames and avoid being directly to the left/right or directly above/below them.

Bomb Phase

Providence will fly directly above you and drop Holy BombHoly Bombs that linger in place. The Holy Bombs will continually emit Holy Flames that drift towards you. This phase greatly resembles the attack of a Profaned Energy. Going in one direction and then jumping or dropping a platform should make this stage rather simple to dodge.

Cocoon Phase

Providence will stop moving and hide in her cocoon, increasing her damage reduction to 90%. The boundary for the Holy Inferno will decrease when she is in her cocoon. While she is in her cocoon phase, she can use one of two attacks:

Cocoon Stars

Providence will emit waves of Cocoon Stars and green Cocoon Healing Stars. Cocoon Healing Stars have a 25% / 16.67% Expert Mode / 12.5% Revengeance Mode / 0% Death Mode chance to spawn and will heal the player for 35 / 50 Expert Mode health on contact. In each wave, stars are shot out in a spiral X formation, with an additional star directly aimed at the player. At lower health (or at any time in Death Mode or above), some waves are preceded with a ring of stars, making the bullet hell more dense.

The cocoon stars will start spreading from her in a tight group and will grow faster and wider apart as they travel. Position yourself to the left/right of Providence instead of above/below her to give yourself more time and control to dodge the stars. Focus on making mostly vertical movements and try not to move too much horizontally, as you run at risk of being inflicted with Holy Inferno. Staying close to Providence will ensure you have enough time to react to the stars' positions, though you need to also keep some distance so the stars will be spaced out enough for you to be able to weave between them.

An alternative way to dodge the attack is to quickly maneuver yourself right in the middle of Providence, so every single star hits you. Since the damaging Cocoon Stars give you immunity frames, you can rapidly heal off any damage that they deal to you with the healing stars, even in Revengeance Mode, and go through the attack without having to dodge anything. However, this maneuver is not without risk and will lead to a quick death if you don't have enough health to survive the initial wave of damage before staying in the middle. High defense is not necessary, but increased immunity frames from sources such as Fabsol's Vodka or the Deific Amulet will help greatly. This also cannot be done in Death Mode or above due to the lack of healing stars.

At the end of the attack, a status message stating "The air is burning..." will appear and you will be inflicted with the Icarus' Folly debuff for 50 seconds. The debuff cripples your mobility as it reduces wing time by 33% and prevents infinite flight. However, you will not be inflicted with the debuff if you are in a pool of water or honey at the end of the attack. Even though Providence stops emitting stars when this status message appears, you still need to keep your guard up, as there are stars still in the area that have not reached you yet.

Holy Spears

Providence will fire barrages of Holy SpearHoly Spears in 12 directions around herself, while also firing Holy Spears directly aimed at the player. The stream of Holy Spears will increase in frequency as Providence's health gets lower. Move outward and make a large semicircle motion, enter an area between 2 "spokes" when they have spread out a far distance, and focus on small movements to dodge the remainder of the attack. Beware not to stray too far so you do not get inflicted with Holy Inferno. It is risky to go between the gaps between the spears, especially when they are moving quickly when she is at low health. Circling counterclockwise instead of clockwise will give you a much easier time dodging the attack. When the attack ends, be aware of the spears that are still in the area. To avoid them, stand still or fall toward the center of the barrage.

Molten Phase

Providence will fly above you, similarly to the Blast Phase, and fire Molten BlastMolten Blasts that explode on impact into several Molten GlobMolten Globs that stay on the ground for some time before disappearing. If you prepared several platforms in the arena, the Blobs will get trapped on higher platforms, making your main concern avoiding the Molten Blasts. However, if you didn't prepare platforms in the arena, concentrating the blobs in one location can make this phase and the following phases easier as it gives you more space to move around in. Try to move away from this part of the arena so that you do not get hit by them later when focusing on other attacks.

Holy Ray Phase

This occurs when Providence drops below 75% health if she was summoned in the Hallow. Like her cocoon phase, her DR increases substantially. The player can be warned in advance of this attack by Providence slowing down along with a sound cue of her charging up energy. She then unleashes a Holy RayHoly Ray that sweeps toward your position, similar to the Moon Lord's Phantasmal Death Ray attack. The Holy Ray deals massive damage compared to the other projectiles, which means taking a hit from a lesser projectile and getting immunity frames is preferable to getting hit by the Holy Ray.

In Expert Mode or below, dodging this attack can easily be done by flying around Providence in a circle or teleporting to the other side of the ray using the Rod of Discord or the Normality Relocator. In Revengeance Mode or above, Providence will now fire two Holy Rays instead of one. The rays converge inwards towards each other like a pair of scissors, leaving a small gap in between. To dodge the attack, you need to thread the gap between the rays or teleport behind one of the rays in the same manner as for Normal or Expert. If you see Providence slowing down and preparing to use the Holy Ray attack, try to maneuver yourself in a more favorable position (left/right of her instead of above/below) to make threading the gap easier.

Holy Crystal

If Providence drops below 75% and was summoned in the Underworld, she can summon a Holy CrystalHoly Crystal at certain points in her attack cycle which is locked directly above the player at all times. It periodically rains down 10 Holy Crystal ShardHoly Crystal Shards which deal damage. It disappears after 60 / 35 Death Mode seconds, and fires 7 volleys of shards in total. Note that the reduced duration in Death Mode means that it summons shards at a faster rate. Don't try to outrun the crystal rain and maneuver yourself between the gaps instead. The Rod of Discord or the Normality Relocator can be used to teleport above the crystal rain should you find yourself in a tight spot.

In Combat

Providence and her attacks become more aggressive as her health gets lower. In Death mode, Providence will also have decreased attack delay as her health decreases. When reaching 15% of her full health, she becomes even more aggressive and uses every attack possible against you.

Going too far from Providence will inflict you with the Holy Inferno debuff, causing damage over time which will rapidly increase in severity. This effect will end once you return to Providence's proximity. As a warning that the player is reaching the limit, the character will start to have a fire aura around them. It is important to pay attention to this, so you do not end up taking large amounts of unnecessary damage from the debuff.

In Revengeance mode and above, Providence will continuously increase in speed when flying in the same direction for longer than 2.5 seconds, up to roughly double her original speed, making running and kiting strategies more difficult. However, her speed will return to normal upon changing direction.

Notably, Providence does not deal any contact damage. This allows you to easily take advantage of weapons that require you to get close to achieve their full potential. Be wary that most projectiles still come from the center of her sprite.


When Providence reaches 34% health, she will summon the Profaned Guardians. These Guardians do not attack or deal damage, and passively orbit around Providence while providing her buffs to her stats while alive.

- The Offense Guardian boosts Providence's damage

- The Defense Guardian boosts Providence's defense

- The Healer Guardian heals 0.5% of Providence's health every 1.5 / 1 Revengeance Mode seconds.

Providence's delay between attacks will become 1.15/1.3/1.45 times longer if there are currently 1/2/3 Profaned Guardians active. When leaving The Hallow or The Underworld, the Guardians will take very little damage until you return to the biome.

The first priority is to kill the Healer Guardian, which can quickly undo much of your hard work damaging Providence if you leave it alive for too long. If playing in Revengeance Mode or higher, this is a good opportunity to use Adrenaline or Rage. The Guardians can be difficult to hit when they are behind Providence, so piercing weapons can help with dealing with them. Note that the Guardians do not need to be killed to end the fight, so it may be preferable to cease focusing fire on the remaining Guardians and continue attacking Providence.

Night Providence

Summoning Providence at night drastically increases the difficulty of the fight. Providence will inherit all difficulty mode changes, regardless of the world's actual difficulty. She moves and switches between attacks faster, and the speed and rate of fire of her projectiles are also increased. Her attacks inflict Nightwither instead of Holy Flames. However, the Profaned Guardians phase is omitted. Providence also gains a modified and more difficult attack cycle, allowing her to both summon the Giant Crystal and enter her Holy Ray phase. She can now do these two attacks regardless of health.

The Giant Crystal disappears after 3.5 seconds and fires volleys of shards every 0.5 seconds, 10x faster than during the day in Death Mode. To dodge this, run in a straight line or fly up diagonally. The Holy Ray attack fires 4 converging lasers instead of 2 below 50% health, discouraging you from teleporting out of the path of the lasers easily. Instead, dodge the rays by threading the gap as normal.

Notably, Night Providence has extremely high Reactive Damage Reduction which essentially forces the fight to be around 4 minutes in length, no matter your DPS. This allows you to focus less on damage and more on mobility and defense gear. Try not to make your DPS higher than necessary, as the more damage you do to her early, the more damage reduction she gets, which means the more time you spend with her at lower health with more aggressive attacks. If playing on Revengeance or higher, try holding off on using Adrenaline or Rage until she is at low health, when you can burst her out to quickly end the fight.

As a reward for your efforts, defeating Providence while dealing all damage during the nighttime rewards you with both biome exclusive drops: the Elysian Wings (normally dropped in the Hallow) and the Elysian Aegis (normally dropped in the Underworld), removing the need to refight her in a different biome if you want both drops. As a bonus, you also get some Profaned Moonlight Dye.

Attack Cycle

Instead of choosing attacks randomly, Providence always follows a set attack cycle which is modified in higher difficulties. Going below 75% health does not change her place in the cycle. Her attack cycle is as follows:

In Revengeance Mode or below:

Above 75% health:

  1. Blast
  2. Flame
  3. Bomb
  4. Molten
  5. Holy Spear
  6. Bomb
  7. Flame
  8. Blast
  9. Molten
  10. Cocoon Star
  11. Bomb
  12. Blast
  13. Flame
  14. Molten
  15. Holy Spear

Below 75% health:

  1. Blast
  2. Holy Ray/Crystal Summon
  3. Bomb
  4. Molten
  5. Holy Spear
  6. Bomb
  7. Flame
  8. Blast
  9. Molten
  10. Cocoon Star
  11. Bomb
  12. Holy Ray/Crystal Summon
  13. Flame
  14. Molten
  15. Holy Spear

In Death Mode

Above 75% health:

Starts with:

  1. Blast
  2. Holy Spear

Then loops:

  1. Blast
  2. Molten
  3. Cocoon Star
  4. Flame
  5. Bomb
  6. Molten
  7. Blast
  8. Cocoon Star
  9. Molten
  10. Bomb
  11. Holy Spear
  12. Molten
  13. Holy Spear

Below 75% health:

  1. Blast
  2. Molten
  3. Cocoon Star
  4. Flame
  5. Holy Ray/Crystal Summon
  6. Bomb
  7. Molten
  8. Blast
  9. Cocoon Star
  10. Molten
  11. Holy Ray/Crystal Summon
  12. Holy Spear
  13. Bomb
  14. Molten
  15. Holy Spear

At Nighttime

Starts with:

  1. Blast
  2. Holy Spear

Then loops:

  1. Blast
  2. Crystal Summon
  3. Cocoon Star
  4. Flame
  5. Holy Ray
  6. Bomb
  7. Blast
  8. Crystal Summon
  9. Cocoon Star
  10. Holy Ray
  11. Holy Spear
  12. Bomb
  13. Holy Spear

Memorizing Providence's attack cycle is not necessary, but it can help greatly with defeating her, especially on higher difficulties and/or with certain constraints.

General Tips

  • Some players find Polterghast to be an easier boss than Providence. If you have tried the methods listed on this page and still find yourself repeatedly dying, consider attempting to defeat Polterghast first, as its loot can help immensely in fighting Providence.