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Enchanting is a game mechanic unlocked after defeating Supreme Witch, Calamitas, which allows the player to apply enchantments to their items, granting them unique additional qualities. It changes the name of an item by adding a prefix to the item's name (before any modifier the item may have), such as "Aflame Strong Photon Ripper." Hovering the cursor over an item with an enchantment in an inventory slot will show the enchantment details beneath the item's description. This description is colored #8B0000. Additionally, the name of an enchanted item will visually pulse outwards approximately once per second.

Unlike modifiers, enchantments are qualitative in nature; rather than solely providing stat boosts, enchantments usually cause effects to occur upon use of the item. Each enchantment has an upside and a downside — there are no enchantments that are solely beneficial.


The Enchantment interface when interacting with the Brimstone Witch.

Enchanting is a service provided by the Brimstone Witch, which applies an enchantment of the player's choosing to an item in exchange for coins. This enchantment can be removed at any time by placing the item into the enchanting interface and selecting "Disenchant." The disenchanting process costs the same amount of money that it cost to enchant the item with the enchantment that is being removed. Upon disenchanting the item, the player is free to select a new enchantment.

The Brimstone Witch charges 20 times an item's sell value in order to enchant or disenchant it. This price can be lowered by the Discount Card and its upgrade, the Greedy Ring.

Enchanting can be accessed by talking to the Brimstone Witch and choosing "Enchant" from the options (upon opening this option for the first time, she will give the player a Brimstone Locus). The player can then insert the item to be enchanted into the interface that appears below the inventory. Next to the item slot is a small key that, when clicked, enchants the item with the selected enchantment in the box on the right. The selected enchantment can be changed by clicking the arrows on the top and bottom of the box.


Enchantments can be applied to most items, with the exception being consumable weapons. Like modifiers, certain enchantments are exclusive to certain classes or types of items due to what they affect. For example, Oblatory is a magic-exclusive enchantment, as it deals with mana.

Enchantment Tooltip Description Rune Class Tools Effect
Aflame Lights enemies ablaze on hit but also causes the user to take damage over time when holding this item.
Enchantment Rune Aflame.png
Tango Tick1.png
Damage from the enchanted weapon will apply the Vulnerability Hex debuff to the enemy for 2 seconds.

While holding the enchanted weapon, the player is afflicted with the Weak Brimstone FlamesWeak Brimstone Flames debuff, which causes the player to lose 3.5 health per second and have no natural life regeneration.

Ephemeral Causes the damage output of this item to discharge from exhaustive use. Its damage returns naturally when not being used. It starts off with more damage than it normally would have.
Enchantment Rune Ephemeral.png
Tango Tick1.png
Ephemeral Exhaustion Bar.gif
An "exhaustion value" is applied to the use of the enchanted weapon, indicated by an Exhaustion Bar, shown on the right.

This value starts at 1600, decreases every time the enchanted weapon is used, and tries to increase by 1 every frame (60 per second), meaning it takes 26.66 seconds for the exhaustion bar to rejuvenate back to maximum damage from being fully empty. The decrease upon use is determined by the use time of the weapon; the value will decrease by the weapon's use time multiplied by 2.25, with a lower cap of 10. For example, Sacrifice's use time of 8 would decrease the value by 18 on each usage; Helium Flash's use time of 40 will decrease the value by 90 on each usage. The value cannot become a negative number.

The damage of weapons enchanted with Ephemeral is increased by 1.26x by default. As the weapon is used and the exhaustion value decreases, damage variance ("exhaustion") is introduced, causing the damage to sink to a potential minimum value of 0.77x. The exact multiplier is determined by the function lerp(0.77, 1.26, 2 ^ exhaustion ratio - 1) , where the exhaustion ratio is the current exhaustion divided by 1600. Depending on the value of 2exhaustion ratio - 1, the multiplier is linearly divided between 0.77x and 1.26x. For example, if the value was 0 (at an exhaustion ratio of 0) then the multiplier would be 0.77x; if the value was 1 (at an exhaustion ratio of 1) then the multiplier would be 1.26x; if the value was 0.414 (at an exhaustion ratio of 0.5) then the multiplier would be ~0.97x.

Withering When hurt, you heal a percentage of the damage taken based on how much accumulated damage you did overall beforehand, up to 100%. After this, you gain a damage boost while holding this item but also take exponential damage over time the longer you hold it.
Enchantment Rune Withering.png
Tango Tick1.png
When the player is hit, they will be healed back a percentage of the health they just lost, up to 100% heal-back. Afterwards, the WitheredWithered debuff will be applied to the player for 18 seconds, causing the player to have positive life regeneration disabled and take damage over time based on how long the enchanted weapon has been held for since the debuff was applied.

The amount of damage healed back when hit is determined by this formula: ln(D) * D2/3 / 177,000, where D is the total damage that the player has dealt to enemies using the enchanted weapon until that point. For example, if the player had dealt 50,000 damage, then upon getting hit they will be healed back 8.3% of the health they just lost; if the player had dealt 1,000,000 damage, then upon getting hit they will be healed back 78.1% of the health they just lost. The damage-dealt value gets reset back to 0 after you are given the heal-back.

While holding the enchanted weapon, and the Withered debuff is active, a counter goes up by 1 every frame. While not holding the enchanted weapon, and the Withered debuff is active, the counter goes down by 1 every frame. While the Withered debuff is not active, the counter is 0. The exact damage over time is determined by the formula: 5 * 1.5hold time counter / 87, rounded down.

Finally, while the Withered debuff is active, damage dealt by the enchanted weapon will be boosted by +60%.

Resentful Makes the damage of projectiles vary based on how far the hit target is from you. The farther, the more damage, and vice versa.
Enchantment Rune Resentful.png
Tango Cross1.png
Damage dealt varies from 0.7x to 1.45x. The former triggers at a proximity of less than or equal to 250 pixels (~16 blocks) from the target, and the latter triggers at a proximity of greater than or equal to 2400 pixels (150 blocks) from the target.
Bloodthirsty Makes the damage of projectiles vary based on how far the hit target is from you. The closer, the more damage, and vice versa.
Enchantment Rune Bloodthirsty.png
Tango Cross1.png
Damage dealt varies from 0.75x to 1.75x. The former triggers at a proximity of greater than or equal to 400 pixels (25 blocks) from the target, and the latter triggers at a proximity of less than or equal to 175 pixels (~11 blocks) from the target.
Persecuted When attacked, or over time, demon portals appear near you. If sufficiently damaged they are friendly; otherwise they attack you. They become angered if a portal is damaged.
Enchantment Rune Persecuted.png
Tango Cross1.png
Mysterious Portal (Persecuted)Demon portals will spawn on a 30-second timer, or instantly upon the player being damaged. These portals have 25,000 / 37,500 Master Mode HP, and will stop taking damage once they reach 1 HP. Each portal lasts for 5 seconds, after which it will spawn a swarm comprised of one of two demon types, the type depending on its HP by the end of its lifespan. Each swarm is comprised of exactly 5 demons each.

If the portal is at 1 HP, then Suicide Bomber Demon (friendly)blue demons will spawn from it that chase and damage enemies; if it is above 1 HP, then Suicide Bomber Demonred demons will spawn that chase and damage the player. These demons are projectiles, and as such cannot be killed, though they will automatically explode upon impact with their target or after 10 seconds have passed. The friendly blue demons have a base damage of 17,000 against enemies, while the hostile red demons have a base damage of 360 / 450 Expert Mode / 540 Master Mode against the player.

If friendly blue demons already exist from a previous portal, then damaging a new portal to 1 HP will cause them to become enraged and convert into hostile red demons.

Lecherous Spawns a resilient brimstone monster that stays between you and your mouse that interferes with your homing weapons. It releases a bunch of hearts on death.
Enchantment Rune Lecherous.png
Tango Cross1.png
While holding a weapon enchanted with Lecherous, a Lecherous OrbLecherous Orb enemy immediately spawns, quickly fading in from invisibility. The Orb will attempt to constantly hover in-between the player and the mouse's position on the screen. The Orb attracts homing projectiles, making it difficult to utilize them against other enemies.

The Orb has 180,000 / 270,000 Master Mode HP and no defense or DR, and is unable to damage the player in any way. Upon death, it will drop 7 hearts (which equates to 140 HP), and a new monster will immediately spawn. However, if the Orb is killed very shortly after spawning (while it is still fading in from invisibility), it will drop little to no hearts.

The Orb has limited movement and turn speeds, which makes it possible to get it out of the way of the player's projectiles with quick movement.

Tainted Removes projectile shooting capabilities of this item. In exchange, two skeletal arms are released on use that slice at the mouse position.
Enchantment Rune Tainted.png
Melee (projectile melee only)
Tango Cross1.png
A weapon enchanted with Tainted will no longer be capable of firing projectiles.

While holding a Tainted weapon, two large red skeletal arms will spawn, with the ends centered on the player's body. Each arm will hold a version of the Tainted weapon. Upon usage of the item, the arms will swing as the player swings, dealing true melee damage for 5x the weapon's base damage.

Oblatory Reduces mana cost and greatly increases damage but sometimes causes this item to use your life.
Enchantment Rune Oblatory.png
Tango Cross1.png
Grants -40% mana cost and +50% damage. Every time mana is used, there is a 25% chance that 5 HP is used up.

The damage and mana cost bonuses stack multiplicatively with all other modifiers and bonuses.

The health drain effect does not disrupt health regeneration, does not activate immunity frames and is unaffected by the player's defensive stats.

Traitorous Using this item below 25% mana instantly consumes your remaining mana, unleashing a monster that harms both you and enemies.
Enchantment Rune Traitorous.png
Tango Cross1.png
When the player has less than 25% of their maximum mana, using the enchanted weapon will consume all of the player's remaining mana to launch out a Mana Demonmonster.

The monster will fly in a straight line and deal damage to any enemies it hits, however after roughly 1 second it will growl and quickly turn around to attempt to damage the player instead. If the monster misses the player during its attempted attack, it will not attempt to attack the player again. This monster is a projectile, and as such cannot be killed, though it will automatically disappear after 5 seconds. The monster has a base damage of 80 times the amount of mana consumed against enemies, which is affected by magic damage boosts; the monster has a base damage of 360 / 450 Expert Mode / 540 Master Mode against the player.

Indignant Summons demons that harm you but drop healing items on death on item usage.
Enchantment Rune Indignant.png
Tango Cross1.png
When the item is used, it additionally summons Soul Seeker (minion)demons that are hostile to the player. They have 100,000 / 150,000 Master Mode HP, a base damage of 270, and no defense or damage reduction. Upon their death, 4 healing orbs will home to the player and heal for 10 HP each.
Hellbound Causes minions to be created with a 40 second timer. Once it runs out, they explode violently. Minions do more damage the longer they live and idly explode as well.
Enchantment Rune Hellbound.png
Tango Cross1.png
Any minion summoned by the enchanted weapon will Brimstone Explosion explode after 40 seconds and subsequently despawn.

Based on a ratio completion of the 40 second timer, minions can do between 1x and 1.6x damage. This is not a linear increase; the damage gain will increase slower if the timer has just started or is about to end, and will increase faster in the middle of the timer.

Every 40 frames (0.667 seconds) there is a 1/12 (8.33%) chance for the minion to cause an explosion (although this will not cause them to be desummoned) with a base of 2000 damage. When the countdown is at 5 seconds or less, fireball sounds and fire dust will appear on the minion, signifying that it is close to exploding (and subsequently despawning).

Upon the countdown reaching 0 seconds, the minions will explode (and despawn) with a base of 6000 damage. Both explosions are affected by minion damage boosts.


'Exhume' is a special enchantment that turns certain items into entirely new ones. These items can be identified with the Brimstone Locus, which will cause an effect to be displayed on their icons in the player's inventory.

Enchantment Tooltip Description Rune Applicable Items Effect
Exhume Transforms this item into something significantly stronger.
Enchantment Rune Exhumed.png
Burning Sea
The Community
Entropy's Vigil
Ghastly Visage
Staff of the Mechworm
This enchantment cannot be disenchanted, and the weapon that results from this enchantment cannot be further enchanted.

Below is a table of the items that can be Exhumed, and what those items will turn into when Exhumed.

Original Item Exhumed Item
Burning SeaBurning Sea RancorRancor
The CommunityThe Community Shattered CommunityShattered Community
Entropy's VigilEntropy's Vigil Cinders of LamentCinders of Lament
Ghastly VisageGhastly Visage Gruesome EminenceGruesome Eminence
Staff of the MechwormStaff of the Mechworm MetastasisMetastasis


  • Unlike modifiers, enchantments do not change the value or rarity of a weapon.
  • The Community is the only accessory that can be enchanted, and its only available enchantment is Exhumed.
  • The Eternity cannot receive the Oblatory enchantment.


  • The word "exhume" means to dig something up from being buried, especially from a grave. This fits the theme of necromancy that is present in the Exhumed items.
  • Exhume's rune (to the right of the enchantment name box) is the only rune to be purple, rather than red like the other enchantments.
  • The runes associated with each enchantment are alchemical symbols for various things that are relevant to the concept of the enchantment.
    • Aflame uses the alchemical symbol for fire, because of its effect to set both enemies and the player ablaze.
    • Ephemeral uses the alchemical symbol for air, to represent the volatility of the enchantment. Additionally, physical exhaustion is often associated with heavy breathing and panting, which involve intake of air into the body.
    • Withering uses the alchemical symbol for salt, which refers to the idea of "rubbing salt into a wound", a phrase meaning to cause more misfortune on something which has already experienced misfortune.
    • Resentful uses the alchemical symbol for the moon because of its low gravity, which is similar to how the enchantment causes the weapon to deal more damage from further away.
    • Bloodthirsty uses the alchemical symbol for the sun because of its high gravity, which is similar to how the enchantment causes the weapon to deal more damage up close.
    • Persecuted uses the alchemical symbol for sulfur, as sulfur and demons are commonly found together in general mythology.
    • Lecherous uses the alchemical symbol for magnesium because it is very difficult to extinguish once set on fire, and this causes it to be associated with eternity in alchemy. The Lecherous Orb that spawns is eternally present and can be considered to provide the player with eternal life through the hearts that it drops.
    • Tainted uses the alchemical symbol for death, as it summons skeletal arms, and skeletons are heavily associated with death due to typically being the final state of a human or animal after postmortem decomposition.
    • Oblatory uses the alchemical symbol for lead, as the enchantment's life-sapping effect can be compared to lead poisoning.
    • Traitorous uses the alchemical symbol for mercury, an element that is useful but can cause considerable damage to one's body if handled improperly.
    • Indignant uses the alchemical symbol for ash, because of the charred theme of the demons, and because demons and ash are closely related in Terraria.
    • Hellbound uses the alchemical symbol for potassium, an element that is known to explode on contact with water.
    • Exhumed uses the alchemical symbol of the philosopher's stone. The philosopher's stone was fabled to be able to turn base metals such as lead (considered common, impure, of little value) into precious metals such as gold (considered rare, pure, of high value), similar to Exhume's ability to transform weaker items into ones with significantly greater power.
  • The Withered debuff is a reference to a status effect of the same name from the game Minecraft, featuring an identical death message ("<PlayerName> withered away.") and a similar icon of a dark crumbling heart.
  • During development, enchantments were also known as "curses", due to their significant drawbacks.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Hellbound enchantment no longer works on external minions such as Luxor's Gift's summon.
    • Fixed Hellbound enchantment explosions scaling twice with summon damage.
    • Nerfed Indignant Demon's health from 101,010 / 151,515 Master Mode to 100,000 / 150,000 Master Mode
    • Nerfed Exhumed Brimstone Heart's health from 51,740 / 77,610 Master Mode to 50,000 / 75,000 Master Mode.
    • Nerfed Lecherous Orb's health from 181,445 / 272,167 Master Mode. to 180,000 / 270,000 Master Mode.
    • Buffed Mysterious Portal's health from 24,660 / 36,990 Master Mode to 25,000 / 37,500 Master Mode.
    • Resprited Withered.
  • Lecherous Orb now properly displays vanilla debuff colors and Hunter Potion effects.
    • Increased the damage of red demons from Persecuted against the player from 95 to 360 / 450 Expert Mode / 540 Master Mode.
    • Reworked Traitorous:
      • Now spawns a Mana Monster when below 25% of max mana, consuming all of the player's remaining mana.
      • The monster's damage is equal to 80x the amount of mana consumed, deals 360 / 450 Expert Mode / 540 Master Mode damage to the player and inflicts Vulnerability Hex for 3 seconds to the player.
  • Added new enchanting and exhuming sounds.
  • Indignant's healing orbs can now pass through tiles.
    • Ephemeral can no longer be applied to all rogue weapons.
    • Lecherous can no longer be applied to true melee weapons.
    • Resprited Weak Brimstone Flames.
    • Ephemeral can no longer be applied to channeled weapons.
    • Indignant's Demon, Exhumed Brimstone Heart, Lecherous Orb, and Prosecuted's Mysterious Portal are now vulnerable to cold and water debuffs, but resistant to heat debuffs.
    • Added line splits to all tooltips.
    • Fixed a sprite error on the Withered debuff.