Seraph Tracers

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Seraph Tracers
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TooltipCounts as wings
Horizontal speed: 11.00
Acceleration multiplier: 2.8
Excellent vertical speed
Flight time: 250
50% increased running acceleration and greater mobility on ice
Provides the ability to walk on water, honey, and lava
Grants immunity to fire, lava, and harmful block effects
Grants immunity toBurningOn Fire!
RarityRarity Level: 15
Sell 48 Gold Coin.png
Research1 required

The Seraph Tracers are a craftable post-Moon Lord accessory that are a direct upgrade to the Elysian Tracers and the final upgrade to the Hermes Boots. When equipped, they count as wings, allowing the player to fly and glide. They also grant immunity to the Burning and On Fire! debuffs, lava damage and contact effects of Astral Ore and Auric Ore. They increase running acceleration by 50%, grant the ability to walk on liquids, and allow the player to run very fast on ice and liquids.



Crafting Station
Cosmic AnvilCosmic Anvil
Elysian TracersElysian Tracers1
Drew's WingsDrew's Wings1
Auric BarAuric Bar5
Seraph TracersSeraph Tracers1


  • Seraph Tracers have near-identical wing stats to Drew's Wings, except that Drew's Wings have a higher flight time by 111 frames. However, Seraph Tracers have improved aerial horizontal acceleration to Drew's Wings due to inherited boot functionality.


  • Having Seraph Tracers' visibility toggled on allows it to produce all of its particle effects, even if another pair of wings are equipped in vanity.
  • The quote in the item's tooltip is a reference to the anime Dragon Ball Z.
  • A seraph is an angel of the highest order in Christianity.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • No longer grant 30 extra immunity frames if the player takes over 200 damage.
    • Increased sell price from 30 Gold Coin to 48 Gold Coin.
  • Nerfed movement speed boost from 24% to 18%, run acceleration from 10 to 9, horizontal speed from 12 to 11, and horizontal acceleration from 3 to 2.8. Reduced all vertical speed stats.
    • Renamed from "Celestial Tracers" to "Seraph Tracers".
    • Now provides full lava immunity instead of 4 seconds.
    • Adjusted its offset and scale in the inventory.
    • Now grant immunity to On Fire!.
    • Tooltip now displays horizontal speed in 2 decimal places and acceleration multiplier in 1 decimal place.
    • Nerfed flight time from 280 to 250 and top movement speed from 61 mph to 54 mph. Removed top run speed and acceleration boosts.
    • No longer gain additional flight time inherited from Rocket Boots.
    • Now use 5 Auric Bars in their recipe instead of 4.
    • Now require a Cosmic Anvil to craft instead of a Draedon's Forge.
    • Moved the flavor text to the first line of tooltip.
    • Now has a tooltip stating it provides heat immunity in Death Mode.
  • Now use 4 Auric Tesla Bars in their recipe instead of 25 Auric Ore and 5 Darksun Fragments.
  • Now give 4 seconds of lava immunity instead of 15.33.
  • Nerfed horizontal flight speed from 13 to 12, but buffed all vertical speed stats.
    • Nerfed movement speed boost from 125% to 50%, and running acceleration from 15 to 12.
    • Changed flavor text from "Ludicrous speed!" to "Taking speed EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!".
    • Nerfed flight time from 300 to 280.
    • Now use 25 Auric Ore in their recipe.
  • Nerfed flight time from 361 to 300, horizontal flight speed from 16 to 13, movement speed boost from 2500% to 125%, and run speed from 25 to 15.
  • Nerfed horizontal flight speed from 20 to 15, and horizontal flight acceleration from 4.5 to 3.