Guide:Profaned Guardians strategies

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Profaned Guardians
Profaned Guardians.png
EnvironmentThe HallowThe Underworld
Max Life208,000 / 372,000 Expert Mode / 447,360 Revengeance Mode / 559,000 Master Mode / 671,000 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (total)
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfusedPearl AuraHoly FlamesNightwitherOn Fire!Hellfire
Cold Bestiary Cold.pngVulnerable
Water Bestiary Water.pngVulnerable
Sickness Bestiary Sickness.pngResistant
Electricity Bestiary Electricity.png-
Heat Bestiary Heat.pngResistant

The Profaned Guardians are one of the first Post-Moon Lord bosses that you will face in your playthrough. The Profaned Guardians are summoned by using the Profaned Shard in The Hallow or The Underworld biome during the day.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert and Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation

A decent amount of horizontal and vertical space should suffice. This boss does not require especially large arenas, but more space never hurts.

It is imperative that you remain within the Hallow or in the Underworld. Actuated Pearlstone Blocks are a great tool for expanding the Hallow in an arena without getting in the way.

Gearing Up


  • Lunar armors are the preferred choice for all classes.
  • Brimflame armor is a decent glass cannon alternative for Mage, granting massive burst damage with Brimflame Frenzy's 1.3x damage multiplier, especially if used in tandem with Adrenaline and/or Rage. However, this trades off a lot of survivability.



  • Lunar Wings (with Angel Treads) or Celestial Tracers are the preferred wings.
  • Asgard's Valor or Statis' Ninja Belt allow the player to make sharp turns and are very useful.
    • Asgard's Valor additionally gives knockback immunity and many defensive boosts.
    • Statis' Ninja Belt additionally provides a guaranteed ninja dodge every 90 seconds and increased jump acceleration.
    • Asgard's Valor additionally provides some survivability buffs. Its shorter dash can help make more precise movement.


  • The Absorber is important for survivability by increasing damage reduction as well as giving increased jump acceleration.
  • The Community is a great all-around accessory that boosts offensive, defensive, and mobility stats.
  • The Deific Amulet is a great option that provides additional immunity frames.


  • The Celestial Shell is a good accessory for Melee players as it provides great melee boosts during the day.
  • The Deadshot Brooch is a good Ranged accessory as it provides several buffs to damage and reduces ammo consumption.
  • The Dynamo Stem Cells can provide a good boost to Ranged damage.
  • The Sigil of Calamitas is a great accessory for Magic players as it gives powerful buffs to damage and mana.
  • Statis' Curse and the Star-Tainted Generator are great accessories for Summoners as they both provide a buff to both the number of minions as well as minion damage.
  • The Dark Matter Sheath is a great accessory for stealth-based Rogues and also provides many boosts to general Rogue damage.
  • The Vampiric Talisman can give some lifesteal to Rogue players and synergizes well with the Dark Matter Sheath.
  • The Destroyer Emblem provides a good balance between damage and critical chance boosts.


Due to the difficulty of hitting the Guardian Defender in phase 2, weapons with piercing capabilities are highly recommended for this fight.


  • The Swordsplosion deals very high damage and should be the preferred option for this fight.
  • The Plague Keeper has homing and piercing capabilities but has lower DPS.
  • The Ark of the Elements's parrying system is useful for countering the Guardian's attacks while providing high damage.
  • The True Biome Blade has a variety of useful attunements. The Lamentations of the Chained or Swordsmith's Pride can hit multiple Guardians at once while keeping a distance, and Sanguine Fury is a high-damage, close melee option.


  • The Clockwork Bow deals massive DPS and has homing capabilities. It excels in phases 1 and 3 but has trouble hitting the Guardian Defender in phase 2.
  • The Prideful Hunter's Planar Ripper is easy to use and also deals great DPS. Luminite Bullets should be used for their piercing capabilities.
  • The Onyx Chain Blaster is an excellent option that deals high damage when landing the onyx blasts.
  • The Elemental Blaster has very strong homing capabilities but is very lackluster in terms of DPS.
  • The Celebration Mk2 does large amounts of damage, but its projectiles are affected by gravity, and will fill the screen with particles that may make it hard to see enemy projectiles.


  • The Elemental Ray deals very high DPS and pierces, making it the preferred option for this fight.
  • Although its DPS is lower, the Nuclear Fury is a good homing option allowing the player to focus on dodging.
  • The Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove has relatively good DPS.
  • The Last Prism is a good choice, dealing high damage to the guardians.
  • The Effervescence is also a decent option due to its large area of effect.


  • The Flowers of Mortality deal very high damage, with homing shots that pierce.
  • The Wither Blossoms, while being from a lower tier, still deal respectable DPS and are worth the slot investment.
  • The Elemental Axe is a great summon that deals respectable DPS.
  • The Sanctified Spark provides additional DPS to aid the player's minions.


  • The Elemental Disk performs quite well in this fight.
  • The Utensil Poker is another decent option.
  • Lunar Kunai are useful for this fight as they are able to home. In addition to this, they can deal immense damage to the guardians.


  • The Rod of Discord is very useful for escaping unfavorable situations, especially if you can reliably hotkey to it fast.
    • The Normality Relocator is more of a sidegrade than a direct upgrade to the Rod of Discord. While it has the advantage of being bound to a hotkey and can be used even when using a weapon with slow use time, it has a cooldown that is 33% longer than the Rod of Discord's (20 seconds instead of 15). The increased fall speed is also generally unfavorable in this fight.
  • The Pogo Stick mount provides the same fall speed as the Slimy Saddle, Gelatinous Pillion, or Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean, but can move faster horizontally. Importantly, it will not bounce on targets, a trait of the Slime mount that can result in taking high damage or even death.
    • While the Pogo Stick has greater horizontal speed, it does not have as much horizontal control, so it is not a complete upgrade from the various slime mounts.

The Fight

The Profaned Guardians will spawn offscreen, meaning you should be prepared to dodge them as they approach you.

In phase 1 of the fight, The Guardian Commander moves toward you, firing pairs of flare dust. The other two guardians will follow behind it. The Healer Guardian (the pink one) will constantly heal off any damage dealt to the other two guardians, meaning it must be killed to progress in the fight. For this phase, get in a position where you can move in tight circles and focus your fire on the Healer Guardian.

In phase 2, the Guardian Commander gains very high damage reduction, and the Guardian Defender must be killed to progress the fight. Both will start to charge at you more aggressively, and fire spears outward from them. Due to the charges, it is harder to make tight circles. Loose circling or zigzag movement work well for this phase. Since the Defender can get very hard to hit with single target weapons effectively (as the Commander will block your shots), piercing is the best way to get past the phase in a reasonable amount of time.

In phase 3, the lone Guardian Commander needs to be defeated to win the fight. It will fire flare dust at you before charging, and its spear rings will be more concentrated. Use large circling motions and pay attention to the gaps of the rings.