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Exo Mechs
Exo Mechs.png
Max Life3,460,000 / 5,536,000 Expert Mode / 6,624,000 Revengeance Mode / 8,304,000 Master Mode / 9,936,000 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (total)
KB Resist100%

The Exo Mechs are one of the final post-Moon Lord bosses that you will face in your playthrough. The mechs are summoned by using the fully upgraded form of The Codebreaker.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert and Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation

You will benefit greatly from having a lot of space when fighting the Exo Mechs. A very large arena should be created for them, preferably spanning at least from the surface to the top of the world. Another idea is to destroy some of the world to make the arena bigger. Should you desire more space, you can extend your arena underground. Use platforms so you can reset your flight time and hook on them. They should be a large distance apart, around 40-50 blocks, to prevent them from hindering your vertical movement too much. Rails can also be used.

Another strategy is to use a bridge of Asphalt Blocks, which is useful for running to the left on to avoid Thanatos' beam.

Gearing Up


  • Auric Tesla armor is the preferred choice for all classes.
  • Fearmonger armor paired with the Ethereal Subjugator can be a decent survivability-oriented choice for any class due to it granting immunity to powerful debuffs inflicted by the Exo Mechs' attacks, along with the very strong regeneration it provides, at the cost of DPS.
    • The Ethereal Subjugator deals very little damage by itself at this tier, requiring the player to use other weapons. Summoners may prefer using more powerful minions instead.



  • Drew's Wings or the Seraph Tracers are the preferred movement accessories for this fight. The former offers increased control and a higher flight time, while the latter provides increased speed and immunity frames.
  • The Asgardian Aegis or Statis' Void Sash allow the player to make sharp turns, which can be useful for dodging fast attacks.
    • The Asgardian Aegis additionally provides a ram and immunity to knockback.
    • Statis' Void Sash additionally provides a guaranteed ninja dodge every 90 seconds and increased jump acceleration.



  • Melee players should use the Elemental Gauntlet for its strong melee boosts.
  • Ranged players should use the Elemental Quiver, as it works well in boosting damage output.
  • Magic players should use the Ethereal Talisman for its magic damage and crit chance boosts as well as helping maintain mana when combined with Supreme Mana Potions.
  • Summoners can boost their minion count and damage with the Nucleogenesis.
  • Rogue users will find the Nanotech useful to boost their damage output.
    • Stealth based Rogues will find the Eclipse Mirror to be more useful.
    • The infernadoes from Dragon Scales can do heavy damage to all the mechs but need careful positioning to keep the bosses within the infernadoes while continuing to dodge their attacks.
  • If Supreme Witch, Calamitas has been defeated, the Shattered Community can be used, providing a variety of stat boosts and greatly increasing the damage of Rage Mode.


The weapons made from Auric Bars or dropped by Yharon, Dragon of Rebirth are typically the best options for the fight. Note that some of these weapons require defeating Supreme Witch, Calamitas, who is on the same tier as the Exo Mechs. Thus, one boss' drops can greatly help with defeating the other.


  • The Ark of the Cosmos's range, homing, and high DPS make it a good choice for this fight, but it requires good timing with parries and 'snips' to reach its full potential.
  • The Dragon Pow is another powerful option.
  • The Zenith can make Ares incredibly easy if used against two of its arms at once.
  • The Murasama is powerful against Ares and Thanatos but falls off against Artemis and Apollo due to its short range.
  • The Dragon Rage completely decimates Thanatos but is impractical against the other mechs.
  • The Ataraxia is a decent projectile option against Artemis and Apollo.
    • Gael's Greatsword is a better option and is viable against all mechs, but requires Supreme Witch, Calamitas to be defeated in Death Mode.
  • The Enforcer is powerful against Thanatos but is risky to use because of its short range.
  • If the Exo Mechs are being fought after Supreme Witch, Calamitas, Violence performs very well against all mechs.


  • The Phangasm, despite being of a lower tier, deals exceptionally high damage to all mechs when paired with the Quiver of Nihility, Luminite Arrows and Vanquisher Arrows.
  • The Kingsbane with God Slayer Slugs is a solid choice that can deal high damage to all bosses.
  • The Anomaly's Nanogun's left-click attack deals solid damage to Artemis and Apollo, along with a right-click attack that deals extremely high damage to Ares and can defeat Thanatos' later phases in a matter of seconds.
  • The Drataliornus is a powerful option if the player is confident with dodging the bosses' attacks.
  • Tyranny's End a powerful option against Ares and Artemis / Apollo.
  • The Chicken Cannon trivializes aiming against Thanatos and gets a lot of bonus damage against the other bosses.
  • The Dragon's Breath is also a viable option, especially powerful against Thanatos, as its explosions can hit several of its vulnerable segments at once.
  • The Norfleet is a powerful option against Ares, allowing the player to hit multiple of the boss's weapons.
  • While it is a lower-tier weapon, the Pulse Rifle can achieve respectable DPS on Ares due to its chaining ability. It also performs well against Thanatos but is not a strong option against Artemis/Apollo.
  • Condemnation is another powerful choice.


  • The Aetherflux Cannon is an easily obtainable option that is sufficient for the fight.
  • The Wand is a risky yet powerful option.
  • The Phoenix Flame Barrage can deal great damage to all bosses and hit multiple of Ares's weapons.
  • The Void Vortex is a powerful option, especially against Ares and Thanatos.
    • Due to the weapon's extremely slow use time and limited range, it is recommended to aim significantly ahead of your movement.
  • Rancor is an extremely powerful choice that performs especially well against Ares and Thanatos due to its ability to pierce infinitely.
  • Gruesome Eminence is another powerful but more risky option.
  • Yharim's Crystal is a powerful option. However, it requires the player to charge it up and consumes obscene amounts of mana, requiring the player to stock up on Supreme Mana Potions and equip the Ethereal Talisman to use it effectively.
  • Helium Flash deals very high damage to all the mechs, but especially Ares, since its AoE allows it to hit two of the weapons at once.



  • The Final Dawn's stealth strike dash does immense damage, and provides the player with immunity frames, but requires some skill to use.
  • The Seraphim is fairly easy to aim at Artemis and Apollo and its lasers can hit multiple segments of the other mechs.
    • The Seared Pan is an alternative that primarily works well against Artemis and Apollo.
  • The Wrathwing is an alternative with lower DPS that is easier to use.
  • Plasma Grenades are a decent option for this fight, especially against Thanatos.
  • Sacrifice is a powerful option providing good DPS and lifesteal.


  • The Rod of Discord or the Normality Relocator are very strong tools as they allow instantaneous teleportation.
  • The Well Fed buff and its upgrades provide useful all-around stat boosts.
  • The Soaring buff is useful for the increased flight time, due to the fact that Thanatos can trap you in the air.
  • Enchantments can greatly improve DPS if the player has defeated Supreme Witch, Calamitas first.

The Fight

The Exo Mechs fight consists of 7 phases total.

  • Phase 1: The first mech chosen is fought until it reaches 70% health.
  • Phase 2: The first mech chosen disappears and the other two appear. This phase continues until one of the mechs reaches 70% health.
  • Phase 3: The first mech reappears and all three mechs will be present. While in this phase, all mechs are slightly slower or perform fewer attacks. This phase continues until one of the mechs reaches 40% health, after which it goes into a berserk state and gains new attacks.
  • Phase 4: The mech at the lowest health battles the player on its own, until it is defeated. Here, it enters a "berserk" phase, where it gains a new attack along with increased aggression.
  • Phase 5: The mech with the higher remaining health returns to battle the player on its own until it reaches 70% health. Then, both surviving mechs fight the player until one of the mechs reaches 40% health. If both remaining mechs were already at 70% health, they will appear simultaneously.
  • Phase 6: The mech at the lower health battles the player on its own in its berserk phase, until it is defeated.
  • Phase 7: The last remaining mech battles the player in its berserk phase, with notably increased speed and aggression.


Ares remains directly above the player at all times, except when it is performing its blender ray. It has the largest variety in attacks out of all the mechs.

  • The Laser Cannon shoots an Exothermal Laser that sweeps toward the player every so often. It alternates between sweeping downward and horizontally.
  • The Tesla Cannon shoots Tesla Spheres ahead of the player. If two spheres are close enough, a damaging chain of electricity connects them.
  • The Plasma Cannon shoots Volatile Plasma Blasts that explode into Exoplasma Bolts.
  • The Gauss Nuke fires a Gauss Nuke that explodes with a massive explosion radius.

Falling downwards and away from the Laser Cannon reliably avoids most of the attacks. To prevent running out of room, the player can fly up during the small window where Ares is not attacking. The laser beam alternates between pointing horizontally and vertically. By learning the pattern, you can reverse your motion right before the beam fires. The beam always fires down first.

In its berserk phase, Ares can now use a "blender" style attack where it fires beams in a star shape around its body, which begin to rotate at an increasing speed. During this attack, the arms increase their fire rate. This attack can be dodged by moving in tight circles around Ares, using dashes while moving horizontally, and the Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean or Slimy Saddle while moving downward. Starting this attack on the right side of Ares can help, as you will be moving up instead of down when the beams start to accelerate significantly, allowing you to have an easier time controlling your movement.

This attack can also be avoided by leaving its range, though this enrages Ares until the next blender ray, causing it to glow red and emit steam. When it is enraged, it gains significant damage reduction and reduced attack cooldown.

Apollo and Artemis

In their first phase, Apollo and Artemis stay on either side of the player and track along with the player's movement. They fire at a constant rate, Artemis firing lasers and Apollo firing splitting projectiles, each adjusting their angle slightly with every shot. This can be dodged by moving vertically with slight horizontal adjustments to avoid being hit by the secondary projectiles from Apollo's attacks. Typically, the player will want to move toward Apollo and away from Artemis.

Every six shots they will use a more powerful attack where Artemis fires a shotgun-style burst of lasers, then charges through the center of the attack spread. At the same time, Apollo will fire a homing rocket that will chase the player then lose its homing and accelerate after a certain amount of time. This attack can be dodged by moving quickly vertically, though it might require the player to adjust their position slightly depending on the angle Artemis attacks from.

In their second phase, Artemis and Apollo attack at a faster rate and the shotgun attack is made even more dangerous. Artemis will fire two shotgun-style blasts of laser projectiles in quick succession, and Apollo will fire two homing rockets. Artemis no longer charges during this attack. Due to the rate at which the laser barrages are fired, it is advisable to be moving away from Artemis before this attack starts to avoid being sniped before getting a chance to react. Extremely quick vertical movement from the Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean, Slimy Saddle or Drew's Wings is generally the easiest way to dodge this attack.

When in their berserk phase, every other shotgun attack is replaced with a special attack. Apollo will indicate a green zig-zag path and then, after a short delay, charge along it creating a burst of projectiles in 8 directions at each vertex in the path that must be reactively dodged. At the same time, Artemis will begin to fire a large orange laser that starts pointing straight down and then rotates around a fixed point a short distance along the beam, sweeping a large area. This attack is easier to dodge while you are closer to Artemis, as the farther away you are from the laser, the faster you will need to move. In a pinch, the Rod of Discord or Normality Relocator can be used to teleport through the laser. The best place to be positioned to keep up with Artemis is at top right of it as it begins to fire the laser and follow it along as it rotates.

Diagonal zig-zag motion can help, such as jumping while running along an asphalt bridge or flying back and forth while falling.


Thanatos is generally invulnerable, only taking damage when segments turn red, and steam comes out. This is also when the lasers shoot. Most of Thanatos's attacks can be dodged by running in one direction on an asphalt bridge or by long diagonal flight. Staying above Thanatos instead of below them will make the lasers easier to dodge.

When berserk, a target appears on the player while non-damaging lasers slowly converge into a powerful damaging laser that shoots out little 'cross-lasers'. Staying close to the head slows Thanatos down significantly, making the beam much easier to dodge. Avoid dashing, as Thanatos will instantly snap the beam to your position. When firing the beam, Thanatos is especially vulnerable to attacks to the head, giving a window to deal a lot of damage. The player can ram through Thanatos's body using the Asgardian Aegis's dash or teleport out if Thanatos coils around them during this attack.

General Tips

  • When choosing which mech to start with, choose the one that you struggle dodging first, as fighting it earlier will make its berserk phase easier to deal with.
  • Whichever mech you leave for last will have the most dangerous attack patterns, so learn the patterns of all three and leave the easiest one for last.
  • During the time when all three mechs are present, their attacks are less effective. You may end up taking more hits during this segment, but they should do less damage.
  • When all three mechs are present, falling down and to the left will reliably dodge all of their attacks.
  • The God Slayer armor's dash ability, Rod of Discord, or the Normality Relocator are very useful tools for escaping certain situations that can lead to getting hit from a deadly attack such as Artemis' Orange Exothermal Beam, or to avoid a chain of hits.
  • The Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean or Slimy Saddle can be used to accelerate fall speed and avoid attacks from Ares, along with Artemis and Apollo.