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Wall of Flesh
Wall of Flesh.png
Map Icon Wall of Flesh.png
Map icon
EnvironmentThe Underworld
Damage50 / 150 Expert Mode / 180 Revengeance Mode / 195 Death Mode / 225 Master Mode (Contact)
22-30 / 44-60 Expert Mode / 68 Revengeance Mode / 76 Death Mode / 66-90 Master Mode / 102 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (Eye Laser)
88 Revengeance Mode / 96 Death Mode / 132 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (Death Laser)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 112 Revengeance Mode / 124 Death Mode / 168 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (Demon Scythe)
Max Life12,800 / 17,920 Expert Mode / 21,504 Revengeance Mode / 22,848 Master Mode / 27,417 Revengeance Mode Master Mode
Defense12 / 18 Expert Mode
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffHorrifiedHorrified
Debuff durationWhile the player is within 900 blocks from the boss.
Debuff tooltipYou have seen something nasty, there is no escape.
Inflicts debuffThe TongueThe Tongue
Debuff durationWhen the player is within 900 blocks behind the boss.
Debuff tooltipYou are being sucked into the mouth
Immune toOn Fire!ConfusedHellfirePearl Aura
Cold Bestiary Cold.pngVulnerable
Water Bestiary Water.png-
Sickness Bestiary Sickness.pngVulnerable
Electricity Bestiary Electricity.png-
Heat Bestiary Heat.pngResistant
Coins 25 Gold Coin.png

The Wall of Flesh is a pre-Hardmode boss fought in the Underworld. It is summoned by throwing a Guide Voodoo Doll into Lava.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert and Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation

  • Creating a long arena with at least 2 layers of platforms is recommended to have enough space to dodge the Wall of Flesh.
  • This arena should be long enough to kill the Wall before it reaches the end.
  • You will likely have to break some of the houses and terrain in hell.
  • Alternatively, fighting the Wall in the already cleared Brimstone Crag can provide enough space if your weapon's DPS is high enough.

Gearing Up

For a Normal and Expert mode guide to Wall of Flesh, see Wall of Flesh strategies on the vanilla wiki.


  • Statigel armor is the best option for most classes, greatly increasing damage.
  • Molten armor is another option for True Melee players.
  • Bee armor is another summoner option because it provides more minion slots than Statigel.
    • Obsidian armor is another choice for Summoners due to its whip bonuses.


Weapons & Equipment




  • The Eldritch Tome has a lot of close-range damage.
  • The Night's Ray is very strong in this part of the game and can chain to hit multiple Hungries and the Wall itself.
  • The Bee Gun is still very powerful against the Wall of Flesh and has synergy with the Hive Pack.
  • The Black Anurian is a powerful weapon at this stage of the game.
  • The Flamelash is a highly effective weapon against the boss.
  • The Pulse Pistol is a suitable option for its ability to chain between the Hungries and the multiple segments of the boss itself.


  • The Staff of Necrosteocytes, while grounded, is an extremely powerful option against the Wall.
  • The Herring Staff's ability to summon large amounts of powerful minions makes it a very strong option.
  • The Cinder Blossom Staff and Deathstare Rod can be used as a means of having other damage alongside the player's other minions.
  • The Tavernkeep Rods can be used for extra firepower, especially against the Hungries spawned by the boss.
  • Using whips such as the Spinal Tap or Snapthorn is a reliable way to deal active damage and make minion targeting easier.
    • Alternatively, the Slime Puppet staff can be a more powerful support option.
  • The Aestheticus is a good support weapon and a nice way to deal passive damage through the Vaporfied debuff.


  • The Lionfish is an excellent option for doing constant damage to the boss.
  • The Glaive can do considerable damage to the Wall thanks to its piercing ability.
  • The Kylie can also be quite powerful.
  • The Sky Stabber can also be extremely effective against the Wall but generally requires heavy face-tanking to be effective.


  • The Aestheticus can be useful during the fight for inflicting debuffs.
  • The Slimy Saddle can help the player avoid the lasers with its increased jump height, and natural bounce off of enemies, in case the player undershoots the jump.
  • Any Hook can allow the player to move out of the way of the lasers, especially if they have an arena with multiple layers. The best hooks at this stage are the Diamond Hook and Ivy Whip.

Notable Buffs

The Fight

When starting the fight, the Wall will spawn on the side of the player closest to the world's edge. It will move toward the player shooting lasers every few seconds. To dodge the lasers, jump or fly at the right time to jump over them.

If you get too far from the Wall, it will roar, dash, and shoot predictive lasers at the player. It is recommended to stay close enough to the wall to avoid this.

As the Wall's health drops, it will begin firing lasers and moving faster. The player should balance their speed to prevent the Wall from dashing while staying out of the range of the Hungries.

When the Wall hits 66% health, it will shoot homing sickles from its mouth. The player should dodge these sickles by going over all of them; going under all of them; or by alternating going between them.

Death Mode changes

  • Shoots Death Lasers from the start of the fight
  • Base speed is 75% faster