Guide:Leviathan and Anahita strategies

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Leviathan and Anahita
Leviathan and Anahita.png
Max Life95,000 / 152,000 Expert Mode / 182,400 Revengeance Mode / 228,000 Master Mode / 273,600 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (Total)
KB Resist100%

The Leviathan and Anahita are a duo of bosses that are usually fought after Plantera, but can be fought anytime during progression. They are summoned by killing the ??? in the Ocean.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation

The Leviathan and Anahita are intended to be fought in the ocean, where the ??? will spawn. When making an arena for this fight, several rows of platforms with large gaps spanning 15-20 tiles in between should allow for adequate vertical movement. In addition, be sure to utilize the entire length of the ocean, as room for horizontal movement is very useful due to the immense size of the Leviathan.

Gearing Up


  • The Reaver armor is a solid option for all classes, with the Reaver Visage focusing on mobility and the Reaver Helm focusing on tanking.
  • Melee players also have the Turtle and Chlorophyte armor as other options for increasing damage and survivability.
  • Ranged players may also wish to utilize Shroomite armor as it provides set bonuses for every type of ranged damage.
  • The best options for mage players are Spectre armor, due to both its healing and damage capabilities, or Brimflame armor, due to its extremely powerful set bonus.
  • For summoners, Spooky armor is the most powerful option at this stage of the game.
  • The best armor set for rogue players is Umbraphile armor.


  • Most wings are suitable for this fight, though having a pair that have a special bonus with your armor set is extremely helpful.
    • The Hoverboard provides nice damage boosts when paired with Shroomite armor.
    • The Spectre Wings provide multiple bonuses when used with Spectre armor, depending on the type of helmet worn.
    • The Spooky Wings provide minor minion bonuses when paired with Spooky armor.
    • Tattered Fairy and Festive Wings are generally good options for all classes due to their excellent mobility, with the former granting the player minor offensive bonuses and the latter granting the player minor defensive bonuses.
  • Accessories that provide jump height and jump speed, such as the Aero Stone, Frog Leg and Grand Gelatin can be very helpful for this fight due to the speed of both bosses.
  • Angel Treads are extremely useful in dodging attacks due to the speed they give the player.
  • Dash items like Asgard's Valor and the Master Ninja Gear can be used for dodging attacks, with the former granting the player multiple defensive bonuses and the latter granting the player increased mobility and the ability to avoid an attack every 60 seconds.
  • The Laudanum can be especially useful during this fight, due to the Leviathan's ability to inflict Armor Crunch and Anahita's ability to inflict Confused.
  • The Hero and Frozen Shield are both excellent defensive options for all classes.
  • The class emblems are useful offensive options for all classes. Note that Calamity also has an exclusive emblem for the Rogue class.
  • The Amalgamated Brain is a solid offensive accessory for all classes that also grants the player the ability to dodge an attack every 90 seconds.
  • The Void of Calamity is another option for an all-around offensive accessory.
  • Melee players can make use of the Mechanical Glove and the Bloody Worm Scarf for their powerful boosts.
    • The Berserker's Glove is also a good option due to its high defense and increased max health.
  • Rangers can utilize the Deadshot Brooch for an increase in overall damage and the Magic Quiver and its upgrades for increasing the damage of bows.
  • The Mana Flower is a very useful accessory for mage players, while the Celestial Emblem provides increased damage.
    • The player may use the Chaos Stone instead, granting incredible offensive bonuses but reducing survivability.
  • For summoners, accessories that increase minion slots should be prioritized, such as Statis' Blessing, the Papyrus Scarab and the Starbuster Core.
    • The Hallowed Rune is also an excellent accessory that provides multiple bonuses on minion hits.
    • The Berserker's Glove is useful for increasing whip speed as well as defense and max health.
    • A sentry accessory may also be used if the player wishes to increase their number of sentries.
  • Rogue players have a great variety of accessories: the Abyssal Mirror, Electrician's Glove, Vampiric Talisman, Ruin Medallion, Glove of Precision and Glove of Recklessness can all be useful during the fight.



  • The Blighted Cleaver can be used to deal high damage while not needing to aim.
  • The Terra Blade is a solid option that deals very high damage.
  • The Ark of the Ancients requires some strategy to use but will be incredibly strong if its parry function is used correctly.
  • The Vampire Knives deal excellent damage while also providing healing through lifesteal.
  • The Christmas Tree Sword works well against Anahita, as she rams into the ornaments when chasing the player; and also, against Leviathan, as the hitbox is so large.



  • The Astralachnea Staff is a powerful weapon for mages due to the spread of its projectiles and homing ability.
  • The Tears of Heaven is viable for both Anahita and the Leviathan due to its homing and consistent damage.
  • The Blizzard Staff can be utilized during this fight but will be most effective against the Leviathan due to its immense size.
  • The Photosynthesis is another good option due to its homing and piercing capabilities.
  • The Everglade Spray is a useful support option for applying debuffs.
  • The Lashes of Chaos can deal high damage to the Leviathan due to its large hitbox.


  • The Sand Sharknado Staff is useful during this fight due to the Sharknadoes providing high damage and fire rate.
  • The Entropy's Vigil is a weapon that deals high damage to both bosses.
  • The Plantation Staff is a solid minion worth including in most setups.
  • The Caustic Staff is an excellent support option for applying all sorts of debuffs.
  • The player can deal active damage during the fight by using either the Borealis Bomber or a whip such as the Dark Harvest.
  • The Dreadmine Staff is an excellent option for this fight, due to the large amount of projectiles it generates and the Leviathan's big size, but the Hive Pod can be used instead.


  • The Frostcrush Valari is a simple but consistent option for all phases of the fight.
  • The Duststorm in a Bottle is a very powerful for rogue players due to its high damage output against the Leviathan, especially with stealth.
  • Fantasy Talismans are very effective during this fight due to the homing souls that are spawned.
  • The Auroradical Throw is useful for rogues due to its homing ability.
  • The Sandslasher deals fantastic damage to the Leviathan and is especially strong for non-stealth rogues.
  • The Heavenfallen Stardisk dispatches both Anahita and the Leviathan at record speeds and is likely the strongest weapon available against both of them.

The Fight


The fight consists of two bosses, Anahita and The Leviathan, both of whom must be defeated. At the beginning of the fight, only Anahita is summoned, but when she reaches 40% health, she will become invulnerable and stop attacking until The Leviathan reaches 40%. Here, they both begin attacking the player until both are defeated. If the player leaves the Ocean biome, both bosses become invincible until the player returns.


At the start of the fight, Anahita will spawn with an ice shield that will block all non-minion piercing attacks. In order to damage her, the shield must be destroyed first, and she will also regenerate the shield at least twice more after a set interval of time passes during the fight. Anahita has 3 attacks which will converge on the player's location:

  • 8 spears which appear in a circle around the player and will continue travelling for a while after converging.
  • 3 icicles which will begin homing in after converging.
  • 6 treble clefs which converge slower and inflict the Confused debuff for 2 seconds.

These attacks will be weaker when the Leviathan is alive, and she is above 20% health. A sure-fire way to dodge these attacks is to travel diagonally as there are gaps in those areas in the attacks listed above. Anahita can also spawn Detonating Bubbles that inflict the Wet debuff. These projectiles can be destroyed by attacks, so using quickly firing attacks or piercing weapons can quickly remove these projectiles.

The Leviathan

The Leviathan will only spawn once Anahita reaches 40% health, who at this point will become invisible and stop attacking. The Leviathan tries to stay on one side of the player, only changing sides when the player crosses over. She will fire several meteors at the player which will inflict Armor Crunch and can also spawn Aquatic Aberrations that will attack the player. These summons can add up, so focus on them and try to kill them as soon as possible. When below 40% / 70% Expert Mode health, The Leviathan will perform charges between meteor barrages, but will not perform them while she is above 20% health and Anahita is still alive. These meteors have short gaps in between them so it's easier to either fall or fly upwards for the entirety of the attack.

At 40% health, Anahita will appear again. If she is killed before The Leviathan, The Leviathan will become enraged and vice versa. Once both bosses are attacking the player, focusing one boss in particular is suggested due to the sheer number of projectiles that will be spawned.

Expert Mode

Anahita is more aggressive.

Revengeance Mode

In Revengeance Mode, The Leviathan can perform her charges once she reaches 75% health instead of 50%.

Death Mode

In Death Mode, both Anahita and The Leviathan are capable of using their charge attacks throughout the fight, regardless of their health. This means that the player must be ready to either fall or travel upwards once the bosses begin telegraphing their charges (Anahita becomes horizontal and The Leviathan will roar). Anahita will also spawn her bubbles faster, so the time she spends immobile is smaller. The Leviathan will also charge again after she first charges. In addition, both bosses are enraged meaning they deal more damage and are much faster.

General Tips

  • The Rod of Discord can be used to instantly teleport out of attacks.
  • Tesla Potions can be extremely useful for this fight, as they can instantly destroy Detonating Bubbles and halt charges from Aquatic Abberations. However, note that if Anahita's Ice Shield is active and she is within the electrical aura, the Shield will repeatedly delete the aura projectile, essentially disabling it and making the player vulnerable to the Bubbles and Abberations.