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Skeletron Head.png
DamageThis attack will cause defense damage on hit. 35 / 77 Expert Mode / 88 Revengeance Mode / 99 Death Mode / 132 Master Mode (Contact)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 35 / 100 Expert Mode / 114 Revengeance Mode / 128 Death Mode / 171 Master Mode (Spin)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 46 / 68 Expert Mode / 84 Revengeance Mode / 92 Death Mode / 102 Master Mode / 126 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (Skull)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 76 Revengeance Mode / 84 Death Mode / 114 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (Teleport Skulls)
Max Life4400 / 8800 Expert Mode / 6600 Revengeance Mode / 4400 Death Mode / 11,220 Master Mode / 8415 Revengeance Mode Master Mode / 5610 Death Mode Master Mode
0 spinning
9999 during the day
99.99% Revengeance Mode while at least 1 hand is alive
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffBleedingBleeding
100% chance

Debuff duration6-10 seconds Expert Mode (Contact)
Debuff tooltipCannot regenerate life
Immune toShadowflamePenetratedAcid VenomCursed InfernoConfusedPoisonedDaybrokenCelledOn Fire!WebbedTemporal SadnessGlacial StateTime Distortion
Cold Bestiary Cold.png-
Water Bestiary Water.pngVulnerable
Sickness Bestiary Sickness.pngResistant
Electricity Bestiary Electricity.png-
Heat Bestiary Heat.png-

Skeletron is a pre-Hardmode boss fought at the Dungeon. He is summoned by interacting with the Old Man NPC at night.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert and Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation

  • Creating a long arena with at least 2 layers of platforms is recommended to have enough space to dodge Skeletron.
  • This arena can be constructed around the Dungeon entrance so you can easily access the arena.
  • Skeletron doesn't have a biome enrage, so your arena can be as large as you like without him enraging.

Gearing Up

For a Normal and Expert mode guide to Skeletron, see Skeletron strategies on the vanilla wiki.


  • Aerospec armor is an all-around solid choice for each class, providing great increases to both damage and movement speed.
  • Molten armor is the best choice for Melee players looking to maximize their damage and is especially potent with true melee weapons like the Volcano.
  • Jungle armor is a solid option for this fight for mages, but a combination of a Diamond Robe or Mystic Robe alongside a Wizard Hat or Magic Hat will provide better damage output at the cost of some defense.
  • Bee armor is the best option for summoner due to it providing more minion slots than the previous sets.
    • Obsidian armor is another choice for Summoners due to its whip bonuses.
  • Sulphurous armor is viable for Rogue players at this point and has slightly more damage than Aerospec armor at the cost of mobility.


Weapons & Equipment


  • The Broken Biome Blade with the Arid Grandeur attunement is a risky option but does very high damage against Skeletron.
  • The Wind Blade is another very powerful option.
  • The Bladecrest Oathsword pierces, allowing it to deal with the hands effectively.
  • The Old Lord Claymore is a powerful movement option that still deals solid damage.



  • The Tradewinds tome has piercing and ricocheting abilities that can be useful during this fight.
  • The Pulse Pistol is very strong in this part of the game and can chain to hit all the hands at once.
  • Both the Water Bolt and the Flare Bolt are very useful during this fight due to their high damage output and bouncing ability.
  • The Demon Scythe is a highly effective weapon against the boss due to its piercing and high damage output, although it can be difficult to aim at times.




  • The Aestheticus can be useful during the fight for inflicting debuffs.
  • The Slimy Saddle can help the player avoid Skeletron with its increased jump height, and natural bounce off of enemies, in case the player undershoots the jump.
  • Any Hook can allow the player to move out of the way of Skeletron, especially if they have an arena with multiple layers. The best hooks at this stage are the Diamond Hook and Ivy Whip.

Notable Buffs

The Fight

When starting the fight, Skeletron will spawn in with his hands. He will swing his hands at the player and attempt to slap them. This can be reasonably easily dodged with the Shield of Cthulhu's dash or by moving perpendicularly to the hands. He will then start spinning and rapidly move towards the player. Both running away and circling him work for dodging this attack. The hands will also stop swinging at the player during this attack, but they can be mid-attack when it starts so pay attention.

After a hand is dead, Skeletron will start shooting skulls at the player. To dodge these, the player should circle him, as the skulls will not home fast enough to catch up to them.

Once both hands are dead, Skeletron will start teleporting, as well as firing his skulls faster. He will telegraph his teleports with purple dust, and when he teleports, he will shoot a spread of 3 skulls centered on the player. These can be dodged by travelling far away from them and going between the attacks, or by circling close enough to be entirely outside the spread of the skulls.

When Skeletron himself hits 33% health, his hands will respawn and he will resume his previous attack pattern, except still teleporting. He will shoot skulls and teleport at a slower pace while his hands are alive.

Death Mode changes

  • Begins the fight and respawns with 4 hands instead of 2.
  • Head and hands have reduced health.
  • Head acceleration increases as health decreases.
  • Hand attacks have much more velocity and quicker acceleration.
  • Fires faster Cursed Skulls at a faster rate.
  • Shoots 5 magic bolts instead of 3 after teleporting.