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Arsenal Labs are various laboratory structures that generate in various biomes around the world. All laboratory structures contain Aged Security, Security Chests, along with other functional furniture that allow the creation and charge of several weapons. The labs are defended by Lab Turrets, which fire lasers at nearby players.

Each of the Bio-center Labs can be located easily with their respective Seeking Mechanisms.


Unique Drops
Unique Treasures
Bio-center Labs:

Abandoned Workshop

An Abandoned Workshop.

The abandoned workshop is a small, dual-level structure comprised of Rusty Plating and Pipes. The upper level expands outward and contains some storage crates and boxes. The top platform holds an aged security chest. The lower level of the workshop contains two powered off Draedon Fuel Factories. It is the smallest of the Arsenal Labs, and multiple can spawn in a single world.

Abandoned Research Facility

An Abandoned Research Facility.

The abandoned research facility is a large structure featuring a dome shape comprised of laboratory plating. The structure is defended by two lab turrets on the ground. The upper platform holds an aged security chest, and two Draedon's Charging Station to the left and right of the chest. The ground floor consists of various crates and boxes, and some defunct laboratory equipment. Multiple abandoned research facilities can spawn in a single world.

Bio-center Labs

These Arsenal Labs are unique and only spawn in their respective biomes.

Jungle Bio-center Lab

A Jungle-Bio-center Lab.

The Jungle Bio-center lab is located randomly in the Underground Jungle, and features a core of Plagueplate, with two smaller vertical shafts on the left and right of it. Above the core, there are two large robotic arms with an empty platform, with some laboratory equipment above it. Below this platform are four Plagued 'Bed's, acting as test tubes, with piping leading up to a large empty liquid tank. A hologram projector can be found to the left of this tank, and security chests, factories, and chargers on the same level as the Plague Plate Beds. The right side of the structure has been completely blown away and contains a massive empty crater.

This Bio-center lab can be located with the Green Seeking Mechanism.

Ice Bio-center Lab

An Ice Bio-center Lab.

The Ice Bio-center lab is located randomly in the Ice biome, and features a core of Elumplate with two vertical shafts on the left and right, leading to pyramid-shaped structures on the top and bottom of the core. The top pyramid contains various lab equipment, charging stations, factories, security chests, a hologram projector, as well as four lab turrets. The bottom pyramid contains an unlocked Ice Chest with various ice loot.

This Bio-center lab can be located with the White Seeking Mechanism.

Space Bio-center Lab

A Space Bio-center Lab

The Space Bio-center lab houses a core of Cinderplate, and is located in the main Planetoid of a world, above the center of the map. It is the smallest of the bio-center labs and only features a core and 2 small branching hallways to the left and right of it. Two lab turrets are located above the Cinderplate core.

This Bio-center lab can be located with the Yellow Seeking Mechanism.

Sunken Sea Bio-center Lab

A Sunken Sea Bio-center Lab.

The Sunken Sea Lab is located toward the bottom of the Sunken Sea and features a core of Navyplate with two stairwells branching from the left and right. The stairwell on the right will lead to an observation deck, guarded by a turret, overlooking a large sea prism in a machine. The stairwell on the left will lead upward to a small aquarium filled with water and some sunken sea debris and tiles. In this section, there is various lab equipment and a hologram projector on top of the aquarium.

This Bio-center lab can be located with the Cyan Seeking Mechanism.

Underworld Bio-center Lab

An Underworld Bio-center Lab.

The Underworld Bio-center lab is in the Underworld and is the largest of the Bio-center labs. It features a core of Havocplate, and a surrounding oval-shaped structure containing various pipes, lab machines, a Hellforge, a Lead Anvil, five Hellstone Bars, and an Extractinator, as well as the other content contained in each bio-center lab. One of the lab's security chests contains the Murasama, a powerful post-Devourer of Gods sword. The structure contains two massive lava tanks on each side, with branching pipes reaching up into hell's lava lakes. The structure is defended by two lab turrets on its upper floor and two on the bottom floor, one on each side.

It is normally located on the far-right side of the Underworld. If the Brimstone Crag locates on the right side of the Underworld, it will locate on the far-left side of the Underworld.

This Bio-center lab can be located with the Red Seeking Mechanism.

Cavern Bio-center Lab

A Cavern Bio-center Lab.

The Cavern Bio-center lab is located in the Cavern layer. It features a core of Onyxplate and a breakable Onyx Excavator that drops the Onyx Excavator Key.

This Bio-center lab can be located with the Onyx Seeking Mechanism.


Map Background Cavern.png
Arsenal Labs Bestiary Background.


  • Turrets can easily be removed by placing blocks in the direction they are firing and slowly approaching them, before mining them through the solid blocks.


  • The theme heard while inside any of the Bio-center Labs is Engineer's Sanctum, which was composed by the artist Heart Plus Up!.
    • The current theme is a remaster of the previous theme. It was one of the few themes that was originally created for the Vanilla Calamity Mod Music mod, before being added into the Calamity Mod proper.
  • Previously, certain structures would contain a second type of turret known as Field Generators.
  • The Ice Bio-center Lab, Space Bio-center Lab, Underworld Bio-center Lab and Cavern Bio-center Lab replaced the Ice Tomb, Main Planetoid Lab, and the Underworld and Cavern Shrines, respectively.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Fixed Sunken Sea Bio-center Lab occasionally not generating.
    • Changed Underworld Bio-center Lab to generate on the opposite side of the Brimstone Crag instead of always generating on the right side.
    • Fixed an issue where the Jungle Bio-center Lab would sometimes spawn in the Glowing Mushroom biome.
    • Fixed the Underworld Bio-center Lab generating with water around it.
  • Fixed checks for Space Bio-center Lab chests for Thorium Mod items.
  • The Frozen Chest in the Ice Bio-center Lab now always contains Arctic Diving Gear instead of having a chance to contain Frozen Turtle Shell or Blizzard in a Balloon.
  • Space Bio-center Lab chest now contains Blinkroot Planter Boxes, and variants of Deathweed Planter Boxes now vary based on world evil.
  • Fixed a bug that caused them to falsely generate, causing large boxes of air to be generated instead.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the world to become corrupted when generating them.