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Map icon
EnvironmentGlowing Mushroom biome
Damage0 (Passive)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 40 / 64 Expert Mode / 80 Revengeance Mode / 88 Death Mode / 120 Master Mode (Contact)
32 / 48 Expert Mode / 60 Revengeance Mode / 68 Death Mode / 90 Master Mode (Mushroom)
Max Life3,350 / 5,360 Expert Mode / 6,400 Revengeance Mode / 8,040 Master Mode / 9,600 Revengeance Mode Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Grants buffMushyMushy
Buff durationInfinite (while passive)
Buff tooltipIncreased defense by 6 and life regen by 1HP/s
Immune toPearl AuraConfused
Cold Bestiary Cold.pngVulnerable
Water Bestiary Water.png-
Sickness Bestiary Sickness.pngVulnerable
Electricity Bestiary Electricity.png-
Heat Bestiary Heat.pngVulnerable
Coins 10 Gold Coin.png

Crabulon is a Pre-Hardmode boss that is usually fought after defeating the Eye of Cthulhu. Crabulon can be spawned with a Decapodita Sprout while in a Glowing Mushroom biome.

This guide will follow the mod's intended progression.

Terrain Preparation

Building a single platform above the ground in a Glowing Mushroom biome is enough to avoid all of Crabulon's attacks. It is best to ensure the biome is spacious enough, as Crabulon's multiple projectiles can quickly snowball and become dangerous hazards in the player's arena. Campfires and Heart Lanterns are useful assets to boost health regeneration, and Stars in Bottles can be placed to boost mana regeneration for Mage players.

If the player cannot find a natural Glowing Mushroom biome, fighting Crabulon on the Glowing Mushroom Planetoid is also an option, but it should be noted Crabulon will enrage when outside the Glowing Mushroom biome or when on the surface.

Gearing Up


  • Victide armor is generally preferred at this point for most classes, especially because of the Glowing Mushroom biome's tendency to generate with great bodies of water, activating the armor's liquid bonuses.
  • Fossil armor is an alternative for Rangers, trading damage and mobility for critical strike chance and slightly more defense.
  • Jungle armor may be preferable for Mage players, due to its higher defense boosts and multiple magic bonuses.
  • Wulfrum armor is a good alternative for summoners.
  • Sulphurous armor is by far the best option for Rogues at this point.
  • While the reworked Pre-Hardmode ore armors begin to fall off at this stage, Copper armor and Tin armor are still just as viable with some weapons.


  • Luxor's Gift greatly increases damage output for most classes.
  • The Unstable Granite Core is a powerful accessory for all classes at close range, and can deal with Crab Shrooms extremely efficiently.
  • A double jumping accessory such as the Sandstorm in a Bottle will drastically help in dodging Crabulon's attacks.
    • Upgrading your double jump to a Horseshoe Balloon variant is a much more effective movement option, especially considering double jumps can be crafted if the player was considering making the Bundle of Balloons later on.
    • Fledgling Wings are a viable alternative to jumps during the fight due to the closed nature of the Glowing Mushroom biome, having about the same height as a Cloud in a Bottle but with the benefit of gliding, while a bit slower than its jump counterparts.
  • The Magiluminescence, Frog Leg, and Aero Stone are all powerful movement accessories that can help with both vertical and horizontal positioning, and can be mixed and matched to the player's preference.
  • The Hermes Boots are a good option for additional speed.
  • The Shield of Cthulhu is useful for making quick turns and evasive maneuvers.
  • The Rover Drive is a great defensive accessory for all classes, granting 10 defense and a barrier that can absorb up to 20 damage.
  • The Gladiator's Locket is a powerful accessory for getting healing off the Crab Shrooms.
  • Melee and Summoner players can use the Feral Claws for their melee speed bonuses.
  • Ranger players can use the Rusty Medallion for the homing projectile and extra damage.
  • Mage players should use the Mana Flower and the Celestial Cuffs to quickly recover mana.
  • Summoners can boost their minion damage with the Spirit Glyph and minion count with Voltaic Jelly.
  • Rogues may find the Sand Cloak's special effect useful, as it can help deal with Crab Shrooms once they can be damaged.
  • The Rotten Dogtooth is also an incredible accessory for stealth Rogue players.



  • The Urchin Flail does high, lingering damage and is easier to use than thrown flails.
  • Amidias' Trident shoots homing projectiles, however it has slightly lower DPS than the other options.
  • The Riptide is another strong option for yo-yo players that has good dps.
  • The Old Lord Oathsword is a powerful weapon that can be difficult to obtain at this stage.
  • The Bladecrest Oathsword is another very strong weapon for melee at this stage that is harder to get.


  • The Opal Striker is a very powerful weapon for Crabulon.
  • The Magna Cannon, while slightly harder to get, is a very good choice for Crabulon.
  • The Storm Surge can deal decent damage to Crabulon, and its piercing is quite useful against Crab Shrooms, not to mention not needing ammo.
  • The Minishark is very effective against Crabulon when paired with Acceleration Rounds and a Shark Tooth Necklace.
  • The Blood Rain Bow is an extremely powerful option, especially paired with high base damage arrows.
  • The Toxibow inflicts Irradiated, making it useful to switch to occasionally.



  • The Brittle Star Staff can deal decent damage to Crabulon due to its quick attacks.
  • The Enchanted Conch will deal massive damage, but it requires the player to stay on the ground and can be extremely inconsistent depending on the terrain.
  • The Deathstare Rod can easily take care of the Mushroom Spores that Crabulon summons and deals excellent damage itself.
  • The Rusty Beacon Prototype is an incredible sentry, applying both the Irradiated and Poisoned debuffs, which Crabulon is especially vulnerable to.
    • Alternatively, the Polyp Launcher can be used as a way to deal constant damage.
  • The Snapthorn is a fantastic weapon, and can even be used to hit Crab Shrooms, though its damage diminishes on multiple targets.
  • The Cnidarian is a decent active weapon due to its ability to multi-target Crab Shrooms, while also dealing decent damage and being easy to hit on Crabulon's massive body.


  • The Sand Dollar is by far the best option for Rogues.
  • The Contaminated Bile's stealth strike can be useful for inflicting the Irradiated debuff and providing lingering damage.
  • The Crystalline is also a great option that does especially well with its Stealth Strike.
  • Sticky Spiky Balls are easily obtainable after defeating the Goblin Army and deal good damage to Crabulon as well as providing great area of effect damage.
  • The Seafoam Bomb deals decent damage to Crabulon due to its lingering bubbles.


  • The Well Fed buff and its upgrades provide useful all-around stat boosts.
  • The Swiftness Potion provides a good boost to movement speed, which affects the player's max running speed and midair speed as well.
  • The Regeneration Potion provides a small boost to health regeneration, which is a valuable thing at this stage in the game.
  • The Wrath or Rage Potions can provide a significant increase to DPS for early game weapons.
  • The Ironskin Potion can help with tanking hits with its defense buff.
    • The Endurance Potion is even more helpful by increasing the player's DR but may be slightly more annoying to obtain.
  • The Hunter Potion can be used for increasing the visibility of Crab Shrooms if the player is having trouble seeing them while in a Glowing Mushroom biome.
  • The Night Owl Potion can be used to increase visibility overall, with an even greater effect when combined with the Shine Potion, which is especially helpful in an underground fight.
    • However, because light is abundant in Glowing Mushroom caverns, these may not be needed.
  • Sugar Rush from the Slice of Cake is a strong speed boost if the player has been diligent with their housing.
  • The Shadow Potion is a great option for Rogue players, improving overall damage and increasing stealth regeneration.
  • Summoners can use Summoning Potions to be able to summon one more minion and massively improve their damage.
  • Mage players can use Mana Regeneration Potions to attack far more easily and not have to worry about the damage penalty from Mana Sickness.

The Fight

Crabulon will spawn on top of the player when summoned. Crabulon will remain passive for 5 seconds or until it takes over 100 damage, then the fight will begin. Crabulon starts by slowly walking towards the player, use this time to damage Crabulon as much as you can.

As it takes damage, Crabulon released Crab Shrooms which float towrads the player and have a small amount of health. Keeping the amount of active crab shrooms to a minimum by killing them will make the fight much easier.

Crabulon's first attack is to launch gravity-affected Mushroom Shots upwards towards the player. This attack makes a very distinct sound. Unlike Crab Shrooms, these mushrooms cannot be damaged and the player should avoid them by strafing.

Crabulon will also occasionally jump toward the player, increasing in height to reach the player. Crabulon deals high contact damage, so the player should be prepared to move quickly and avoid being cornered. He jumps three times (increased to four below 66% health), and his final jump summons a wall of Falling Mushrooms in Revengeance Mode and above. The Falling Mushrooms can be dodged by squeezing between the gaps, though below 66% health they become tilted and the player must account for their diagonal movement when attempting to squeeze between them. The player should stay aware of any Crab Shrooms or Mushroom Shots fired during this time, as they are still a threat.

As Crabulon loses health, it fires more and more projectiles, while moving and attacking faster. If possible, saving Adrenaline or Rage for the later parts of the fight should help significantly to bring the fight to an end.

In Death Mode, the boss will move quicker, fire even more Crab Shrooms, and attack more often as it loses health. The primary strategy players take should not change from these however.

General Tips

  • A Hook can save your life by resetting your jumps and by preventing fall damage with a well-timed grapple.
  • Don't leave too many Crab Shrooms alive, as they float slowly and can quickly overwhelm you if left unattended.
    • Killing them is especially beneficial to Mages as Crab Shrooms will drop Mana Stars.