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Storm Weaver
Storm Weaver.png
Storm Weaver
Map icon
TypeBossBurrowing Enemy
Max Life825,500 / 1,320,800 Expert Mode / 1,981,200 Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfusedPearl AuraElectrified
Cold Bestiary Cold.png-
Water Bestiary Water.png-
Sickness Bestiary Sickness.png-
Electricity Bestiary Electricity.pngResistant
Heat Bestiary Heat.png-
Storm WeaverUnarmored
Storm Weaver (Naked).png
Storm Weaver map 2.png
Map icon
TypeBossBurrowing Enemy
Max Life742,500 / 825,500
1,188,720 / 1,320,800 Expert Mode
1,584,960 / 1,981,200 Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfusedPearl AuraElectrified
Cold Bestiary Cold.png-
Water Bestiary Water.png-
Sickness Bestiary Sickness.png-
Electricity Bestiary Electricity.pngResistant
Heat Bestiary Heat.png-

Storm Weaver is usually the fourth, fifth, or sixth Post-Moon Lord boss that you will face in your playthrough. Storm Weaver is summoned by using the Rune of Kos in the Space biome at any time.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert and Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation

A long platform is generally simple enough for this boss. Ensure that you have plenty of room to run along.

In Revengeance and Death Mode, make sure to have additional room for Phase 2 as the strategy changes significantly.

Gearing Up


Tarragon armor is the preferred choice for all classes. However, Lunar armors are likely still effective.


  • Tarragon Wings (with Angel Treads) or Celestial Tracers are the preferred wings.
  • The Elysian Aegis or the Statis' Ninja Belt allow the player to make sharp turns and are very useful.
    • The Elysian Aegis additionally gives knockback immunity and many defensive boosts.
    • The Statis' Ninja Belt additionally provides the chance of a ninja dodge and increased jump acceleration.
  • The Absorber is important for survivability by increasing damage reduction as well as giving increased jump acceleration.
  • The Community is a great all-around accessory that boosts offensive and defensive stats as well as boosting flight time.
  • The Deific Amulet is an excellent option providing additional immunity frames and defense penetration.
  • The Transformer or Dynamo Stem Cells can be helpful as they provide immunity to Electrified.
  • Melee players should use the Bloody Worm Scarf for its strong melee boosts as well as increased damage reduction.
  • Ranged players should use the Sniper Scope and Deadshot Brooch, which both help in boosting damage output.
    • Deadshot Brooch additionally gives ammo conservation.
  • Magic players should use the Sigil of Calamitas for its strong magic boosts.
  • Summoners can boost their minion count and damage with the Star-Tainted Generator and Statis' Curse.
    • Summoners can also use the Profaned Soul Artifact to provide a direct DPS boost through other minions as well as being a great choice for phase 1.
  • The Dark Matter Sheath can be a good accessory for Rogue players, provided they can gain stealth to perform stealth strikes.
    • It also provides several passive Rogue bonuses.


The weapons made from Uelibloom Bars or Bloodstone Cores are typically the best options for the fight.


  • The Holy Collider's colossal damage output and large area of effect makes very quick work of the boss.
  • The Lacerator or Burning Revelation are good options that can deal good DPS in Phase 1 with their precision.
  • The Stellar Contempt is by far the best option for Phase 2. Since each hit rains down a flare, multiple segments of the boss will rain down an immense amount at once. While piercing damage is reduced, each flare spawned from hitting a segment will deal full damage. This very quickly destroys the boss, and since the weapon is craftable with the earliest post-Moon Lord materials, it is possible to very easily kill the Weaver right after reaching that point (far earlier than typically intended).
    • The Stellar Striker can have a very similar effect but is far riskier to use.
  • The area of effect of the Galactus Blade is handy for Phase 2.
    • This weapon is also useful for Phase 1, since the projectiles can quickly fall on the tail of the boss and do lots of damage.
  • The Pulse Dragon has great piercing damage for Phase 2.



  • Although DPS is lower, Nuclear Fury is the all-around best option for the Weaver due to its homing.
  • Viscera is an option that increases survivability with its healing as well as hitscan for Phase 1 and good piercing effects for Phase 2.
  • The Tactician's Trump Card does great damage in Phase 2, especially when used head-on.
  • The Last Prism is a decent choice dealing decent damage to Phase 2, especially if the beam hits most of the segments.
  • The Purge Guzzler can deal decent damage to the tail in Phase 1 with its slight spread and pierce resulting in the tail being hit often.
  • The Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove is an amazing weapon for Phase 2, as the thrown flasks deal tremendous damage to the segments, as well as having a secondary attack that inflicts many debuffs.



  • Shattered Sun is an excellent option for Phase 1 with its homing effects.
  • Molten Amputators are excellent for Phase 2 if Weaver is kited through the boomerangs.
  • The Wave Pounder's is a strong option for Phase 2 when using its stealth strikes.
  • Tarragon Throwing Darts are a decent option dealing reasonable damage to Phase 1. Their stealth strike pairs well with the Moonstone Crown.
  • If Signus has been defeated, then the Cosmic Kunai can get Phase 1 out of the way in a matter of seconds.


  • The Well Fed buff and its upgrades provide useful all-around stat boosts.
  • Farm Blood Orbs to easily craft many helpful potions that will increase your survivability.
  • Gravity Normalizer Potions should be used, as the fight takes place near space.
  • Soaring Potions are useful when fighting this boss due to the long flight time involved.
    • The need for this can be negated by building an arena to fight the boss in.

The Fight

Storm Weaver will spawn offscreen, meaning you should be prepared to dodge the Storm Weaver as it approaches you. Storm Weaver has 2 phases.

The first phase is pretty simple. It attacks very similarly to a Crawltipede while occasionally spawning Lightning orbs to shoot lightning at you. To avoid this, simply run along a skybridge while firing at the worm. Use homing attacks as only the tail can be damaged.

Another approach to this phase is to circle Storm Weaver and aim at the tail with precise weapons such as Telluric Glare.

When Storm Weaver reaches 80% health, it will shed its armor. Its body is no longer protected, but it now gains a plethora of new attacks. With the exception of Death Mode, the walking strategy still works.

Another approach to Phase 2 is utilizing piercing weapons such as Molten Amputators. By flying off the ground, Storm Weaver will pursue you allowing you to kite it through the boomerangs to deal massive damage.

Similarly, flying through space in a single direction while penetrating the Storm Weaver's full length with Luminite Bullets can deal absurd amounts of damage, upwards of 20,000 DPS with an unreal S.D.M.G. Start running ahead of it as soon as it spawns before it comes onscreen, then use dashes continuously to stay ahead of it, draining half its health before it can catch up, dash through its head as it approaches, and finish it on the reverse trip. The entire fight can be finished in a matter of minutes.

In Revengeance Mode or higher, Storm Weaver has a different AI in Phase 2. It no longer functions like a Crawltipede and instead will constantly try to ram you. It is important to watch the minimap and know where Storm Weaver is at all times. Keep moving as lightning orbs will still strike from the sky. Once Storm Weaver has begun to charge toward you, make evasive maneuvers to kite it around. The Rod of Discord or Normality Relocator helps in getting out of tight situations.

General Tips

  • The Normality Relocator is a very strong tool as it allows instantaneous teleporting.
    • Be wary when teleporting as the player will fall at a much greater pace if unprepared in a similar manner to the Portal Gun.
  • Quickly dodging in a large circle can allow you to outrun the Storm Weaver. Dashing accessories such as Statis' Ninja Belt or the Asgard's Valor can assist with this.
    • A Gravity Normalizer Potion can also help a lot with this.
  • The Shrimpy Truffle is a good mount due to its damage bonus when in the rain or water and infinite flight time.