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The Devourer of Gods
The Devourer of Gods.png
TypeBossBurrowing Enemy
Max Life887,500 / 1,420,000 Expert Mode / 1,704,000 Revengeance Mode / 2,130,000 Master Mode / 2,556,000 Revengeance Mode Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffWarpedWarped
100% chance

Debuff durationInfinite (Passive / Blue)
Debuff tooltipMovement is being warped
Inflicts debuffExtreme GravityExtreme Gravity
100% chance

Debuff durationInfinite (Aggressive / Purple)
Debuff tooltipYour wing time is reduced by 25%, infinite flight is disabled
The Devourer of GodsFinal Phase
The Devourer of Gods (Final Phase).png
TypeBossBurrowing Enemy
Max Life532,500 / 887,500
852,000 / 1,420,000 Expert Mode
1,022,400 / 1,704,000 Revengeance Mode
1,278,000 / 2,133,000 Master Mode
1,533,600 / 2,556,000 Revengeance Mode Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffWarpedWarped
100% chance

Debuff durationInfinite (Passive / Blue)
Debuff tooltipMovement is being warped
Inflicts debuffExtreme GravityExtreme Gravity
100% chance

Debuff durationInfinite (Aggressive / Purple)
Debuff tooltipYour wing time is reduced by 25%, infinite flight is disabled
Coins 6 Platinum Coin.png

The Devourer of Gods is a post-Moon Lord boss that is fought after the Rune of Kos bosses, Polterghast, and in some cases, The Old Duke. It is summoned using the Cosmic Worm anywhere, at any time.

This guide will mention Expert Mode and Revengeance Mode exclusive accessories with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation

A long sky arena with 2 platforms, 3 for extra care, spaced about 30 blocks apart works for the Devourer, as this will make its multitude of attacks easier to dodge.

Gearing Up


  • Bloodflare armor is the preferred choice for all classes.
  • Omega Blue armor is an offense-focused armor set that can deal lots of damage for some classes, at the cost of low defensive stats.
  • Tarragon armor is an additional, lower-tier option that can be utilized too.
  • Prismatic armor is a very good option for mages, due to its powerful set-bonus, as well as its high damage boost that beats even the Bloodflare armor.


  • The Celestial Tracers are optimal for their speed.
  • The Community is a powerful item for its scaling stats.
  • The Blunder Booster is incredibly useful for this fight, as the lightning aura it generates can prevent many instances of contact damage, including from the boss's head.
    • Despite being an accessory for the rogue class, the benefits of the aura alone may make it worth using for other classes.
  • The Affliction provides substantial boosts to both offensive and defensive stats.
  • The Ambrosial Ampoule is extremely useful for its additional life and regenerative stats, and makes the damage-over-time effect from the boss much less deadly.
  • The Bloodflare Core is an incredibly powerful defensive boost if the player makes an effort to maximize their defenses.
  • The Absorber is a good accessory for its speed and healing boosts.
  • The Elysian Aegis provides dashing, defense, and immunity to knockback.
  • Melee players can make use of the Celestial Shell and Fire Gauntlet for great boosts to damage and melee speed.
  • The Flesh Totem is useful as it can halve contact damage on a 20 second cooldown. This makes being hit by the head much less devastating.
  • Ranged players can boost their damage with the Deadshot Brooch.
  • Another strong option for Ranged players is the Recon Scope.
  • Magic users will make great use of the Sigil of Calamitas.
  • Summoners should use Statis' Curse along with the Star-Tainted Generator for their boosts to minion damage and minion slots.
  • Rogues will find the Vampiric Talisman and Blunder Booster useful.
  • The Camper or the Shiny Stone can be swapped in during short pauses in the fight, such as the transitioning phase, to quickly regenerate some health.



  • The Terror Blade's AoE effect can be useful against the Cosmic Guardians. It also serves as one of the strongest overall melee weapons for the whole fight.
  • The Crescent Moon is also a viable option for its homing projectiles.
  • The Void Edge's high damage and homing projectiles should make the fight straightforward for melee users.
  • The Insidious Impaler is an extremely powerful weapon that can stick to the Devourer and deal massive DPS.
  • The Neptune's Bounty can make short work of the Devourer.
  • The Stellar Striker is a very powerful option that can deal massive amounts of damage to the Devourer at the cost of having to stay near the boss.
  • The Death's Ascension's right click can be a great weapon due to its homing ability and decent damage.



  • The Phantasmal Fury is the preferred option for the fight, as it has consistently high damage due to its strong homing abilities.
  • The Dark Spark works incredibly well, making it easy to land head hits and deal massive damage.
  • The Venusian Trident's great area of effect can deal good DPS to the Devourer and will shred through the Cosmic Guardians.
  • The Vitriolic Viper deals decent damage to the Devourer.
  • The Thunderstorm is a very powerful option with its explosions and extra projectiles.
  • The Eidolon Staff is a strong option, if your PC can handle the large amount of projectiles.



  • The Ghoulish Gouger can deal great DPS to the Devourer with its infinite piercing and ignoring of immunity frames and will decimate the Cosmic Guardians.
  • Even though it deals reduced damage to the Devourer, the Wave Pounder can still be of use. Stealth strikes with it can hit the boss many times for quite high damage. It pairs well with the Electrician's Glove.
  • The Sealed Singularity can deal high amounts of DPS since the black hole it spawns has infinite pierce and can hit the Devourer multiple times along its path.
  • The Valediction with its high damage, high range and homing capabilities is a very effective weapon against the Devourer.
  • The Night's Gaze is a weapon powerful against both the Devourer and the Cosmic Guardians when they are in line with the main projectile due to both the explosion and the piercing ability of the stratus stars.
  • The Toxicant Twister is another powerful Rogue option for its high base damage and varying projectiles.
  • The Deep Sea Dumbbell is very effective when fully buffed (right click 4 times) and combined with adrenaline and/or rage. This allows you to deal a large portion of the boss's health in one hit.
    • Make sure to charge up your stealth before releasing your attack and hit the head for extra damage.
  • The Jaws of Oblivion should be thrown at the head while the Devourer is dashing in a straight line towards you, preferably with adrenaline stealth strikes.
  • The Old Reaper can be a powerful option if used correctly.


  • The Well Fed buff and its upgrades provide useful all around stat boosts.
  • The Soaring buff is useful for counteracting the Extreme Gravity debuff's effect on flight time.
    • This buff synergizes well with true melee users.
  • If you intend to fight the boss near space, Gravity Normalizer Potions are recommended.
  • Keeping the mini map open can help with dodging, especially when it is in its aggressive phase.
  • The Relic of Convergence can be used effectively when the boss is far away during phase 1, or when it is transitioning to phase 2, as these are relatively safe moments when mobility is not a need.

The Fight

Phase 1

Once summoned, the Devourer will initially start in its "passive" phase. This phase is indicated by the sky turning blue and the Warped debuff being inflicted on the player, which exaggerates vertical movements. The Devourer will behave much like a Crawltipede in this phase, flying and circling the player in the air. The player must take care to not fly too high in this phase, otherwise the Devourer will quickly ram them, and it will be difficult to get back onto the platform due to the debuff. Running in one direction works for this phase.

The passive phase will initially last for 15 seconds, with its length decreasing as the Devourer loses health.

After this passes, The Devourer will enter its "aggressive" phase, indicated by the sky turning purple and the Extreme Gravity debuff being inflicted, disabling infinite flight and cutting flight time substantially. It will descend to the ground, and charge at the player regardless of height. The Devourer cannot fly in this phase but will gain more speed. Keep running in the opposite direction from the Devourer and it will usually fly below your platform. If it manages to get on your platform, fly to the higher layer, and it will stay in the lower platforms. It is advised to change directions as this happens.

The Devourer will switch between these phases throughout the fight. It is also important to note that the Devourer gains more speed at the fight progresses.

At 90% health, the Devourer will begin spawning barrages of lasers telegraphed by lines, in patterns shaped like an X. Laser barrages cycle between coming from the left, the right, the left and right, and all four cardinal directions at once. The best way to dodge these is to move diagonally after the telegraph occurs.

In Revengeance Mode, the Devourer can summon Cosmic Guardians to attack the player. It happens twice in this phase: The Devourer will summon one Guardian at 90% health, and two at 68% health. It is recommended that the player saves Rage and Adrenaline for the Guardians, as they can become a distraction from the actual Devourer. Keep in mind that Adrenaline is reduced to 0 anytime the player gets hit, so be careful when holding it.

In Death Mode, the sky will remain pitch black, making it more difficult to determine the phase; the Devourer will be at maximum speed regardless of health; and the head segment will instantly kill the player on hit. To determine the phase, watch which debuff you currently have. Since the Devourer moves at its max speed throughout the fight, it is especially important that the player remains on the move, as the head becomes one of the biggest threats.

Once the Devourer reaches 60% HP, it will enter a portal and disappear, delaying the start of phase 2.

Phase 2

Immediately at the beginning of the second phase, the Devourer will appear from a portal and attempt to charge the player based on the way the player is moving. It is important to be aware of this and be prepared to get out of the way quickly to avoid taking extreme damage from the Devourer's Head segment.

The Devourer maintains its passive and aggressive phases in its second form; however, it is important to note that the Devourer becomes increasingly aggressive as its health depletes and can charge the player in its passive phase even when they are grounded, especially in the tail end of the fight.

The Devourer will gain a new attack below 45% health. It can turn partially invisible and creates two back-to-back instances of laser grids, with openings for the player to avoid damage. This lasts for 15 seconds and will occur every 12 seconds afterwards until the Devourer hits 30% health. Keep in mind that the player will not take contact damage from the Devourer while this happens. Stop moving and observe the telegraphs, then move to the open spaces. An easy way to dodge the lasers is to mount the Brimrose or the Cosmic Car Key, allowing the player to hover midair and move to gaps in the lasers with more control. Another option is to attempt to quickly move through an appropriately sized gap in the laser walls coming from one direction as soon as they appear, removing the necessity of dodging lasers coming from many directions at once, though this can take some practice.

If you find yourself struggling to avoid damage from the laser grid, another viable tactic is to teleport far away using a Shellphone (or any of its variants) as soon as you see the grid, wait a moment for the second grid to appear, and then teleport back. However, be prepared to dodge a few residual projectiles when teleporting back to the arena and also be prepared for the boss to respawn out of a portal and fire projectiles at you as soon as it spawns. Fighting it over the ocean is a decent setting for this tactic as you can just set the Shellphone to teleport between the two oceans.

Once the Devourer drops below 18% health, it will summon 3 Cosmic Guardians and will gain a massive speed boost. The Devourer will begin charging erratically in this phase, and it is important to constantly move around while the Devourer is on its last stretch of life. Be sure to take care of the Guardians, too.

In Revengeance Mode, the Devourer will gain the ability to spit God Slayer Fireballs at the player, which deal massive damage and inflict the God Slayer Inferno debuff. It is important that these be avoided, as the damage and debuff will be detrimental to the player. The rate at which fireballs are fired slows at 10% health. It will also gain the ability to teleport close to the player once a laser wall ends, or if the player strays too far from the Devourer. The Devourer will not deal damage for a few moments after it teleports, however.

In Death Mode, it changes between its passive and aggressive phases more often. Care must be taken in the tail end of the fight in this mode, as the Devourer's erratic movements can cost the player if they are not careful, as the head is the biggest threat in this phase. Flying up and dashing out of the way of its head will work. The Slimy Saddle or the Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean can be used too if the player dismounts before they hit the ground.

Saving Rage and/or Adrenaline for the last 18% of its health will help deal with the Guardians and end the fight quickly.

General Tips

  • Target the head and tail when possible, as the body segments have immense damage reduction. Some piercing weapons can still do high damage on the body segments.
  • The Normality Relocator can be a lifesaver for its instant teleportation.
    • Its fall velocity boost can be used to get grounded during the passive phase.
    • It can also save you from trouble if the Devourer has encircled you, especially if you are in the air.
  • Bloodfins are a good alternative to Supreme Healing Potions for its multitude of regenerative benefits, especially against debuffs.
  • The Bobbit Hook can be useful as a getaway tool because of its fast retraction time.
  • The Relic of Deliverance can be very helpful in this fight. It can be used to quickly land during the passive phase; get around the Devourer with its 3 very sharp turns per lunge, or can even kite the boss when charged enough due to its extreme speed, giving the player time to regenerate HP. Do note that you cannot attack with other weapons while using the Relic, and a lunge cannot be canceled unless you hit a solid block. Additionally, it may be difficult to avoid the second phase's laser walls while using the Relic.
  • In Revengeance Mode, the Cosmic Guardians can easily be taken out by explosive and piercing weapons, such as Blissful Bombardier or Banshee Hook, due to their ability to damage multiple segments at once.
  • The Devourer of Gods' body does not deal contact damage when transitioning from Phase 1 to Phase 2.
    • This transition time is a good time to stand still and regenerate more health.